Could really do with some help

  • well i really like a guy called callum we have only spoke online and the phone but i really felt a connection, last night on the phone we spoke and i dont really want a relationship just yet, we have kind of chosen to go our seprate ways but still speak, i was just wondering if we will actually ever have a relationship or is this just the end i really would be greatfull if someone can reply.

  • It is not so important to think about wether you ever will have a relationship in the future ever. When you truly feel relaxed about whatever situation that you are in, he might appear. Just when you are not having any expectations or any thoughts about what your future will be - he might arrive.

    In many situations our will is what is creating delays in our lives. The will might even prevent it from happening altogether. Just trust that you are taken care of by a higher power, and not think so much about what you want. Then what you want might appear when you least expect it.

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