Thankful For

  • I am thankful that the company I worked for was bought out and closed. I know this is a bit odd to say, I am happy I lost my job! Not something you see everyday. I was in a bad relationship and very unhappy but also reluctant to make the move I needed to get out. So, I am happy and thankful that The universe gave me the shove I needed. I am single again, found a job making twice the money!! All good.

  • I am thankful for the things that make life go around...job, shelter and enough money to live, but I am mostly grateful for the community in the world. Sometimes adversity and tough times draws us closer together, and let's us work as a unit to get things back on track. I am glad the world saw this with our recent political decisions. Good for the country and our world!

  • I can honestly say this year I feel blessed. While I am not rich, I am truly thankful for the loving family, coworkers, and friends that I have. They make each day and each milestone in my life special. I feel that there is always someone that would be there for me when times get rough.

  • I am thankul for My Husband Luis, he is my Serenity, my freind, my confidant, my lover. I trust him, I respect him and I don't think I could live in this Cruel, Screwed up heartles world without him. He is the most generous, Selfless phuman being I have ever met. He is a 23 year law enforcement veteran who was the ONLY recipient in his entire department (Until 2008) of the Gold Medal Of Valor for saving a child's life. He has spent his life as a police officer and has the most outstanding reputation in his community. I am Blessed and honored that God trusted me enough to have him share his life with me!!

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