Can you do a reading for me please?

  • i think the guy i am seeing broke up with me...not sure really...apologized for not being there when i needed him.....said it was just timing.....says he cares for my feelings...but then says we'll give it time...

    i have no idea what that means...

    i am not contacting him..i have not heard anything else from heart broken...

    will he come back to me...whats going on?

  • No he's gone - I can feel him pulling further and further away as I post this. He wants his freedom - his sights are set to the horizon, not looking back.

  • Do you have your own set of Tarot cards? If so, please do a 3 card spread and post the results - I will give you a reading of those.

    Chin up!

  • no shannon

  • OK, i will try for you

  • Hi, I was just begining to shuffle the cards when the Ace of pentacles jumped out at me. When this happens, there isno need to go any further, that is the answer to your question.

    This ace indicates an opening (but for a limited time – usually around 6 months or so). If you don’t take the opportunity when it presents itself then you may not get another chance. The Ace of pentacles is an Earth element and it means that the opportunities open, or opening, are concerned with things that make you feel secure - like a relationship.

    Aces also mean new beginnings, so I would say, in answer to your question, that your relationship with this man is over, but do not be sad about it, because an opportunity will present itself soon for you to begin a new relationship. Try to look at it in a positive way, and don't waste any time or energy on something that has past, because you have something new to look forward to.

    I do hope this has been helpful. I have never read for someone not with me before, so I would really appreciate you coming back to me to tell me how accurate this was. I do however feel very positive about this reading, as when a card leaps at you in this way, it is never wrong.

    have a great day,


  • dear captain, would / cpi;d ypu please do a reading for me there has been multiable changes inmy life. mydob is 8/02/57 and my childrens's ( adult childrens with childrens ) are jason 7/13/77 jennifer's/2/07/84 my signifant others at the present is 10/27/55 he is / has been going to church reading thebible/ trying to change for the better which I do admire its a shame that I was in church for yrs praying for him to do the same finally came to past after over 1appr. prayer for him since 83 deep prayers for him in the 90's and early 2000's I plannin g to start a job with Keen will I be making enough money to provide for my family and hopefull have just a little left over for personal use I need to payall bils and pay household cleaning & pet supplies etc I help out my children's needs with their children 5 total grand children I help supoort and love them all dearly I facing finanicia issues so is 10/27/55 will his work out for him? also my soul mate 5/05/55 was studing in Brazil i currently feel he has trturned to the USA I live on the east coast he lives in N.M. will he call me soon and when? there is a lot of medical issues and medical bills needs taken care of will I recive that financial break through so much needed ? Is Fairy Dust007 really working on my behalf as she claims ? Do you see me getting married anytime in the future or my dughter or my son? or do you even see me just having a re-newal of our vows ? I and my family are in need of good health , legal favor, custody instead of 50/50 that my daughter has with her 1st child Ember dob 3/22/08 she has no child support or medical or travel money we have to drive at least 6 or 7 countries away every other wweek this is so hard on us in al areas will Chris the embers bio- fathe ever cut the apron strings with his mother molly the control freak who even controls all his phone calls and records them ad earease all e-mails he due to his mother & grand- mother on his moms' side is a not legally allowed to come around she does so anyway Chris cause of his love of his mom who totally controls the whole family has caused him to break the court order repeatedly over & over now he is threating to take my daughter back to court I reminded him yesterday he & jennny has custody of Ember not Molly his mon I do not have money right now for a lawyer for her she had mal-practice law suits on 3/22/2010 the 1st one ran out due to her medical condtion she did not have enough time to get a lawyer ( they kept sayingwhen you are well or better 0 well taht did not happen she has had over 30+ surgeries and debrimentsin the past 2yrs no joke this is real and sad well she win her divorce and get back her home in CT from her lefal navy husband been separted not legally for about 4 or 5 yrs she has been legally married come May 1 9 yrs he was abusive in all ways to her and torture + put it on the internet for the world to see but he is navy so the law does not apply I need some clear cut real answers please not run around answers I am dis-abled I really need to clear & organize up stairs which ould be a blessing I want to do this myself I need the time , healing and energy to do so will I get this done this week -end ? please tell m all you can thankyou in advance love, light peace, good health , weathy, happiness , peace of mind, may peace always favor your sword blessed be thank you in advance, please have mercy upon me can tell me the truth and give me real answers no matter what they are I really need to know about 5/05/55 what is going to happen with this realtionship is he going to call ? Help please

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