Does anyone do dream interpretations?

  • Hi there, just wondering if anyone can do dream interpretation. here is my dream

    the dream was about my ex bf and i was having an argument. i was asking him who does he want to be with, and he quietly said "you" then i was asking him why is he still with her then ( as in in real life the grl was some one that brought up the argument between my ex bf and i, and of course the argument lead to breakup, and he is currently seeing her in waking life). then my ex bf said because she is too black and white. (no idea what that means)

    can someone interprete this for me?thank you 😃

  • Black signifies isolation, It shows up conflicts and friction with relations and friends.

    White is You have an abundance of energy and vitality.

    whispers mean pay closer attention to something or listen

    more close attention to what you are being told and what you are seeing.

    Arguments are an indicator of your dissatisfaction with something this person does in reality and desire to argue, but you wouldn't do it in real life. This dream should be considered also as a warning against impulsive and thoughtless decisions.

  • This dream is about you and your perspective. It is a result of your frustration in understanding what happened--there is an unrest that must escape and it reveals itself in your dreams. To blame the situation all on one event--the other girl is all you have but is too easy--too black and white. There is more to it--you know it, feel it but can't get the answers you need--going around in your head over and over you say "yeah but" and come back to the same circle so it ends up being very black and white. You still feel no resolution--you are not ready to let it it go or walk away. Your attraction to this man is more complex than you know about yourself--look below the surface--the black and white facts and you will discover your true attraction to this man. He is telling you something about yourself.

  • @ jjgurlz,

    thanks for your interpretation they were really help infact it is what i feel in waking life, my ex bf never did give me a real answere and just sort of acted like it never happend. and since he still contacts me off and on i still have that anger which sometimes i want to yell at him (impulsive decision to lash out on him like you mentioned)

    thanks !

  • @Blmoon,

    absolutely right...i still have no anweres to what happened going in circles...thanks Blmoon=)

  • Here is the dream ... I want to tell what happened to me last night and see if anyone has ever had similar things happen or even know what it is? Last night I had a very disturbing dream (which scared me and left me a little disgusted) which in itself is weird because I have problems going to sleep and haven't had a dream in weeks. Much less one I remember so vividly. At 1st, it was silly. I was with Bart Simpson and there were these 2 (cartoon) Looked like trees w/ thorns and I remember, 1 had only 1 eye, then they changed.( I remember Bart saying that "no, we killed their father" ) They turned into 1 human (maybe late teens, early twenties in age) he was red. But he wasn't red it was like he was dumped into some food coloring but twice because he had smears of red as well. He was shirtless and had long, dred-locked hair. I made a coment that I was gonna take this w/ me (meaning I guess the dead father tree) and he looked at me, his eyes were red and yellow and the red was glowing and I said well, maybe not and left. That is the part that scared me. (here is the disgusting part) I was eating a bowl of soup w/ live little fish in it. They were swimming around and I remember the consistency of it. It was gross. I would never do that and that is when I woke up. It was 2:45a. I only fell asleep twice for 2 hour intervals each and stayed awake from 4:45a til 6:30a. Got up at 7:30a to get my daughter up. I didn't have any dreams the 2nd time I went to sleep. Can anyone help? Tell me what that was or what the **** happened?

  • dont know why im keep having dreams about my ex bf.begining of our break up i had dreams about my ex bf and the other grl and those give me a heart break up every time i wake up but as time passed on the dream about my ex bf died down...but past couple weeks ive been having dreams..

    i had a dream, my ex bf was hugging me from back kissed me on the cheek and telling me he was sorry, and he regrets it.and we just continued on like when we were together, and he acted like nothing had happened...

    any insights to this?

  • Unknown23- How is everything in real life? If it is all in a dream, then that symbolizes what you want, not how it is. As time goes on, the dreams come less and less because time heals all. If he is not coming to you for anything or with someone else, your subconscious is showing you what your heart yearns for but you need to let go. If he is interested, he will come back to you. Quit stressing over it. Your dream doesn't mean anything except what you want. Not what you need. Either way, you need to move on. If he really loves you, he will see you do this and come back because he will know that he doesn't control what you do. I do the same thing. I keep going to my b-f knowing that I need to leave cause I'll never be happy. I think he does love me but alcohol is controlling his life and I need not to let it control mine. It is hard to let go and move on but for our happiness and a good life, it needs to be done.

  • Can someone please help me with my dream. I have been able to sleep since but haven't had ANY dreams since. I am not quite sure what the intentions were. Was it evil coming to me or was it sent to scare the crap out of me?

  • hello sylvanna, thanks for the advice..

    well i would say my life is pretty good.but when it comes to love...i dont know what i have done to have to feel the ex bf and i were together for almost 3 yrs....he promised me things.yes we had hard times but i really never thought we would be seperated.but he allowed another grl to come into the picture which im not blaming completley the grls fault its also his fault. and the grl's action towards me is not every nice either...

  • Unknown23- I can somewhat relate. It is not another girl but alcohol. And when he is really drunk, he can have sex and not remember it and he'll always say "if I don't remember it, it didn't happen" But he doesn't remember alot of things. Once he starts drinking, he doesn't know when to stop! I love him and I care about him but I have to go. To save me. He could sleep w/ someone, not even remembver so as far as he is concerned, he never cheated, get a disease that's not treatable, and give it to me w/ out knowing where he got it from. I am not safe and I should (at least) feel safe. It has been 3 1/2 years now and it hasn't changed at all so I need to go. If I really do mean anything, he will change and try to get me back. That is how you know.As long as you are always there, why would they change?They have what they need and don't have to do anything. But, if they see you leave because you aren't happy with the way things are, they might try to make things better to where you will come back. That is when you will truly know what you mean to them. And no matter what, don't let yourself get miserable and lonely waiting. They will see that too. Go on with your life cause maybe you will meet someone better. You need to make yourself happy. Not wait for someone else to make you happy.

  • thanks sylvannah, i know they can sense that weakness...but that department i pretty good i have a very cold look...but the hurtful thing is that he would say stuff like why do i look like i dont feel anything (which i do feel alot, i just dont show)...its sad that he would say things like that when he is the one that hurt me and starts spending his time with the grl after the break up...makes me so angry..thanks for sharing ur story with me

  • Unknown23- I am the same way. I don't show emotions but I know they are there. Let him go. I know it will be hard for you but you can do it. You deserve better and he will realize one day what he had and lost but you need not suffer until then. You can have comfort knowing you did evrything you could but for your own sake, can't anymore. I have to deal with that too. I think I am a little more ahead than you as I don't care so much for him as for myself right now. I did what I could and I couldn't help but I have been miserable for too long. I am not getting any younger and I have recently found out that I have MS so I can't waste the rest of my life on him cause he will never change as long as I am there. When he does realize and change, I may be there and I may not. You have to move on too.

  • Hi, does anyone know what it means when I dream of giving birth to 5 babies at once and I have had this dream more than once. The strangness is that they turn into puppies. The only connection I can make is I have three children and 2 I am well past my child bearing years and do not regret not having more children but yet when these babies turn out to be puppies I am not shocked but very disappointed. Can nayone make the connection of what it means?

  • Morning glow- maybe in your subconcious, you want 5 children. Not really as in babies but maybe you desire taking care of someone again. Maybe you have been left recently and now you feel a little empty. I think you miss not being needed anymore. Enjoy the next stage of your life. My mom said Grandkids were the best because when you were done with them, you could give tham back lol. Just promise, you won't let the kids do something there that they are not allowed to do at home because it is Grandma's house.

  • Sylvannah, Thank you but for whatever reason I just can't relate. I have four grandcildren and I love them to pieces but you are so right in the regard, I spoil them and send them It was the relationship that these babies being born turn into puppies in my dreams that was confusing. I do have a very strong relationship with my dogs, I have perhaps just made a transference because I almost spoil my animals the way I spoil the children and grandchildren. Perhaps I want another doggie, which I do but I won't get until my senior dog passes on as he would not want to compete for my attention and I would not want to do that to him either. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and I cannot even imagine having more, no, Have a glorious day and bless you in whatever your pursuit is for the day..Morning Glow.

  • Thank you Morningglow. The feeling I got from it was that you had more children w/out having more children. They are puppies now so all the responsibility doesn't exist. My dogs are like my children. I love them very much and do everything I can for them but I don't have to take care of them all day or dress them and always take them with. But it is just like not getting another dog because of the oldest one you have already. That's why the litter. They all come at the same time. You wouldn't replace or get new ones. That is what I see. I can understand it. I just don't know if I am expressing it right

  • morning glow

    Giving birth in dreams is usually a positive dream. Giving birth means growth. It often comes at a time when we gain some wisdom or overcome something that has been a life long challange. It's a positive change. In essence what you are giving birth to is yourself. As for the puppies--when we can't understand an image in a dream try going for "the feeling". In your case you mentioned a disapointment so I'm guesing spirit is announcing a positive change which they hope you allow yourself the kindness to feel good about it and don't mistake a good thing for bad.. It could be that you tend to not give yourself credit enough or that you brow beat yourself when you shouldn't. Feel powerful--it's ok.

  • I didn't think about that but, giving birth does represent something new. New life. Something beautiful and glorious. Could mean (also) a new beginning. Whatever the dream meant, it is very positive. I wouldn't give it too much thought. It was a good dream. A little weird for you but a good dream none the less.

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