Empty inside.

  • Can anybody give me some type of hope or strength to cope?

  • Hey no matter how bad it seems, it could be worse and it surely will eventually improve. With everyone doing without so much it's hard to see the light shining through. You are not alone and in time you'll tap into the strength you desire. Focus on what you are grateful for, count your blessings so to speak. When you put yourself in a grateful mind set you open yourself up to receive more of the same.

  • A wise person once told me that each troublesome situation in your life, no matter how bleak it seems, it is only a temporary situation in your life. Things will change, and you will move forward. You can be proactive, and do what you can to change it, or you can sit back and wait. Regardless, always, be grateful for what you do have, and do your best to stay positive.

    Love and blessings to you!

  • I can't begin to tell you how many times in my life I have felt like this. I know it's hard to handle when it seems like nothing is going right. Know....believe in your heart that this too shall pass. I'm with RC in the respect that you need to count your blessings. If you spend all your time focusing on what you don't have or what is wrong, you are only attracting more of what you don't want and not what you do want.

    I posted not that long ago that I was struggling and needed support to figure out how I was going to get thru the new changes coming. My continuing to stay on this forum and starting to contribute to others, I have gotten to a point that even though my job is ending in 2 1/2 weeks (after almost 13 years) and I had so many fears about being able to make it etc., etc., in the very short time I've been here I've turned it around to the point where I am actually excited about the change. Any change that we go thru, especially those that are forced upon us, are scary and it feels very defeating when you know you've done your best. Know that you are going thru this for a reason and while it may not be apparent now....it will be apparent at some point why this is happening. You just have to trust that your needs will be met, think of what you do have and build on that. Hang in there....stay here and you will get the help that you seek. Lots of really wonderful people on this forum.

  • BTW, I also agree with Missy that this is only temporary. There will be more changes. Positive ones.

  • Thank you all very much.

    Blessings to all of you.

  • hey Pgurls4life, its like a wheel it goes around some downs and ups...so ur just going through some rough times now, but ur life will turn like the wheel and luck/good things will come ur way soon. hope that makes sence. hang in there!

  • Piscesgirl...Life has a way of throwing you curves. Just keep fielding them, for that which does not kill you, only makes you stronger. Think of a worse scenario possible and reevaluate what is happening in your life now. I know, easy for others to say, but trust me, you are not alone.

    Hang in there and keep it real. This to will pass.

  • YES Piscesgirl4life DONT GIVE UP!!! chins up!! you can do it!! rely in all of us (this forum) to get through!! Hugs your way!!

  • Hey gurls4life,

    i just happened to saw ur posting in one of the other forum..maybe not exact same situation but i can relate to u in some ways...i was with my ex for about 2 almost 3 yrs things got rocky with us but i never thought we would end, i believed all the promises he made to me...anyways things ended last yr...we kept in contact and its been hard just being friends,seeing him dating another grl really hurts....but its not the end of the world ive learned a lot during the time apart and about myself. keep urself busy, talk to friends about what ur feelings, another thing i find a little helpful is volunteer (but thats jus for me=) )

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