Blmoon, remember my white flowers dream ??

  • Blmoon,

    Don't know if you remember about my white flowers dream, where I would be awaken at night and be told to look at the white tulip arrangement I had in my bedroom, bc they had changed and I thought they looked different, but in the morning, they looked the same.

    Last week i had the same dream again but this time out of all the dreams I remember that the tulips started turning run when I looked at them. In the morning, of course they look the same.

    Why the change and why to red? It has me quite bewildered.


  • red represents passion fire life force love also anger at times it any mean a change is coming it could be a warning but analyze whether the tone of the dream was angry if it was eerie. if it wasnt then its a positive change if not it could be a warning of something soon to come think about what red represents to you and if you would like you can tell me about some dreams inbetween that may help to connect the dots

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