The captain really need your help with a love reading

  • i've been on a few dates with this gemini boy 2 june 1987 again but i screwed it up i wasnt sure about if i had real feelings for him,later on.. i approuched him he was so nice laughing at everything i said but had his guard up and had to leave.. i want to know if he would take me back?

  • Well, how do you think about him now - do you understand more about what you are feeling for him?

  • i really don't know at times im over the moon but other times im asking myself if its only attraction, but he treats me right and we want the same things so i guess thats enough, i do want him back and i hope i have a chance or to just know how he feels

  • I feel you both are after different things in a relationship. Your friend loves his freedom and light-hearted relationships and having many companions. Your heart is warm and soft and you want a deep one-on-one relationship but I doubt this is possible with your flirty friend.

  • lucky i have kept her away from him she has only met him once with me very quickily, he says i havent taken HIM serious enough becuase i was taking it very lightly i wanted my freedom, but you are right he loves his freedom going surfing every day with the boys. But now i regret taking it too lightly

  • No, you were right to keep it light. His version of serious is very different to yours and he would have soon run away when you wanted commitment from him.

    But I am feeling there is someone else around who you like, and who likes you a lot. He is not as 'attractive' as the Gemini guy but is very sincere and would treat you right.

  • yeah your very right i guess its really not meant to be with us, but i have been going on other dates there is a few others im just trying to think hard who this person might be, your saying i like him? the only other person i like is the leo hes gorgeous bright blue eyes blonde hair but everytime im near him hes goes away i feel like i have hurt him, i hope its none of my really close males friends

  • it wasn't so much i was attracted to this looks gemini i was soo drawn to him i can't explain why but its time to let this one go

  • If you see a Leo man alone, It means he is in love with someone whom he hasn't been able to get with yet. I think he is shy with you.

  • would that be me? yeah he is very shy with me i dont understand why so many girls chase him. He could have any girl really.

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