Using Russian names transposed into english to do numerology

  • my question is seeing that culturally I was told that children receive their name and their fathers first and last name. is the fathers first name to be considered the middle or last and why. thank you and namaste,

  • The fathers first name becomes the childs last name in many cultures. I suppose it is the same in russion cuture. For example Nicholas Ivanovich, where the fathers name is Ivan. I think that is how it is, but not certain as I dont have much knowlege about the russian culture.

    It has to do with how the mans inner state of feeling affects the wife and children. During intercourse, the mans gives his energy to his wife, the wife being the receiver of everything that he contains (his inner feeling). From there comes a child wich lies in the woumb of the mother for nine months. The child gets affected by the wifes inner feeling, wich is coloured by the mans inner feeling. So the mans inner feeling affects the wife, and therefore also the children.

    If the man has intercourse with his wife while she is pregnant, the man actually gives his inner feeling also directly to the child while the child is in the woumb. The best is therefore that the man does not do it with his wife if he is not pure in his inner feeling, so that the child will not be filled by his inner state of feeling.

    This is the reason why the mans name goes to both the wife and his children.

  • My name is Larisa. I was told that it is russian for Laura. In the '70s, it was a city in Greece populated by 50,000 people and in spanih, La Risa means the smile. My mother named me after the heroine in Dr. Zhivago. I was born in '71. What does my name mean for me? I haven't really met another Larisa. Always something close like Larissa,marissa, or even a Clarisa but no other Larisa'a. It is a unique name. I like it for the same reasons I hated it when I was younger. jBut I'm curious, if it has a special meaning in relation to me personally. Can you please tell me? Thanks.

  • No, that I can not tell you (if it was me you asked).

    Maybe the name tells about how you are as a person in relation to other people. Perhaps the name says that you are a person who receives other people with a smile, with acceptance and wisdom. If you are not, the name might be at help for you to learn how to feel like such a person. Maybe it tells about the energy that you portray to people or should focus on learning.

    Names do affect us. I think you have a beautiful name. I googled your name and saw that there is an american actress who has the name Larisa Oleynik.

  • Thanks. I am a person that accepts everyone with a smile, wisdom, and courteousness. (lol) Yeah, there are some more well known people with that name but not alot. That's ok though. I just wish people would treat me with at least a little bit of what I do for them. I have always been a firm believer in do unto others, and treat people the way you would want to be treated. I am always a generous and kind person. Even when others are constantly unkind to me.

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