To Twinsoul.

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Forgive me for starting this thread but I figure you must have overlooked my questions in 'gift for you' and 'in 48 hours'.

    When you told me this;

    "yes you will move, someplace with alot of greenery and cliffs and mountains. wow this place is beautiful. it has the name church in it , if that makes sence to you at all. blessing"

    I cannot stop thinking about it. It is indeed stated in a few readings (astro, numerology, tarot etc) that I am going to relocate but none were specific as to describe me the place. You really blown me away.

    I am trying to make sense of what you said about the location. The only think I can think of is - that place describe the place where my ex is living right now. No church name in it though but there is a church next to it, St. Michael.

    Will you be able to see if when I will be taking that step in relocating?

    Will it be for the last time or am I going to move again?

    Does this relocating involve marriage, husband, children etc?

    If there is anything you can tell me or I need to do, please let me know.

    Thank you for taking the time. I sincerely appreciate it.

    Bless you.

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  • if you would like to help me out.

    sorry for being a pain though.


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  • If there is anything else that you might want to add, please feel free to do so. Any insights are welcome. If you need my DOB, it is December 11,1976.

    Thanks and many blessings to you.

  • hi..i would just like to ask you a for some brief time to answer a question for me please. ive never done this phycsic thing anywhere here on the computer before and don't know if its all true or just pure entertainment. so guess i'll try and see what happens. here goes...if i go play bingo today will i win any money and can you give me a guess as to around close to the amount? thank you hope to hear from you soon.thank you again.

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