What's your Responsibility to Others?

  • Yeah, I can't shield her. She has to learn the hard way so I am going to quit putting all my energy in to help her.Can you tell me, who all I have around me?I know of the 2 spirits that are here. I kinda gave up on "helping" them. I don't so much feel their presense so much now. I can sense where thay are at. I know I can't help the one w/ out helping the other. They are peaceful. I don't even think the one even understands me. I will still help them but when I have time. I have him protecting the outside and I have her, protecting the inside. I still put up a light around my house every night.Now that I think about it, the guy that cleared my land, he just buried everything. He ended uo killing himself shortly after. Was it because he disturbed the burial site? Or was it actually drugs like everybody thinks? I am just curious. Is there a ritual or something I can do to honor the dead? I am not sure how many are here or why they died. I have the upmost respect for native americans and there really is still so much we can learn. Even some of the native americans today can learn from the ones of yesterday.

  • Sylvannah, it was both drugs and the spirits - taking drugs or alcohol opens you up to the spirit world but it is dangerous in that it makes you vulnerable and unable to protect yourself from being contacted and 'haunted' by those spirits, harmful or not.

    You don't need rituals to honor anyone - just think and project respectful positive thoughts to them. There are spirits everywhere - not just on burial sites although they are often more prolific there. We would get quite a shock at how many we would see in the city if our psychic senses were more open. Spirits tend to hang around sites that hold an emotional impact for them, both good and bad. It could be anything from a cemetery to a mall, depending on where they felt the most emotion.

  • Tangerine7

    Solar Eclipse in Libra: Your reponsibility to others lies in your ability to teach your fellow humans the subtleties of developing balance and harmony in their lives. You have an intuitive sense of what is fair in all areas of life, especially in relationships, and you have come into this existence to teach others how to share. Thus, you will draw people who are either selfish, overly independent, or extremely childlike. You can meet with great resistence as you teach thses people the give and take of life. The balance in any one-on-one relationship is a very fine line between giving and receiving, and the majority of those with whom you come into contact are excessively attached to one or the other. Because of your innate need never to settle for less than half or to give more than half, you may find yourself moving from one relationship to the next. You are conscious of two separate needs: to share half of yourself in a relationship and to keep half of yourself wholly to yourself. You are not comfortable with the other person giving more than half because you fear that you may then be required to give more than half at another time. At times, you can appear very stubborn or selfish because once you have reached your halfway mark, a herd of elephants could not push you further. You will then treat your partner as unfairly as you believe you were treated and may become angry when asked to explain your actions. You must keep your sense of fairness in balance here or you can end up teaching through your own misuse of the sharing energies. Essentially, you are teaching others how to keep their own identity in the context of a relationship. Working positively, your ability to see both sides of a situation would make you an excellent lawyer, counsellor, or advisor. You teach the value of sharing on a multltude of levels in business and intimate or friendly relationships. You also understand and teach the importance of communication which you have mastered to a fine art, and you have the ability to teach others the mirroring technique of seeing themselves through anothers' eyes. You incarnated with the awareness that if we become overly dependent in a relationship and don't involve ourselves in learning and growing on our own, we have nothing to bring to the relationship and have thereby ended the sharing process. This is why you find it necessary to keep your individuality, for you intuitiively understand that, without that, you can teach nothing.

    Lunar Eclipse in Aries: You find your balance by learning to stand on your own two feet and having the courage of your convictions. In previous lifetimes, you have been dependent on others' opinions and you somehow developed the belief that everyone else was more intelligent than you and you were less capable than everyone. There is also a fear of not being liked, a fear of rejection, and a fear of creating disharmony through conflict. To compensate for these fears, you have allowed others with what you see as stronger personalities than yours to dominate your life. You must learn that you are entitled to your own thought processes and that it's all right to think differently about different areas of life. The very process of standing up for your beliefs creates change. With change there is growth. You are learning to become more independent - if you marry before you define yourself, you will surrender before the battle of identity is won. You are learning to find factors of individual identity that allow you to have a sense of self within the context of a relationship - like having your own profession, creative project, or separate area/activity of interest. You are also here to learn assertiveness - because of a fear of not being right, you allow others to make all of the decisions. You have a tendency to attract strong-willed people who are very assertive and bossy, until you develop enough of your own confidence to run your own life. You are extremely uncomfortable around raised voices or any form of anger but you are here to learn that might is not necessarily right and that it is OK to go after what you want. It's not healthy to step aside because someone else wants the same thing you want. Your fear of rejection and defeat is so strong that your inclination is to concede in the face of competition or not even get in the running. Assertiveness will help you compete successfully in the world. You must not be afraid of starting over, either. The ability to begin anew must be incorporated into your soul's growth. You must learn to trust yourself to handle what lies ahead otherwise forced new beginnings will occur in your life without any seeming rhyme or reason. You only go down dead-end streets however when you follow what other people offer rather than getting in touch with the spark within and choosing those options that make you feel energised. On a subconscious level, you already know what you need to do - have enough faith in yourself to go out into the world without fear and to stand up and try again if something doesn't work out. Once you develop this attitude, there is very little you cannot achieve.

  • Chrissicat, yes your husband still has low self-worth and it is an unhealthy fear that makes him cling to the purse strings so tightly. It might make him feel better temporarily but he has to keep doing it or the fear comes back. He should be dealing with the fear, not holding onto it.

  • could I help him with that at all ? or must he deal with it himself, he does well for others in his union work, and works really hard to be knowledgeable for his unit membership too


  • Chrissicat, of course you can help him. Just bringing the issue to his attention may be enough to start him on the road to self-healing. Realising there is a problem is half the battle.

  • Hi Captain. Well I guess that's what he gets. Anyway, I do project respectful thoughts to them and I know there are spirits everywhere. I was curious to how many are here right now though I know that however many, none are negative. My ex b-f, I left him last weekend because he is an alcoholic and I tried to help him for 3 1/2 years. When I go over there, and he is drunk, I have no issues leving. I have no sympathy for him anymore. (well I do in the sense that I can't help him in the future) but like now, he whines tnhat he has all these bills and no money, yet he can go to the bar.I don't feel the need to help him anymore. I had to leave for me and my daughter. I tried telling him that when he gets sick (and he will) that he will be all alone. All his drinking buddies won't be there. When he gets drunk, he is always acusing me of going through his stuff and stealing from him. he is mad cause I took alot of the stuff I gave him but I left alot of stuff too. He didn't have anything when I met him and I told him, if I took EVERYTHING I gave him he'd have alot less than what he is whining about now! He had some spirits there and I chased them all away while I was there but now I am gone, and he is vulnerable again. He doesn't believe in spirits and ghosts and stuff. Once he realizes he is all alone he will come back to me. I don't want to seem cold hearted but I am just not in love with him anymore. I still love him and care for him but I already gave 3 1/2 years and I am done now.I still go over and check on him and take care of his pets. I don't want him to mistake that for wanting to be with him. What should I do?

  • Sylvannah, you are actually stopping your ex from standing on his own feet by continuing to do things for him. Leave him to look after himself and don't fall into that trap of yours of staying with people because you have a need to be needed. He will either succeed or fail but it is no concern of yours anymore.

  • captain ! could you do one for me, jan 20, 1990 thanks !

  • Phoenixlyhenry

    Solar Eclipse in Virgo: Your responsibility to others in this lifetime involves teaching people how to use their analytical faculties. Thus, you have a tendency to attract gullible people who need to learn how to put things in proper perspective, and those who live in illusionary states and need someone to teach them to take more responsibility for their actions. Through your ability to correctly assess most situations and bring reason to the problem-solving process, you can be of great help to those who have lost their direction. You are a natural-born counsellor because you can sense what is needed to help people regain an objective focus. Through bypassing the emotions and gaining direct access to reason, your insights can guide people around emotional responses that might have been blocking them from seeing things more clearly. You can discern, by attending to people's word usage and body language, where they have weaknesses that need to be addressed. You can even help them to reprogram their thought processes. You also teach about assimilation, showing others how to stay more grounded while they integrate New Age concepts and expand their awareness. By teaching people how to organise their lives, you ensure that everyone is doing their part so that the planet can continue to evolve.

    Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: You find your balance by learning detachment and by releasing your tendencies toward possessiveness and jealousy. The pace at which you learn your lessons is quite accelerated so it is essential that you allow things and people to flow through your life because you need to experience a great deal in this lifetime. You also must not consider only yourself when making decisions - the good of the whole is your major consideration and the universe will take care of your personal needs when you are fulfilling this role. This is your last lifetime on the Earth plane. You are coming from past lifetimes of royal heritage and must learn to detach from old set patterns of thinking of "You must do this because it is what your ancestors have always done." You are learning to detach from belief systems that have held you down in the past, whether they were imposed by religion, family or society. You are realising you do not need to conform to the beliefs of others. As long as you keep the good of the whole in mind and do not hurt others, you have the right to explore and enjoy your natural desire and curiosity to experiment with life. You need to understand the 'why?' behind everything so that you can improve on it and thus raise the quality of life for everyone. You are a true humanitarian of the world, learning to develop a more universal consciousness regarding love. Giving love without attachment to whether or not it makes the other person love you more is a difficult lesson but one you must master. Yours is the lesson of doing what is best for the most concerned and not for individual gratification of personal love. Now you are learning to act without self-interest for the good of all mankind.

  • I agree and I am willing to do that but I don't want the animals to suffer. They are innocent and they depend on him and he will let them down. I love the animals and it breaks my heart to make them suffer or do w/out because of him. None of this is their fault. Animals will still give you unconditional love no matter how you treat them. Maybe I can just sneak over while he is at work but they will be on their own on the weekends. I don't want to abandom them.

  • thanks captain that was amazing! your great ' god bless...

  • Hi Captain-

    More insight... yes, please. 4 July 1958

  • Softshellcrab

    Solar Eclipse in Aries: Your responsibility to others is to teach them assertiveness, independence, courage of convictions, and overcoming fear of new beginnings. Through this process, you will attract people who have a tendency to be clingy and overly dependent. You must assist these people to become more self-reliant, but you must also avoid the trap of taking over the lives of those around you. In teaching self-reliance through example, you must remain independent and hold firm to the idea that all positive relationships are glyphs for infinity - separate yet connected. In a relationship, both parties must go out and experience the world, then return and share, thereby remaining of value to the other. You intuitively understand the value of being independent, self-sufficient, and self-supported. You have a tendency to draw people who are overly dependent on doing things with others. You can teach them, through your independence and assertiveness, the value of getting out there and doing what needs to be done, whatever obstacles stand in the way. Or you can teach this lesson through procrastination, always looking for more data, never thinking you have enough information, and remaining too fearful to move on. To teach others to have the courage of their convictions, you can use your innate sense of fair play. You always come to the defence of those who cannot defend themselves, but you will leave them to fight their own battles if you find they are not gaining courage from your support. You intuitively understand it is wrong for you to fight for those who will not stand up for themselves. Assisting the weak without allowing them to lean on you can sometimes appear heartless to an outsider, but you see the option of allowing others to become dependent on you to be cruel in the long run. You are also teaching proper leadership through your example. You go forward with your project without sending another to find the way first. You are out there clearing a path for others to follow, teaching that everything must change and that nothing can survive in a static environment.

    Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: You find your balance by building a strong set of values. These lessons include not being swayed in your values, learning how to share them, overcoming negative manipulative traits, and taking responsibility for your sexual behaviour. You need to learn appropriate spiritual values and gain the understanding that, as part of an intricate whole, these values affect all those around you. You are learning that what goes around comes around and that what you give out comes right back at you. You are coming from previous lives where you were concerned with setting proper foundations for the self and family. You have allowed your values to slip in the past. In this lifetime however you must learn that society is interdependent and you are responsible for more than just yourself. We must all help each other; the strong must help the weak and the weak must learn how to be strong. You also need to discover what the boundaries are for yourself and for others. You have a strong desire to push others to their limit because you want to know just how far you can go. If they give in, you have no use for them and will move on to someone or something new. You do this because, without a sense of your own boundaries, you are afraid of misusing your power - your energy is like a rushing torrent - and until you find someone or something to contain it, it just creates havoc in its path. When you do find containment, you feel totally content. Once you know your limits, you can direct your power from within them. Only then do you feel safe enough to claim your power fully. You were probably very rebellious as a child, testing your parents' limits. You may have even become imprisoned or institutionalised at some point during your younger years. Even as an adult you will only trust those who do not back down to your power. By standing their ground, they teach you the value of your place within their reality. One of your lessons is to learn to respect others. Who or what you don't respect, you try to destroy. Human frailty frustrates you. Your tremendous energy needs a productive outlet - a focus or cause that you can pledge your power to, and where your energy can find a radiant expession. You have come to learn that there IS good in the world. So trust the universe and stop running scared. You will find peace and enjoyment in life when you relax and let a higher force help you build what you feel is truly good and worthwhile. Giving freely without ulterior mtoives, believing in yourself, discovering who really cares for you and who doesn't, and releasing negative energy in a positive way, you gain a sense of your own strength in a way that breeds self-esteem.

  • Thank you again

  • If you don't mind Captain I will go on the superpower/kryptonitre thread so I can get more info, I hope the more info I have the better I can help hubby, he's so good at helping others with his union work, I feel I should do the best I can to help fix his problems


    Love and Light

    Blessed be

  • grettings My Birthday 22 July 1965 Thank you much

  • Hi Captain. I left my b-f completely about 2 days ago, but I do have a question, the woman I have here, she is of native american decent, I was told she was a spirit guide. I thought she was just the soul mate of the one outside and supposed to leave with him. Can you help me understand? I was also told that she is trying to communicate with me, will I ever be able to evolve my gift? I can't see or hear them but I can almost everything else.There are so many things I want to learn and do. I want to help out the best way I can. Can you enlighten me?

  • Aponnacross

    Solar Eclipse in Gemini: Your responsibility to others lies in teaching them the value of communication. You have the ability to understand the importance of the written and spoken word, and one of your responsibilities in this lifetime is to keep information circulating. You have the natural ability to say the right thing at the right time, and you can talk to anyone about anything. You also have a knack for being in the right place at the right time to hear specific information that is needed by someone else. And the information that you share with others has the ability to change the direction of their lives. Through you, they come to understand that they are in total control of their ability to communicate and that they must take responsibility for the frame of mind they allow themselves to have. As a natural teacher, you have the ability to stimulate mental growth processes in others. Through your command of your native language, you awaken in those around you a desire to develop their mental abilities. During this process, those you touch come to understand their fellow human beings better and to broaden their consciousness. Thus, you bring the lesson of brotherhood to your social environment and teach us all to deal with one another in a more caring way. On some levels, you are also teaching freedom of movement. You find confinement difficult since you are the storyteller, the jester, the town crier. Part of the uniqueness that you offer is levity and a clear direction of consciousness through teaching others to see the humour within their own being. You have an ability to laugh and to create a change in an atmosphere that could otherwise block communication and understanding between people because of too much severity. You teach these lessons either positively or negatively. If you work in the positive, you teach the value of extended horizons, increased communications, alert awareness, and flexible mental attitudes by setting an example and taking an expansive approach to how you live your life. If working in the negative, you become an example of what NOT to do through negative personality traits such as rigidity, improper social behaviour, belittling others by making fun of them, and burying yourself in activities without sharing what you are learning. In the positive, you understand that life is too short for you to become a master in any of the many areas you want to experience so you taste a bit of everything. You teach others the value of having a vast number of experiences, and at the same time introduce them to these experiences. This allows people to have more lifechoice directions and to broaden their minds. You help others realise there is no end to the learning experience, no end to the Universe, thus setting us all free to be explorers.

    Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: You achieve balance in this lifetime by breaking all prejudices and learning how to understand the common thread that runs through all forms of philosophy, religion, and spirituality. You have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, higher insights, and information regarding conscious awareness. In this incarnation you need to unlearn the prejudices that you absorbed in other lifetimes. In the past your perceptions were limited and narrow-minded: your ideas were based only on information from your immediate environment. Due to this limited framework, you became judgmental about how others should live and how things should be done. In this lifetime you will be exposed to many things outside your belief systems. This will greatly accelerate your process and your tendency to be inquisitive will come to the fore. You are here to acquire the knowledge and information that can set you free from limiting past belief systems which kept you from connecting with a universal sense of wholeness. You may acquire this information by travelling to foreign countries and exposing yourself to different cultures, philosophies and theologies. The more cultures you expose yourself to, the better. You are distilling all the different belief systems and integrating what works for you. You are actually looking for your own direction and philosophy because you have lost your way - having become used to living on a superficial social level in other lives, you have lost the drive to find your own path. When you have gained a compilation of the things you like in this lifetime, you experiment with what works for you spiritually, philosophically, and practically - what perceptions make you feel happy and confident on an individual, personal level. Learning to overcome your tendencies toward prejudice, narrow-mindedness, and superficiality is very important for you in this lifetime. As a spiritual teacher, you understand that you are here to awaken the consciousness of your fellow humans but you're not sure what it is you are supposed to awaken or how to do it. Your quest for knowledge will eventually lead you to the understanding that you best aid those you come into contact with by helping them find their own individual paths. You become aware of the responsibility for what you say because you might pull others from their chosen path if you are not careful. By listening to their needs, their motives, and where they are coming from, you can help them find the freedom to choose their direction, thus finding what you came for - your own personal freedom, without the burden of decision-making for others. You do not steer others but instead provide them with the information they need to make informed choices. This may be a lonely path sometimes, for it is travelled by few. But as you discard your prejudices and open yourself to new experiences, you are allowed to see the light of others and this alleviates your loneliness and gives you much happiness and fulfillment.

  • The woman is a spirit guide but not your guide. She is the guide to the spirit male.

    The greatest source of wisdom and guidance is within yourself, not any outer source. Learn to hear what your own guidance is telling you.

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