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  • I changed threads as lots of other people were in there and I did not want to confuse you, but realized that you not being able to read the old stuff might confuse you anyway, sorry. I do not want to ask you anything, I just wanted to give you an update on what is going on with my life since things seam to be getting better. Not the way I would have like them to as some of this is really hard for me, but it is what God has given me to deal with right not and I am not going to turn away his help. My husband and I both got a job working together 5 nigths a week and 1 afternoon, anyway from 2 1/2 hours to 5 each time. We got called to do janitorial work for my brothers best friend and he is splitting the payment with us since he said I helped him get the job. It is $1500.00 a month, which will really help us lots, but boy does my body hurt when we are done. It hurst so bad I have trouble getting calmed down to sleep until after 3 am. I found out that I sleep my best from 6:30 am to 10 or 10:30 an and than I am up for the day. Hopefully my body will get use to this after awhile. I have not had any luck finding an office job as I really haven't looked very much trying to get the janitorial job into a routine. My husband has not went to work for the grocery store guy, even though the guy keeps talking to him about it. Well this is all I can tell you for now as I got to go change and get to work. Take care and have a good day!

  • I appreciate you thinking of me. I am glad to hear things are moving along for you. My intuition tells me that new jobs and much better pay await you both in the next few months. I feel your husband will get a supervisory job and you will be working with children.

  • Please forgive me for not being considerate earlier when I was in a hurry to get to work I wanted to ask you what you have been up to? Anything new happening with your book? I briefly looked over the forum and it looks like you are still helping people out with readings? Do you like to help the people who ask questions? I have to go take my usual sleeping meds. so I can go to sleep, which usually doesn't happen until 3 in the morning. I think Australia is like 12 to 14 hours different from us, am I correct? If I ask you anything that is personal or seems offensive, please forgive me, I do not mean to sound like I am prying. I hope you have a great Friday and weekend!

  • I have left off my writing to give advice here pretty well full time. At least I feel useful this way.

    Yes I like people to ask questions - it often makes the answers pop more easily into my head when prompted by a direct question. When people ask for general readings, it's a bit vague.

    I don't mind answering personal questions. It's nice to relate on a personal level.

  • Well at least you are very nice and useful. I don't know you very well and I am not sure why God brought you into my life, but I am sure there is a purpose for it. I just do not like to ask people for help and do not want people to do anything for me for free, so I have felt bad asking you for help and you so kindly gave me asnwers I needed to give me hope if nothing else. Truly it is nice to have a friend and I feel that you are my friend, I don't have very many, so this is nice. I try not to hide anything as I feel that if you needed to know anything about me you would, but most people don't get to know me and so they think I am a snob. Far from it, and once they get to know me they tell me this. You said you have books published, what are they and where can a person look at these. I am really interested in your writings and I would like to write books some day.

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    I see you are still busy helping people, good for you. I hope that god blesses you in many ways for this selfish act and I hope you feel some reward in your heart for this so that it does not wear you down. This week took a turn for the worse for me, but hopefully next week will be better. I am so lost any more and depressed to a bad point, I am trying to stay focused and not do anything stupid, as I already have said things I should have kept to myself. Amazing enough and suprising, out of the blue, 2 friends called me today, which I really needed. God does work in amazing ways, when needed and you do not expect! On top of having a falling out with my bipolar daughter yesterday, today my old job showed up in the newspaper ads. Iv'e spent 2 days crying, maybe tonight I will be able to get a decent night of sleep without having to take so maky sleeping pills. I usaully have to take more than most people, I fall alseep between 2 and 4:30, in the morning (usually the later) and get up between 9 and 10 am. I like reading some of the other people's problems and mine don't seem so bad, this has just been the worst year of my life, which I hear this from others as well. Take care I have to go get ready for work.

  • No, I only have books written, not published unfortunately Sporty. But fingers are crossed. 😉

    Sporty I hope you will read my 'Prosperity -No Problems' thread - I feel it might help your situation. I was told by spirit that our abundance is tied to our level of self-value, and people out of work can often feel their self-worth dropping and that they are a bit useless to society. Once you feel you are of value to society, your attraction for money rises in equal value. The more depressed and hopeless we feel, the less we attract things of value. I can tell you are a very kind and thoughtful person Sporty so please believe me when I say you are a very valuable member of society and of this forum. Please place a higher value on your strength of character and beautiful spirit.

  • Dear Captain,

    I hope all is well with you. I have tried to stay away as I think I was wanting you or anyone else to give me answers for my life, which I wanted now as we all do and nothing was working out. It has been a month and so much has happened to put me on the path to get where I need to go, such as lots of applications and even a few job interviews, but no job yet. I know I am doing what I am suppose to but what a tough time I have went through this last year. I am signing up to start taking the real estate course but still have to find a job with benefits to go with it. My husband and I seem to be growing apart more than ever, but he has done some things to make me not trust him right now. I really do feel all alone right now, but this too will be over soon I hope. My one daughter got fired from her job and is stressing how to make it with kids, she also had surgery for cancer and when they opened her up they had to do a full hysterectomy, hopefully they got all of it. My other daughter split up from her husband so we have the grandkids more, she is trying for a different job so she can get into management and transfer out of town and all of this has been more stress on me, but thank GOD all my kids and their kids are all healthy and alive. I only meant to drop you a line or two to update you and I typed an opening to a book, sorry. You are so easy to talk to and do not seam to judge me. By the way how is your writings doing? Well have a good month of May, I will be 50 this month, wow, older in some ways and young in others. I wanted a job for my birthday and asked out loud to God and my angels to help me out with this present. You have a good day and I will chat with you another time. God Bless!

  • Happy Birthday and I hope things are improving for you. If it helps to know, under this time of Ascension everyone is going through rougher than usual happenings but the worst should be over, come the end of August. Hang on till then and just ride out the waves if you can.

  • Thank you, you did not mention what you have been doing lately. Are you still helping people on this website? What is happening with your books? When is your birthday, can I ask? Please have a good day!

  • My birthday was May 7 and I have been away on holidays for two weeks. Just got back from interstate, visiting the rellies.

    I am thinking about self-publishing my books.

  • I am sorry I missed your birthday. Happy Birthday late. Did you have a good one? We are both Taureans, this is interesting. How does one publish their own books? I feel like you will do this, I will anxiously wait to hear more from you about this, to see if the date that popped in my head is for you or if I am making it up. Good luck!

  • These days self-publishing is easier and cheaper and lots of writers, even established authors, are doing it. There are several websites like Lulu that can help. I would like to have the money to set up my own publishing company, though.

    Thanks for the good wishes. I hope the same for you.

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