What's your Responsibility to Others?

  • captain id appreciate if u can do a reading for me thanks. my birthday is on august 15 1987.


    Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Your responsiblity to others lies helping them to develop their sensitivities. You have a tendency to draw to you very critical, overly analytical people, and you can teach them to develop deeper levels of empathy. This also allows them to develop new ways of expressing their analytical abilities that will be more acceptable to others so they won't set themselves up for rejection as often. You are very sensitive to the energies around you and pick up vibes because you are so psychically developed. Thus, you need to be careful not to absorb the negativity of others. With your natural gift of inborn intuition, you can teach others the value of following their hunches and the usefulness of this awareness. Your hunches are accurate although often you are not even aware of why you are saying things and where the information is coming from. You just know you should follow your hunches, not your mind. You are good at sensing when someone is in distress. You would be an excellent counsellor or advisor because of your deep degree of sensitivity. What you give your fellow human beings is the freedom to be in distress without being judged. You attract those who are very self-judgmental and in need of seeing the bigger picture. Through your natural compassion, you can help others to regain their sense of self-worth. Sometimes those with this eclipse can lose their way and seem to be caught in a pattern of self-delusion. You may indulge in self-pity and in destructive patterns of escapism, like drink and drugs. Even then you are seeking an altered state of consciousness. Professional assistance can help you get back to reality and to form more positive behaviours. Because your innate nature is so sensitive, assistance not given in a loving supportive way can drive you deeper inside yourself. This can lead to a self-imposed state of martyrdom, setting yourself up as a victim. But it is your choice whether to teach your lesson through positive or negative behaviour. You are teaching people to have love and compassion for each other and to go with the flow of the Universe instead of fighting it. You can absorb negativity around you and send back support, understanding, and whatever insight you think will ease the other's pain. In relationships, you can teach others not to overanalyse things to death. Through your psychic ability, you can teach others to sense and feel and get in touch with the spirit inside and validate that there are other realms of perception beyond the everyday.

    Lunar Eclipse in Virgo: You find your balance in this lifetime by learning not to be so gullible and ready to believe what others tell you. In past lives, you were overly involved in the spiritual realm, and this time you must adjust and get your feet back on the ground. You need to find out that you can function in the physical world and still retain a spiritual consciousness. In fact one of your major lessons is to find a balance between the spiritual and physical worlds. Your gullibility lies in the fact that you don't take the desires and motives of others into account when you make decisions. You already recognise the God essence in everyone but you also need to realise that being in the flesh and working on certain lessons adds a different flavour to the spiritual character of every person. This is why you must learn to put things in proper perspective and take the motives of others into account. You are psychic from birth and have very strong sensitivities but, because of your one-sided approach, many of the signals you receive seem mixed and clouded to you. In understanding and using your psychic awareness you need to remember that if an insight is useful to you, it is from the Universe and you can trust it. If it's not useful to you, then the Universe did not send it. You didn't incarnate with the ability to tell who is honest and who isn't but it's not necessary for you to know that - you just need to be able to discern whether the information they give is of value to you or not. By incorporating some analytical thinking into your behaviour patterns and paying attention to details, you are able to take control of your life, be more decisive, and take charge of the direction in which your life is going. The ideal is not to make reality fit into your dream vision but to infuse the dream vision into the present lifetime. To do this, you must learn the workings of society's rules and be able to operate effectively within that framework.

  • Fishy76, yes.

  • LeoCancer103

    Solar Eclipse in Aries: Your responsibility to others is to teach them assertiveness, independence, courage of convictions, and overcoming fear of new beginnings. Through this process, you will attract people who have a tendency to be clingy and overly dependent. You must assist these people to become more self-reliant, but you must also avoid the trap of taking over the lives of those around you. In teaching self-reliance through example, you must remain independent and hold firm to the idea that all positive relationships are glyphs for infinity - separate yet connected. In a relationship, both parties must go out and experience the world, then return and share, thereby remaining of value to the other. You intuitively understand the value of being independent, self-sufficient, and self-supported. You have a tendency to draw people who are overly dependent on doing things with others. You can teach them, through your independence and assertiveness, the value of getting out there and doing what needs to be done, whatever obstacles stand in the way. Or you can teach this lesson through procrastination, always looking for more data, never thinking you have enough information, and remaining too fearful to move on. To teach others to have the courage of their convictions, you can use your innate sense of fair play. You always come to the defence of those who cannot defend themselves, but you will leave them to fight their own battles if you find they are not gaining courage from your support. You intuitively understand it is wrong for you to fight for those who will not stand up for themselves. Assisting the weak without allowing them to lean on you can sometimes appear heartless to an outsider, but you see the option of allowing others to become dependent on you to be cruel in the long run. You are also teaching proper leadership through your example. You go forward with your project without sending another to find the way first. You are out there clearing a path for others to follow, teaching that everything must change and that nothing can survive in a static environment.

    Lunar Eclipse in Libra: You find your balance by learning to be fair in all areas of your life. By sharing your mind and recognising the value of bringing your thought processes out of the self to communicate with others, you can see how the opinions and insights of others can help you to make intelligent decisions. In relationships, you are learning the proper balance between giving and taking - not to take from another more than you are willing to give or to give to another more than you are willing to take. Through this process comes the realisation that taking from another human being when you are not willing to give is a theft of emotion, and is very unfair. If you choose to live your life taking the affection of others when you are not willing to return it, you end up filling your life with bodies, but no feelings. On the other hand, if you are constantly giving to people who are not willing to take - people who are fearful of accepting love - it will be easy for you to fall into past patterns of holding on just to have a body there. You may be fearful that if you give up someone you care about, that place in your life may remain unfilled. But, if you continue giving, you can totally drain your vitality and capacity to love. So whether you find selfishness in others and learn about fairness that way or are selfish yourself until others demand fairness from you, the lesson will be learned. You may also be learning about balance and harmony in business - how to merge forces in order to work with others. You will come to realise how much success there is in joining forces. There may be the tendency in you to give all your credit to others, such as your co-workers or spouse. You need to learn the value of taking your share of the credit. Whether in work or relationships, you tend to give all your time and energy, and not save any to do what you need to do with your life. You incarnated with great difficulty in learning how to share because you are coming from past lifetimes of being extremely independent and just going after what you wanted with no regard for others. You are so accustomed to doing for yourself that you don't know how to depend on others. It feels awkward for you to slow down enough to allow others to help you. If you continue to go through life being so self-contained, those around you will feel no need to be with you. Slow down and let others participate in your life or you will walk through life feeling lonely and keeping yourself from the very thing that you came to learn: relating to others and finding harmony within relationships. You need to learn the social graces - tact, sensitivity, and consideration. You must also develop a balanced sense of commitment. Too much and you can become unable to function without it; too little and you move forward, forgetting previous commitments and being judged irresponsible. Balance and fairness are your watchwords in this lifetime. By keeping your promises and demanding others keep theirs, you are freed to interrelate in a more positive way.

  • OOw Sylvana I can so see how you are feeling my son was like that at that age(10), but I found out that ma in law was telling him he didn't have to do anything I said at all, she actually told my mum that she didn't care if he became uncontrollable when he was older, as she wouldn't be there to see it, now he is 17 going on 18 I have a much better relationship with him, and he sees mil's behavior in a different light as you can imagine so hopefully thigs will turn out good for you too

    Good Luck

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Hi Captian, we meet again, I need more answers, my birthdate ...01/25/59 very grateful for any insight. Bless you!

  • Anngora

    Solar Eclipse in Libra: Your reponsibility to others lies in your ability to teach your fellow humans the subtleties of developing balance and harmony in their lives. You have an intuitive sense of what is fair in all areas of life, especially in relationships, and you have come into this existence to teach others how to share. Thus, you will draw people who are either selfish, overly independent, or extremely childlike. You can meet with great resistence as you teach thses people the give and take of life. The balance in any one-on-one relationship is a very fine line between giving and receiving, and the majority of those with whom you come into contact are excessively attached to one or the other. Because of your innate need never to settle for less than half or to give more than half, you may find yourself moving from one relationship to the next. You are conscious of two separate needs: to share half of yourself in a relationship and to keep half of yourself wholly to yourself. You are not comfortable with the other person giving more than half because you fear that you may then be required to give more than half at another time. At times, you can appear very stubborn or selfish because once you have reached your halfway mark, a herd of elephants could not push you further. You will then treat your partner as unfairly as you believe you were treated and may become angry when asked to explain your actions. You must keep your sense of fairness in balance here or you can end up teaching through your own misuse of the sharing energies. Essentially, you are teaching others how to keep their own identity in the context of a relationship. Working positively, your ability to see both sides of a situation would make you an excellent lawyer, counsellor, or advisor. You teach the value of sharing on a multltude of levels in business and intimate or friendly relationships. You also understand and teach the importance of communication which you have mastered to a fine art, and you have the ability to teach others the mirroring technique of seeing themselves through anothers' eyes. You incarnated with the awareness that if we become overly dependent in a relationship and don't involve ourselves in learning and growing on our own, we have nothing to bring to the relationship and have thereby ended the sharing process. This is why you find it necessary to keep your individuality, for you intuitiively understand that, without that, you can teach nothing.

    Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: You find balance by developing a proper prosperity consciousness in this lifetime. You are coming from a previous existence that was extremely spiritual but materially poverty-striken. You may even have taken a vow of poverty in past incarnations in order to focus your energy fully on your spiritual development. Thus, you come into this lifetime with the false idea that money and spirituality are never to blend. You are here to learn that, on the contrary, when you allow your spirituality to manifest through good works that support your fellow human beings, money is a matural by-product of that service. Part of your lesson is to learn that money is not a 'negative'; it is simply another aspect of life that needs to be mastered. You have already mastered how to have nothing and still keep a proper spiritual consciousness. Now it is your turn to learn how to have. During this process, you are acquiring the knowledge that is is not HAVING money that matters - it is what you DO with it and the ways in which you obtain it. Exposure in prior lifetimes to those who misused resources taught you to distrust anyone who had money. Consequently, you have a tendency in this lifetime to self-destruct where finances are concerned. You will come to realise that your quest is to learn how to handle money, and you will find a strong desire and need for it. Yet, due to this sefl-destruct mechanism, when you reach a state of comfort you may do something on a subconscious level to destroy your financial position so that you can feel good about yourself spiritually. Your mission is to learn to manifest the abundance of the universe and feel free to have and enjoy the comforts of life. Part of this lesson involves learning not to measure your self-worth or the worth of others by wealth or material possessions. Any judgment you pass on others limits your own sense of freedom and self-worth. It is time for you to accept money and allow it to validate your efforts and the spiritual energy you are giving to others. You may also have had lifetimes where you yourself misused other people'e resources and did not give adequate service for what you charged. Now, in order to overcome feelings of guilt, you tend to undercharge for your services. In doing so, you are overcompensating and actually stealing from yourself. The appropriate fee to charge is the equivalent value of the services rendered. In learning to relate morally to others, you attract those who have very poor morals and you may be used sexually by others. Or you may become sexually abusive yourself, reverting to past life patterns. You are learning the value of appreciating the wants, needs, and desires of another, eliminating self-gratification patterns. Thus you become more in touch with your own sexual needs and desires. Sensuality floods your being as you learn to appreciate Mother Earth and her bounties - the sweet air, the solid ground, the calming waters. You are learning to feel better about yourself and your physical body. Through getting in touch with your physical senses, you learn what gives you pleasure and this enables you to teach others the value of taking pleasure from the Earth plane. You entered this lifetime with a very low sense of self-esteem and you are learning how to build up your self-value, your self-worth. You need to realise you are a very valuable human being and an asset to mankind, and that other people care very much about you.

  • Dear The Captain,

    Thanks for your reply. However I must say you were on the money on the Solar Eclipse but the remarks on the Lunar Eclipse was not as true. My parents and even my husband called me the "Good One" or " The Goodie Too Shoe ".

    But thanks for the reading.

    Many Blessings,


  • Rooster5, the readings are from your time of birth so you may have learnt the lessons of your lunar eclipse by this time in your life.

  • Dear The Captain,

    I want to thank you again for your insight on my matter. However, as I said before I was always the " Good One" and never ended up even close to those circumstances of testing my parents. I was always so afraid of what punishment I would receive even if I would verbally challenge my parents, especially my dad. Another point I saw my siblings go up against my parents and I surely did not want to be in those shoes for a million bucks.

    I remember when I was in college ( I went away to college across to the other side of the State ) but I would travel every Thursday evening by Greyhound bus so I would be home by Friday to work in the family restaurant through out the weekend. Then be back on the Greyhound bus by Sunday evening so I could go to school by Monday morning.

    This time during college it taught me responsibility, time-management skills,stress skills,and giving back to the family.

    Many Blessings,


  • I was and a test for my teachers too,but never realised what I was doing until later in life, and by then of course it is sometimes too late to make amends, and I was the one who lost out too I suspect that is why I am living with mother in law now as I missed so many opportunities when I was younger, and never used the gifts I have wisely, so many chances wasted, and now I'm stuck, at least temporarily I hope.

    Dear Captain hubby was born 15 Oct 1960 at about 10.27 am gmt, any insights ?


    love and light

    Blessed Be

  • It sounds great that things worked out in end but how did you handle him then? I want good thingd for her in the future but I need some things from her now, so what did you do?

  • thank you captain. u are really good at what u do. i appreciate it to the fullest.

  • Chrissicat's husband

    Solar Eclipse in Virgo: Your responsibility to others in this lifetime involves teaching people how to use their analytical faculties. Thus, you have a tendency to attract gullible people who need to learn how to put things in proper perspective, and those who live in illusionary states and need someone to teach them to take more responsibility for their actions. Through your ability to correctly assess most situations and bring reason to the problem-solving process, you can be of great help to those who have lost their direction. You are a natural-born counsellor because you can sense what is needed to help people regain an objective focus. Through bypassing the emotions and gaining direct access to reason, your insights can guide people around emotional responses that might have been blocking them from seeing things more clearly. You can discern, by attending to people's word usage and body language, where they have weaknesses that need to be addressed. You can even help them to reprogram their thought processes. You also teach about assimilation, showing others how to stay more grounded while they integrate New Age concepts and expand their awareness. By teaching people how to organise their lives, you ensure that everyone is doing their part so that the planet can continue to evolve.

    Lunar Eclipse in Pisces: You find your balance by learning to deal with sensitivities. In past lifetimes you have been overly critical and have spent too much time putting everything into its proper perspective. Now it is time to recognise that everything blends together and is in reality an interacting part of everything else. When you realise this, you will be able to activate the "let go and let God" principle in your life. In the lessons of this eclipse pattern, you must learn to allow sensitivity to flow within your being - to listen to the inner voice and discern truth from fiction. It is important to retain your analytical abilities in order to ascertain which piece of information that comes your way is useful to you. Through this process you can release the fear of becoming too sensitive and losing your grip on reality. You are allowed to develop these sensitivities and keep your feet on the ground at the same time. Another lesson is not to be afraid to look at what the Universe is trying to show you when you have premonitons, intuitions, etc. Once you learn to trust the information that comes through, you will recognise that the purpose is not to make you suffer because of what you 'see' (if it's something painful) but to allow you to correct your direction or the direction of others before unnecessarily painful repercussions take place. Thw downside of being more aware of your sensitivities is that you will tend to attract the emotional debris of those with whom you come into contact. If you forget to be discerning, you will absorb others' negativity and claim it as your own.

  • wow thankyou Captain, I think when I give that to Hubby he will be helped by that, but he has already picked up some negative debris from mil, she told him as a child that the wrong child died, because he is the only survivor of three children,two boys and a girl, all of whom died within hours of birth, and his dad died when he was 14, his mum's never really recovered she said once she was just marking time until she can join him, and he's stayed here with her on and off for the majority of his life, he seems to have a tendency to self sabotage himself financially he'll get clear, and then get into even bigger trouble than before, is there anything I could do to discourage this tendency ?

    thankyou again

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Chrissicat, sit your husband down and have a good long talk to him about finances. See if you can get to the bottom of his self-sabotage. If he realises what he is doing, he may be able to change his attitudes and behaviour.

  • did try that, a while after we first met, at that time he had very low self esteem and didn't think much of himself, after we had our son he strayed a bit off the straight and narrow, and fathered a child by another woman, but when I offered him his freedom he came back to me but we had to return to live at mil's as my job was tied to our accommodation and the affair caused me to lose it, as I went a bit loony when I found out, he is very resistant to the idea of me taking over the cash completely but has allowed me to have a sum of money to do the shopping with which I am trying to save too, but food prices being what they are it's hard but I do manage sometimes

    I was told though I attract dependendent people, so maybe I am at fault ?

  • Chrissicat, your husband likes to keep the money in case he wants to take off again. It gives him a sense of freedom to hold the purse strings. Get him to give you some more if you need it. Don't be afraid to rock the boat if it's sinking.

  • This post is deleted!

  • would that mean he still has low self esteem, but holding the cash string means he has control which makes him feel better ?


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