Relationship reading please!!

  • Hello, thanks for reading my post.

    My D.O.B is 13 Nov 1970

    His is 3 Aug 1980.

    We have been seeing each other for a while now. Will he ever commit to a relationship with me?

    Love, light and butterflies


  • Hello there, I dont think this relationship will work for 2 reasons:

    1st reason: you are a scorpio that belong to the energy element of water and he is a leo that belong to the energy of fire. Both of your energy dont mix well together. Remember your chemistry class? Water signs mixed well with other water signs or earth signs. Fire signs are able to mix well with other fire signs or air signs.

    2nd reason: you dont belong to the same generational group. You are part of the generation Pluto in Virgo(who believes in materieal security and comfort) that was born from 1957-1971 and he belongs to the generation of Pluto in Libra( who believes in communication and intellect) that was born from Oct 1971 to 1983-84

    My advice to you since you are a scorpio water signs to give water sign men a chance like Cancer(June22-July 22) and Pisces(Feb 19-Mar 21). Good luck

  • thanks natapier

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