What does it mean to dream of snakes?

  • All my life, off and on, I have dreams of snakes. Sometimes I come up on them, sometimes they are all over the ground around my feet, sometimes they are in the house around the bed. It gets so scary. Sometimes it's just one or two snakes, then there are times when there are hundreds of them. Last night, I dreamed that there was a slimy neon blue snake that landed on my arm. I tried not to touch it when I walked by but it landed on me anyway. Then when I tried to knock it off, it was slimy and came near my face as if fixing to bite me in my face. Then I woke up. I always wake up right before something bad happens. An old friend used to tell me that if you dream of snakes, you have an enemy. Please tell me shes incorrrect on this. I try not to make enemies, but I know that it is unavoidable sometimes if you believe in living right. Does anyone know what it really means if you dream about snakes? It really bothers me. Do I really have an enemy like that and do I need to be concerned that they may try something? Is it the devil? Or does it mean something completely different? I'm confused. Any insights on this would be greatly appreciated. After having these dreams, I feel awful and tired and anxious.

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    the whole thread is fun to read and informative too

  • Thank you leoscorpion. I posted a reply to you in the above thread. You are a very kind and interesting person. Again, thank you for your time and concern. I really don't have anyone that is supportive in my life right now. (No one with psychic gifts or anyone that has troubling dreams like this.) My bestfriend does the best she can but at the moment I am her rock, she's going through a hard time to. It helps to talk with others and sort things out. I also posted a thread on another dream under "anything goes" or "new welcome" (can't remember which one right this second. I think I posted it a week earlier than this dream. If you'd like to give it a try, I would love insight, it bothers me and I have this dream more often (all my life) than the one about snakes. Have a great day. I feel better knowing that I'm closer to understanding the snake dilemna.

  • I was told snakes mean enemies. Good Luck.

  • leospcorpio the other dreams are under "new member welcome" on page 16. There seems to be others needing help on this forum also. : ) Since you're so good at this...

    poetic555 I wish I could close one of the two threads. I posted the first one in the wrong place, so when I posted it in the right category, I couldn't go back and delete the other one. Sorry... I left you a reply in the other one. I've heard enemies to. Leoscorpion also stated that sometimes, it could indicate your in danger or many other different reasons. I'm still trying to figure it out. i could choose any one reason and go with it because my life is in tormoil right now but I really want to know what it is so I'm just going to think on it for a while. I could be in danger because my husband was killed and there was no prosecution. I have been fighting for it but no luck yet. I could fit my situation into many different categories, so it's hard to pinpoint. I have met someone and I know he loves me but it's a rocky relationship. I'm broke, my house is upside down from remodeling. (sheetrock repairs, plywood floors, leaky roof, oven in kitchen floor, etc.) I'm completely exhausted, having a hard time focusing or following through or even getting started, just burnt out. I don't want to visit with family or friends because I always feel like I need to finish this house in order to breathe again but can't motivate myself to finish it. Used to before everything happened, I would have worked from sun up to sun down until it was done and loved every minute of it. Not anymore, I'm worried about money, kids, fiance, mom, family, friends, (missing them), my health, not having closure on his death, not fullfilling my purpose, etc. I'll definitely have to think about all the different reasons why we dream of snakes. You ought to check the other forum out, it was really interesting. Have a great day.

  • confused

    I will check the other thread out

    snakes actually represent humans most of the time

    either humans that love you, care for you, hate you, planning to hurt you, or even yourself

    you ARE human, aren't you? LOL

    so sometimes the subconscious use snakes to describe your health/awareness problem

    for example I had a dream where snakes bit my neck

    it was a period in my life when I was stubborn not listening

    neck is symbol of stiffness (in the dream) and so stiffness is my problem

    that was what the snake was trying to tell me

    only I didn't know it back then

    in your case, you need to also consider

    Snake is one of many animals that symbolyze Scorpion

    so this certainly has something to do with your personal situation

    may also involve someone who is Scorpion, Scorpion rising or majorly influenced by Pluto

    but I won't go there right now to avoid confusion (which is already your name LOL)

    If I may, I will leave all my answers here

    so that you don't have to go back and forth one thread to another

    but I will read the thread you posted your dream in

  • OK I just read your dreams there

    you said about seeing things before it happened. no wonder you are worried about the dreams you had. snakes and such.

    dreams can be premonitive to some people. the dream about not having brakes, it shows you are missing something in life. a car always have a brake. so to be in a car without a brake, it clearly shows you are going too fast in life, and miss things. what did you miss? only you can answer that question. you will need to go back to that period of your life where you had these dreams. your subconscious is telling you to take a break (the car has no brake) and pay attention, find what you are missing.

    it can be as simple as 'stop and smell the roses'. or the need to nurture something : a relationship (with husband or children), health of loved ones, your own health, your house may need fixing (it is remodelling time), financial situation etc. if you take a break, you will be able to see the small details that may actually help answer some questions you may have.

    about the snake dream, you have read my posts. one thing I might miss to mention is that snake quality is about wisdom and regeneration among many. whatever color of snake you see, the color is not that important compared to the actual message. to start a new, you have to die to the old. Your husband died, and you need closure to it. but you need to give it time and not rushing in. that's why the snake is holding you back. whatever is going on is beyond your control. the snake bites you, shows that you won't get good result if you keep pushing for the answers whatever they may be. you may even have to let go, because some things don't have answers. when you let go of the past, you die to it. a new life starts. it's true it's hard to let go of the past without closure, but not everything has an answer. the best you can do is to keep trying, but let go of the expectation anyway. so this way finding closure or not, you are still able to move on and start a new.

    I would suggest take a break for your own sake. take a break from worrying. have a quiet day or a walk outside. stop and smell the roses. once your mind is clear and relaxed, the answer will come to you easier and you will understand your past dreams.

  • Wow! Leoscorpion, you're good! It's funny that you said that, the guy I'm seeng is also a Scorpio. He has bright blue eyes. In the back of my mind, I wondered if it could be about him, but I don't understand why.Yes, we have our problems... It's hard for me to trust if I've been hurt and I'm not sure if he really loves me or if he's in love with the idea of loving me if that makes sense. I don't want to push him away but at the same time I hold my ground about things that are unacceptable.

    I do feel like I have missed a lot in life. I'l try to make it short. Sorry- father died when I was 7, brought up in abusive environment, left home early, numerous family members died and I was always there to see them through last moments, didn't get to finish college, struggled,,,, husband died, mom got sick, moved her in with me, kept her alive long enough to have transplant, survived a tornado that wrecked our neighborhood, neighbors were trapped in their homes and some were demolished but we were ok, moved, bought a home big enough for mom, thought she'd be with me forever, she healed up and moved out and now I've got this big house and I'm stuck in the remodeling process because I'm out of money. I supported her when she didn't have income which consisted of her health ins 730 a month, her car pmt, car ins, food, traveling to Emory every week, plus my bills, my husband's half of the bills that he always paid, our children, etc. I am financially wiped out and our hall and bathroom floors are plywood. We've come a long way but there's still so much to be done and I'm tirrrred. The house I bought had to be updated for mom's health reasons. It still had shag carpet and velvet wallpaper. We had to completely gut some walls and make it liveable for her. It will be a beautiful home when it's done but right now kind of looks like the house in the movie money pit. It's crazy and over whelming when I'm broke. I do try to take breaks but my mind wanders constantly. I try meditating but the answers just aren't coming. If they are, I'm not seeing or hearing.

    In your 4th paragraph, it starts with it can be as simple... I actually have every need you mentioned. It's crazy that you mentioned every one of them. I'm a hermit right now in this house. I understand exactly what you're saying and have been trying to clear and relax my mind for a long time now and just can't seem to do it even while meditating, because I end up wanting to improve something or some relationship. I feel like I'm in a whilwind, and don't know how to step out because of my circumstances.

  • confusedscorp

    goodness that is a lot you have been through. natural disaster (tornado), deaths in the family, abuse among many. the part where I said snake can mean a Scorp or someone with major Scorp/Pluto infuence, I can't believe that one is right too. that part of interpretation (dream-zodiac) I just threw it in just in case, but not very common to be true.

    It is time to try let go, to 'die' to your past. some of these past experiences must be hard for you to let go, but if you are consistent on your effort to move on and deal with only the current problems (financially broke, home remodelling and new relationship). I believe in time you will make it.

    the need to nurture something, can also be nurturing yourself. letting go of the past, to die to the past, is a part of nurturing yourself. try your best. only after you die to the past, you can then start a new. in the past, your trust was broken. until you let go of this, you will always be suspicious and suspicion will imprison you. break free from this prison.

    I can imagine it's hard to meditate when you have so many things to think about. don't meditate until you feel a little bit of calmness. maybe try looking for financial help or more income first. once you find help financially (through more work or some kind of support) you will find it easier to pay attention to other matters such as 'letting go of the past' and gain emotional closures about your husband's death and then work on past trust issues to help you with the new relationship.

    take things little by little. but don't forget to give yourself the rest it needs.

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  • Thank you Leoscorpion. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I haven't had much time for the computer lately. Your message is very reassuring that life will get better, to give it time. You are a welcomed blessing in my times of struggle. God bless you! I now hope to move past all this so I can help others. I wish I could express to you how comforting you have been. Thank you so much.

  • confused

    no problem. I can't get online much myself. been swamped with new projects and with spring comes, I spend more time with our garden and commune with nature as much as I can.

    I hope you will find the help you are looking for.

    bye now take care

  • I like the name "ConfusedScorpion", because that's what i am right now. I also have too many snake dreams, yet snakes are my biggest phobia. The dreams really do unsettle me, but recently after i had them i tried my cutting myself (Never did though, like as before twice in past). Only recently, that is. I worry a lot because I HAVE SO MANY PROBLEMS medically (like 7 things wrong with me, 3 no cure for), financially, security-wise, scared to have a partner due to trust issues, badly want another child too but i have PCOS, ex ran off with my son, been sexually assaulted in past, and now i fear that someone is after me for some reason. Also hate where i live, due to vermin, ants and i can't stand where home is located, but have no way out of it, as i have nobody around me to help financially or with any potential move.

    I feel so stuck and ever so scared for someone of my age. Had to admit myself to the mental health service the other day because i realised i was having a mental breakdown. I actually predicted that i would have a mental breakdown recently also.

    I'm at a lost and am so unhappy with my life. Cannot work because of health, in pain and ever so lonely 😞

    I just read someone elses post and wondered if Scorpions are more affected by snake dreams? I really do despise having them, as i wake up shaking, in sweats and my heart is racing. Had reactive depression in the past for 6/7 years and got over it, and i feared last year that in future something else may happen to me. I fought that feeling so hard, now this breakdown has happened.

    I don't know whether i can fight anymore now. I'm so, so tired

  • Snake's medicine is about transformation. It's about death and re-birth. The shedding of old skin, old ways, dying to what no longer works for us so we can grow into our new skin. It's time to let go of your past and not to fear the future. What lies ahead for you is new growth, new opportunities a new way of living, free from the burdens of the past.

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