Strange occurance input wanted

  • I have noticed on my pc desktop that the clock I had set to the time zone where my niece lives in Canada was not accurate. This was several days ago. Today I decided to fix it.

    When I opened it up to re-set it, I noticed that the time zone was set to Santiago!

    Why it was this time zone setting I have not got a clue! I do not know anyone in that area at all!

    Now I log on and I see in the msn news feature about Chile having powerful aftershocks and they mention Santiago!


    "The U.S. Geological Survey said the second of two aftershocks was a magnitude 7.2. It struck about 125 kilometres west-southwest of Santiago and was measured at a depth of 10 kilometres."

    This is soooo bizzare!!

  • Dear Sable31,

    I would say if Santiago has some sort of connection for you, that it was a direct sign from your angels as they find ways to communicate with you that they know you will immediately understand. They are quite creative and ingenious in their abilities. If it meant nothing to you, however, then it didn't "register" in their intended way perhaps...and I would just say to your angels (either outloud or silently) that you didn't get this at all, and to send you another sign you will understand that will let you know they are with you.

    Then see what pops up next!

    Angel blessings,


  • Thank you Beth!

    No, Santiago has no connection for me at all.

    I just found that really strange.

    There have been lots of other signs to do with numbers. Seeing lots of repeating numbers, double digits, sometimes triple, quads too.

    I look into numerology for some meaning but I am lost on it too.

    Thanks for posting

  • Before this dream, I tried to cleanse my house twice. Once w/ sage and the other with holy water. Both times, I got very light headed and had to sit down. I have vertigo so I feel light headed all the time but these 2 x, were more severe and different ... I want to tell what happened to me last night and see if anyone has ever had similar things happen or even know what it is? Last night I had a very disturbing dream (which scared me and left me a little disgusted) which in itself is weird because I have problems going to sleep and haven't had a dream in weeks. Much less one I remember so vividly. At 1st, it was silly. I was with Bart Simpson and there were these 2 (cartoon) Looked like trees w/ thorns and I remember, 1 had only 1 eye, then they changed.( I remember Bart saying that "no, we killed their father" ) They turned into 1 human (maybe late teens, early twenties in age) he was red. But he wasn't red it was like he was dumped into some food coloring but twice because he had smears of red as well. He was shirtless and had long, dred-locked hair. I made a coment that I was gonna take this w/ me (meaning I guess the dead father tree) and he looked at me, his eyes were red and yellow and the red was glowing and I said well, maybe not and left. That is the part that scared me. (here is the disgusting part) I was eating a bowl of soup w/ live little fish in it. They were swimming around and I remember the consistency of it. It was gross. I would never do that and that is when I woke up. It was 2:45a. I only fell asleep twice for 2 hour intervals each and stayed awake from 4:45a til 6:30a. Got up at 7:30a to get my daughter up. I didn't have any dreams the 2nd time I went to sleep. Can anyone help? Tell me what that was or what the **** happened?

  • Sylvannah, Wow that is a weird dream. Like I said I'm no expert so I don't really know what to tell you but my gut instinct is that it's not about the dream at all. It's just how your feelings and emotions are being twisted by your subconscious. The trees in my opinion (opinion only) is that they symbolize strength and stability but they are dead so you're not feeling secure, strong,stable if you will. You are seeing parts of your ex or soon to be ex not sure which applies as changing like Bart did from a safe funny character to an almost evil counterpart. The fish soup has me puzzled too though,sorry I can't be of more help. Just a theory on my part really but maybe it will help to look from within rather than from a standpoint of what you saw in the dream. Symbolism can twist things up pretty good.

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