TheCaptain could I bother you with some questions? (Please)

  • Sorry to burn your time like this...

    I understand if you don't reply, it's a lot of complicated questions, and you probably have better things to do, and people who need your help more urgently than me, but still if you have time I'd appreciate if you could give me a little help.

    (Also, thanks for the report you gave me on the ''super powers/kryptonite'' topic, and the ''ideal partner'' topic.)

    I still don't understand the mass ascension topic very well, but I heard something about most souls having to repeat the reinc cycles, while some will inhabit ''4D earth'', and a minor portion will rise to 5D?

    Could you please clarify this? I have not had any physical symptoms, so I believe I'm in the group of people who will go through reinc again... I would like to be able to reinc, and if possible to ''have a chat'' with my higher self. I don't know if this is possible if I don't have psychic powers I'm aware of, but if it is, how can I do it? I read that as Earth accelerates it becomes easier to connect with the higher self? Is this true?

    I believe I'm in love with a girl, her DOB is either 23/10/1988 or 24/10/1988, since she says she was born at midnight GMT ; mine's 24/08/1988 12minutes past midday GMT.

    I'm almost sure she is interested in me, not 100% sure, but I'd say 75%.

    You've already given me a brief overview of what a relationship would be like in a topic I made 1 or 2 weeks ago, and I thank you for that, but if I may, I would like to ask something a bit more specific. Will we play important roles in each other's lives? Will we have a romantic relationship? Will we marry?

    If not, will I have a spouse? Before or after the ascension deadline... although I still don't understand whether in 4D there are spouses or not...

    The ''deadline'' for ascension is becoming close, and she feels to me like she's very tied to pure science... is there any way to help her become aware of these things that are going on?

    Would wanting to bring her with me to 4D earth(if I can make it) be too much of a burden for me?

    Thanks in advance... I'm still trying to read all I can on that matter, so I might have more questions eventually... although I kind of hope that, if I become able to connect to my higher self it will solve some if not all of those questions, correct?

    For example, what my higher self chose... between repeating the reinc cycle and moving on. I'm hoping it chose to move on.

    I would like to be able to connect to my higher self without completely ditching my life as a medical student, and the romance in my life(which finally seems to be about to start existing...), and without cutting the ties with my friends. Is this possible?

    I believe I have changed my religious views lately, from the catholic religion(although I think I always tried to extract things i heard and found wise from other religions), to trying to see past the ''frame'' which is giving a religion a name, since most religions seem to refer to the same thing through different words, or different parts of a whole... correct?

    OH, one more thing...

    If I manage to rise to 4D, is 4D some sort of prision, or can I rise to 5D after that, over time?

    If one can rise from 4D to 5D it should be easier to do that than from 3D straight past the tunnel into 5D, correct?

    Thanks in advance ^^

  • HiddenDiamond, there are no 'better things' than helping people. I am here to serve.

    Question 1: The earth is going through a 'super-sizing' of energies at the moment. A sort of struggle between the light and the dark. Some cannot cope with this energy change and have decided to pass over until they are more equipped to handle it. If you have chosen to stick around, you may not experience any physical changes (you may have already done that earlier in your life) but you will probably go through internal changes, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Everyone has psychic ablitiy and the new energy will help eveyone to better acccess this ability. Just don't fight it. 🙂 You can't make anyone else open up to these changes - just work on yourself and let spirit worry about everyone else. This 4D and 5D stuff is just about the different dimensions there are around and outside of the earth plane. We all pass through all of them eventually. Don't get too hung up on them - focus on what's happening on the earth plane.

    2. Your attraction to this girl is more lust and attractiveness than real love. There is little chance for a long term relationship or commitment like marriage as you are not very compatible emotionally or mentally. A lot of internal stuff is being stirred up inside of us as Ascension approaches so don't make any major decisions now. Things will become a lot clearer after the energy comes in.

    3. See 1. 🙂

  • Thanks for the answers... about Q2, however, could you specify what you mean by 'lust and attractiveness', because I started to feel attracted to her even before I even saw her, since we seemed a very good match intellectually, although the way we face emotions seems somewhat different.

    We first started talking because my friend told me she was 'my female version', and her friend(my friend's sister) said the same to her, since we share various areas of interest, and also some 'weird' mannerisms, and the fact that we do plenty of foolish stuff and are forgetful, and often ''have our head in the clouds''.

    By 'lust and attractiveness', does that include lust for someone who can match my blows in an intellectual fight, or just physical lust?

    TYVM for the clarification ^.

    Does one's spirit become unified(the twin flames merging back into 1) at 4D? Or is it 5D? Or beyond that? Because after the merging point there's no such thing as spouses, correct?

  • When you are attracted to someone who is like yourself, you are really trying to make a connection with yourself, to become your own friend, because you feel disconnected from your authentic self. There are no challenges or advancement in being with someone who is like you, it's easy and comfortable with no growth or evolution for either of you.

    By 'lust and attractiveness' I mean your attraction is surface level only. You don't really know this person all that well or deeply. She holds back more than she gives out.

    Yes spirit merging is the ultimate goal. I don't think of other dimensions as being in 4D or 5D so you might have to ask someone else if you want more info about that.

  • And when you feel attracted to someone, it does not mean that a physical connection is inevitable. Your attraction may be of the mind or emotions. Many people rush into a love affair only to find out they would have been better off as friends. People's loneliness can make them commit errors in judgment in relationships.

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