Devasting day!

  • Blmoon, Captain, or anyone else, as I love all your advice. Blmoon, in Dec. you had given me some profound answers too a question I posted, Captain, you advised me on the recent happenings of the situation. I have been being bullied by an ex, they say they just want what is best for kids, but I don't think they know what that is themselves, however they hired lawyers and decided too take me too court for custody, they are angry that we have solid proof that he hurt our child, and now this. I know I shouldn't even worry, its just that he has a family of lawyers, and knows everyone where he lives, if they only knew him they way I do, Lord help me, I am trying too be strong, and rational, but I think what if they bieleved him? what if he finds a way through deceit? Does he truly think his way is the best way too handle this? If he got away with this, kids, I, our family would be devastated, I'm wondering how I will know what too do?

  • I strongly feel you will be awarded custody. You ex might have a pack of lawyers but you have the Universe on your side. Believe and it will happen...

  • Also, instead of focusing on your ex and letting him intimidate you more and more, focus on good things like your children.

  • Yes, yes, yes your right! I know your right! Thank you Captain, I truly you hope you get back as much as you have been giving on here latley, your kindness with that moves me too tears!

  • Oh thank you Thunder07, I too root for the underdogs, I think we are all one at some point in our life, then we're not and have the chance too help those who are! Its sad because deep down he is doing it for vengence, or a lost ideal, he never had a mother, she abandoned her children, so he has some strange ideas about women, and life in general, he's very tactful in front of people, but he's a mess when no one's looking, which of course made me feel sympathy for him longer then I should have, because he took advantage of it each and everytime. We do run into one another here, thats ok with me, you seem like a genuinly lovley person!

  • bluecat, I know going through the phases of the case will be an emotional one. Although like the captain I feel you will win the battle if you will. I would like to remind you to ask for protection as you encounter this threat / attack. Nothing like adding a force field to see you through a difficult circumstance. Best wishes.

  • bluecat, whoa, maybe you should forget what I said. I just read the Captain's thread on Protection and I wouldn't want to set you up for attack. Wishing you the best outcome.

  • Thanks RCdreamer, you know I read it too, who knew? but thats allright, I appreciate all the love and support I recieve here!

  • What a good soul you are, thank you so much, I'm sure I speak for all of us that we wish the exact same as well! I tend too have good intution on people who are shady now, more so then I did when I was younger, it helps! I always have my guard up with people like that now when I sense that people don't seem genuine. I know what your saying, as I have been taken advantage of too in the past, but I am grateful for the experiances if they helped me too be stronger.

  • Bluecat, don't send out any negative vibes to your ex. Any thoughts of anger or fear or revenge or pity etc. will just have a boomerang effect on you. Best thing to do is project forgiveness at him and a sincere wish that he gets help and sees the light. Trust in the Universe and forgiveness is your best protection.

  • PS Keeping your guard up is like taking antibiotics when you're sick - it repels the good as well as the bad.

  • Wow, thanks Captain, I needed that reminder, I really did, as I have been angry, but I realize I should avoid speaking too him at all, because that will make it harder for me, I went years being sympathetic, because he always said women were mean, that they leave, but then he would seem too do everything too make one want too leave, then say things like that, so I guess I am having a hard time trying too balance that out, being forgiving, sympathetic for his problems, yet not get sucked in too his pity party again now that it has projected over too picking on my kid. I will do this though, I will be above the anger, and send him healing wishes, I guess that would help everyone, especially kids if he is able too see he needs help too resolve his control issues. I will pray for him, I know these things, why must I forget? The people on our shit list should really be moved over too our prayer list. Thanks.

  • If I knew how too reconize, I would have known that reminder was coming, as I had a dream a few nights ago in which he was in it as his child self. I wish his child could heal, so he would free of all that, then he wouldn't project it on us.


  • I can't stand a bully, be strong blue cat, if not for yourself for your kids. You will win! 🙂

  • werd!

  • hey there did you say that you lived in germany for a while?or was it another part of europe?

  • It was Germany

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