• hi hanswolf,

    i hope your day is going well. i just wanted to know if you could give me some insight on the future of my love life . i have been celibate for 15 months and only been on a few dates recently. i like a guy name hurra but dont know if thats a good option. and if its possible can u tall me when and if i will ever get married and have kids. my b-day is 6 22 79 and my initials are smc. what do you think i should do????? thanks so much in advance.


  • some insight on the future of my love life: you are forgetting your rhythm. Come down from your mountain, and you will be rewarded with another.

    dont know if thats a good option: yes.

    if i will ever get married and have kids: no.

    my b-day is 6 22 79: Change of mind and plans is your basic meaning. However, this can mean change in residence or travel opportunities. It can also mean a restlessness that brings up a desire to explore new realms, at least on the mental level. It may be a signal for a change in your life. You will likely feel a dissatisfaction with things as they are and want to progress into new areas. Be open to new plans, new ideas, new places to go, etc. The only negative side is an unwillingness to commit yourself to any particular belief or philosophy.

    my initials are smc: view passing trials in the light of eternal truths. Any action will prove unfortunate. Nothing furthers.This would be at best a marriage of convenience. You have found yourself in desperate straits, a position of weakness, and you are tempted to pay dearly for a remedy. A drowning woman isn't picky about who throws him a rope. The rescue offered to you now is undesirable. It may pull you out of this sticky situation, but it will cause even greater predicaments down the road. Don't obligate yourself in this way. You are selling your future for a quick fix today.

    what do you think i should do????? Learn to delegate and do not overburden yourself.

    Don't create

    expectations for the future. If you are expecting, then

    again you will create suffering, because things are not

    going to happen according to YOU; things are going to

    happen according to the whole. The wave, the small wave

    in the ocean, cannot be the deciding factor. The ocean

    decides; the wave has to be in a state of let-go. If

    the wave wants to go to the east, then there is going

    to be trouble, then there is going to be pain. If the

    winds are not going to the east, if the ocean is not

    willing, then what is the wave going to do? It will

    suffer. It will call it fate, it will call it

    circumstances, social conditions, the economic

    structure, the capitalist society, the bourgeois

    culture, the Freudian unconscious... and now you will

    call it growing pains. But you are simply shifting the


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