Aquarius Man - Libra Woman -soo problematic

  • I am so tired and confused with my aquarius man. We are not really committed. We've been together for like almost a year. We normally act like lovers when we see each other but he's very inconsistent. He doesn't verybally express anything. He knows that i love him though i don't really say I love u to him. I was patiently waiting for his commitment with me but he's not yet ready. I asked him last day, if do we have chances of pursuing this relationship to the next matured level but he just answered he can't answer yet. He didn't answer anything like saying he likes or love me. He just said if im tired i can give up him for he doesnt want me to have more worries about him and us. He said he has a lot of problems, he wants to enter a relationship if he's already out of problems. By the way, he had a terrible heartache before. He was with a 6 year relationship and has a baby 2 years old. But the gilr left him and married to another man. Yet, he still do his responsibilities like giving financial support. His work is not as stable as I am. I understand his problems. But I am tired and hurt. I can feel that he loves me but I want to hear him say it. I told him that I should keep distance. He didn't answer. We didn't see each other for almost 2 weeks but I sent im messages about my concern last day.

  • He hasn't gotten over his child's mother, even though she's married, he felt him losing her was his fault. He has not healed, it is not you, its him. You will need to give him space, with no contact, and allow him to get his thoughts together, and decide to move on mentally and emotionally from his past relationship. You are not his ex, but right now he is not at a point to see and enjoy you for you. You should also take this time for yourself as well, you have been unknowingly living in her shadow, and it effects you and how you relate with him. In order for you to appreciate each other, you will need some time apart.

  • I 'm in the same boat only I;m the Aquarius Woman and he is the Libra, He has no children from his wife but I have no idea what he is looking for. we were together for 13 years. He has become bitter, selfish, and a user. I'm stayimg way from him even though I did something stupid wanted to see what kind of competition I was up against, nothing compared to me.. Now he says "I am ruining his life" I dont know what to do. Either wait for him to come around or move on Usully he says get of of my life but didn't say that this time and later he always calls

  • Hello thanks for replying 🙂 I actually had asked him couple of times if he's into her still and he said no. . He hates the girl for leaving him. . The way he's showing me is that he is over her. I don't know. I dont call or text him anymore. I want to move on. But so hard. . really hard

  • really? uh by the way thanks too . . I appreciate your reply. . I am so confused on what to do. . I have to move on

  • he married?

  • Yahchique, get involved in things that focus on your likes and who you are, this will make you feel better about yourself, this situation and life.

  • No he is difntly not married. .

  • no he's not. He asked me a couple of times to marry him but something inside of me said no We were friends but now we re not I was just wondering if he will be back? I know a leopard never changes their spots but I just keep wishing.

  • He married his high school sweethert but they ended tht in divorce she filed for abandonment, they he ws with this other woman for 14 yers she becme engaged to someone who killed her, then he met me we weretogether for 13 yers he is in a.a for 19 yers nd took up another ddiction gambling. we broke up but were still living together. he was with this other woman for 4 months but said that was just rebound, now he syas he has to see what is out there. He loves me,one minute, another he tells me get out of his life then tells me hes not in love with me I hvae no idea what is going on with him.

  • Recap:

    You didn't want to marry him and he asked twice, you stayed. He is a alcoholic and excessive gambler, you stayed. You have been together for 14 years, roughly; you broke up at one point and still lived together because he wanted to date someone else, so he had you both and you stayed. She knew you as a roomate, you knew her as the other woman, you stayed. After 4 months, she broke up with him, he decides he doesn't want to live together anymore. He says he wants to get back into the dating scene and cuts off communication with you, you are wondering where he is. He told you that he loves you but is not in love with you. He had become bitter, selfish, and a user, you stayed.

    You wanted to see what kind of competition you were up against, nothing compared to you. he said that you were ruining his life. You don't know whether to wait for him to come around or move on. Its normal for him to say "get of of my life" but he didn't say that this time. And normally he would always call eventually.

    Dnn, does the above look correct?

  • yeah that's about right only he gambled my house so we were evicted. i am living in an apartment he is living in his car, then moved to a one room he lost his job for stealing money from them blamed me and the other for it. but the money he supposedly gotten went to her for her eviction now he doesn't talk to either one of us. Says she used him but didn't he do that to me used me kept going back and forth from her to me playing 2 ends in the middle lying to the both of us with different stories until we met up and exchanged stories

  • its been a week since i have spoken to him or seen him I am getting over him but everyone keeps telling he will be back when he needs money or something (not sex) he will be back. I want to move on but he is in the back of my head. Will i have an honest, respected relationship? Or is he really coming back. he never takes the blame for what he has done or even apologized for it He still saying I ruined his life How can I do something that he already has been doing? Everyone hates him he took money from them In AA and GA there are the 12 steps Step4 are very important they tell you the make amends with people you have hurt. Step 10 tells you to keep making amends for all the problems you have caused in your everyday life he is not doing either

  • getting to the married part he chickened out My dress is still hanging up in the closet he changed his mind and told everyone I did

  • Dnn, this drama is not normal. You are basically describing addict behavior on both parts you and him. I find it hard to believe that you don't realize that he is an addict, are you working right now, or you have internet access at home?

  • I hve job outside my home I work with disadvantaged children

  • uhhhh your story is more terrible than mine

  • By the way, my aquarian man invited me with a bonding with his officmates (the least i expected to happen). Yes I thought he has gf or whatever in his work, all of my doubts vanished away. I was so happy. Now i realized that I should be contented with what we have, I know he has feelings for me but he's just waiting for the right timing for commitment.

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