Requesting a reading, please ~

  • Hi, recently someone I knew was killed in a car accident. He was very young and two of his friend also died in the accident. The guy that hit their car may only get so many years in prison. Can someone tell me if he will get a heavier sentence? Will justice be served? If you need more information, I would be happy to give it. Thank you.

  • Universal justice is always served - it just may not be in the way we hope for. Trust that this matter will be taken care of by a Higher Authority.

    This is not for you to concern yourself with - you have no idea what guilt or suffering this person might be going through. It may not have even been all his fault - I feel something your friends may have also contributed to the outcome. Concentrate on helping your remaining friends through their sorrow and pain over the accident.

  • Thank you for responding Captain. I'm not sure what to say other than there is a question over who caused the accident. Everyone was assuming it was the guy who hit them. He's had numerous DUIs in the past. I do thank you for looking into this.

  • I feel alcohol or drugs may have been involved

  • Thanks again, Captain. You are right, I do need to focus more on helping those around me. 🙂

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