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  • Blmoon, here is the other picture I mentioned. I am curious to see if this is one of the people you have seen already. I know who we believe this person is. I would like to know what you get about who this is......

    Please, when you have time and energy to do this and thank you as always my friend for all you're doing for me. You are so nice to help me this way.

  • A slightly cleaner copy of this picture, hope it makes it easier to read.

  • Goodness me, this woman has suffered so much disappointment and unhappiness in her life. And I feel it goes back many lifetimes too. But she has not been learning her life lesson - that she must not try to and connot control other people but only herself. Once she learns this, she will become much happier. I am getting the word 'grandmother' here.

  • Hey Captain, Thanks for your take on this one. You wouldn't by any chance get a vibe on what became of her husband would you? Let me hint this is several generations back.

  • Her husband left her and died soon after, I feel. I think she may have married twice or there were two men very imprtant in her life and she lost both.

  • Well Captain that would definitely explain why we lose track of this man in our research. If any other thoughts pop up about her we'd love to hear more. I feel like I'm collecting pieces of the puzzle.

    Thanks for your read.


  • RCdreamer

    I was going to wait untill the morning to look at pictures then just before ready to quit for the night decided to look here and very shocked to see this woman and the first thoughts were oh my she is you! There is a resembelence in many body features and you both share a few attributes--inner steele and you have this chameleon thing you do--people do not easily read you and your mood is often misjudged. Deep deep waters! Secretive even when you are not trying to--you wonder if anyone really gets you. This woman's spirit is all I'm picking up now--her presence. She loved with great fortitude. She was battleship strong but completely soft in love. She had a green thumb--healing touch--very capable woman--work like a man. She was the subject of much gossip but few dared confront her. She was respected for her hard work and strength. She detested gossip and often when others tried to engage her she would would just blank stare untill they changed the subject. She had a dry sense of humour and cussed like a sailor when she was alone. I also pick up some kind of sailor connection to her--I see her thoughts out there towards the sea--as if someone she loved was there. She was weak in the affairs of the heart and had an attraction to abandonement. Men who got close to her found her strength intimidating her holding tight way of loving. She often ended up playing the roll of mother to others. Her life is spent placating difficult people. She was greatly wounded by her father--love hate. He did not handle things gently. Treated her as property at times--very harsh childhood. Painful life--but needed soul progression. She carries from past life a need to let go--of ego and letting go of controling. Mostly her life was about letting go. I see two men very important on one side--sons or at least raised as sons, she takes car of them, they are difficult--on the otherside stands two men she had relations with. Everything is out of her control--all the men in her life wrong place wrong time--no security in love. She carries a great shame that is the motivation for all her hard work.

  • make me giggle......I was afraid you might see similarities between this woman and me. The first time I saw her picture I thought "Oh no I look like her." but you are right the similarities between your description of her and how I feel inside are so in sync if you will.

    It's interesting you mention soul progression, I've often wondered why we would "choose" the lives we live but that makes sense we have lessons to learn, it's still an amazing thought process to me.

    If you can give me any further details on the sons or men of her relationships in time I'd appreciate the input. It may help more information to unfold. You're the greatest Blmoon, bless you for your talents and your willingness to share them with others like me. Have a great day!


  • Blmoon, I know this is a stretch but I have to ask, if you look at the posting of family sketches I addressed to you. Could you tell me what the 2nd pictures (the older larger man) relationship is to this woman? I have a suspicion and am just trying to see if the pieces tie together or if having the sketches is merely coincidence to our hunt otherwise.

  • I know I have yet to give you a lot of feedback on the first read you did for this woman. I'm still digesting it. It makes a great deal of sense, the sons is a dead on hit, the curiosity again is us allowing the pieces to fall together rather than trying to piece them in the way we want. I'm listening if anything further comes to mind. Will follow up again soon.

  • Blmoon I re-read all your postings so understand I'm playing catch up, it's a lot to figure out. But as I re-read this posting about the lady pictured here I was amazed to see how many ways we are similar. My oh my indeed. I wonder if there is a way for me to communicate with this person to help me correct the things she couldn't or didn't in her lifetime. The repeating factor and not learning the lessons is a bit disheartening. I may be taking it too personally but I kind of feel like the message was for me almost more than it was about her. Still flip flopping on the men in her life attached and past loves. Have my theories but I'm trying to let my heart and trust that "feeling" rather than letting my head get in the way. It's not easy!


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