What does it mean when you dream of snakes?

  • All my life, off and on, I have dreams of snakes. Sometimes I come up on them, sometimes they are all over the ground around my feet, sometimes they are in the house around the bed. It gets so scary. Sometimes it's just one or two snakes, then there are times when there are hundreds of them. Last night, I dreamed that there was a slimy neon blue snake that landed on my arm. I tried not to touch it when I walked by but it landed on me anyway. Then when I tried to knock it off, it was slimy and came near my face as if fixing to bite me in my face. Then I woke up. I always wake up right before something bad happens. An old friend used to tell me that if you dream of snakes, you have an enemy. Please tell me shes incorrrect on this. I try not to make enemies, but I know that it is unavoidable sometimes if you believe in living right. Does anyone know what it really means if you dream about snakes? It really bothers me.

  • I also posted this under anything goes. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my life in general or with a personal relationship. Any inshight will be greatly appreciated. It is really starting to bother me because I'm at a point in my life where I have a chance at a new beginning and it hasn't been going smooth like I envisioned it.

  • I've also been told and believe they mean enemies also. Tell you what though, don't change who you are, we cannot control other people; we can only control how we allow them to effect us. Read Psalms 23 before you go to bed. I can give you some other ones for protection if you want. You have dominum over snakes and they cannot harm u.

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  • Thank you poetic555 for reminding me of this. I used to quote to myself alot when I felt troubled or worried. Then my husband was killed and I just sort of went numb. I even blessed our home and each room, each bed, each pillow a couple of months before he died. That freaked me out and I gave up for a while. I keep thinking, well what good did that do to pray for him and our family and then I lost him in such a horrible way... Then immediately my mom got sick and had to have a transplant, almost died on me numerous times, a tornado hit, had to move and now stuck in the remodeling stage because I'm out of money. I'm at that point now where enough is enough and I'm ready for my new life to begin. (Everyone kept telling me over and over that this is my new chance at life, things are going to be better now...) But, I'm still waiting to see where there's any improvement and I just don't see it. My health (due to exhaustion and stress) and energy are declining quick and I can't shake the concrete feeling, feeling like I weigh a ton. My mind is motivated but I can barely make it to the shower before 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Every night I say, in the morning I'm going to get dressed and get busy, but then morning comes and it's the same heavy feeling. I'm not feeling sorry for myself, I just feel awful. I definitely need to start reading the bible again. I used to read it all the time and kept myself positive. I was everyone else's rock and kept their faith strong. I was the person people came to when they were troubled. Now, I just don't know anymore. I wonder if my prayers are heard. I've always believed in my prayers and knew things would always work out but lately it seems that the more I pray, the worse things get. ( Leoscorpion referred me to this forum http://www.tarot.com/forum/topic.php?id=5153&page=2&replies=69&totalitems=69 it is about snake dreams and other animals.) You said they cannot harm you, I've heard this before. Is this why I wake up when they start to bite? I hope there's not a next time 🙂 but I wonder if in my dream I can overcme the fear and tell myself that they can't harm me and then see what happens. ??? We'll see... Have a great day. Thank you so much for your help.

  • Dear ConfusedScorpion,

    I looked up snakes for you from a dream book, " Zolar's Book of Dreams, Numbers & Lucky Days".

    This is what the entry tells if you dream of snake(s):

    This dream is a warning of treachery where you least expect it, some unfortunate turn of events that you have not anticipated. Your plans will be wrecked.

    If in your dream you kill a snake(s): Will have conquest over your enemies.

    If you dream of several snakes: Jealous people would like to call your ruin.

    The number associated with this dream is 6 9 0...you might want to play this in your daily lottery.

    Best of Luck,


  • Confused you have been thru a horrible time and I don't blame you for felling like giving up hope, but Please, Please don't give up. God hears all your prayers, you probably need a Spiritual Cleansing. Your home sounds like it needs a blessing or Cleaning as well. Depression is negative energy and breeds more negativity and may be drawing negative forcces around you. We don't know why things happen in life, I went through a horrible time a few years ago and things got so hopeless I almost gave up, came really close but only through Prayer and the Grace of God I didn't do anything stupid. I lost 3 family members including my Aunt who was my heart and we were so close, I still haven't gotten over her. Your husband may come to you in your dreams. Read Psalms 23, 27, before bed. Psalm 6 is also good for protection. The heaviness is depression is it possible to talk to someone or can you make an effort to get out of the house and go to a Park or Beach? Don't worry about things you have no control over. I too sometimes suffer from depression especially when I'm PMS'ing. But it too shall pass. Your mental state can make your body ill. Remember that saying "as a man thinkith, so is he.? It is so true. You are not alone, I have prayed for you and will ask others to Pray for you as well. Talk to Beth, she is can be found under the Post Heading "Questions for Heaven." She channels with Angels and I'm sure she can offer you some guidance. You are in the right place for Prayers and Help. Please, don't give up hope. Thats what the enemy wants so he can claim your soul. You are Loved and Precious in his sight. Talk to him, Pray for his protection, ask the Arch Angels to surround you and try to envision yourself in a Golden Light Protected by God. Hope this helps, call on me anytime my new friend. I'll continue to Pray for You! 🙂

  • My spelling is horrible. (smile).

  • Hello ConfusedScorpion!

    I looked up snakes also in my dream book called, "The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams" by Theresa Cheung. Snakes are featured in different sections so I'll give you all the descriptions I find:

    "Snakes are archetypal symbols that have both negative and positive associations, being on one hand thought evil predators and on the other hand agents of healing and transformation. Dreams that feature snakes in them will also arouse different reactions depending on your associations with snakes in waking life. If you are like most people and snakes arouse fear and loathing in you then if your dream focuses on a snake it may well turn into a nightmare. Snakes can often represent intimidating situations in waking life.

    The most common dream is a pit of snakes of pile of snakes lying on the floor around you; this may represent the many worries that are threatening you, or the poisonous words and innuendo of people around you. If, however, you admire snakes or keep them as pets, your dream is unlikely to have been sinister. Dreams that feature snakes poised to strike their victims with venom or suffocate them with their coils may be warning you about an emotionally cold person who is suffocating you in waking life. If there is a viper in your midst or a snake in the grass, someone who appears friendly but who is about to stab you in the back?

    If the snake doesn't try to attack or harm you in your dream, it may be referring to physical or emotional healing that has begun in your waking life. If the snake sheds its skin, this may indicate your desire to cast off the past. According to Freud, the snake is a phallic symbolic so it could also denote repressed se xual urges or fears of masculine energy that are creating power issues in your relationships.

    Pythons in dreams embody the power to dominate a situation by having a potent grasp on it. If in your dream the python is not menacing but a benevolent presence, it is likely to be a reminder of your power to cope with a challenge by wrapping yourself around it. Pythons also represent people or situations who are trying to put the squeeze on you in waking life. For example a jealous lover who watches your every move or a financial commitment that limits your freedom to spend."

    "Snakes are the most common dream reptile. They can be symbols of trouble or male se xuality but they can also represent the afterlife or the potential for transcending a difficult situation"

    • another section says that the hiss of a snake in a dream represents se xuality

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  • Wow.... I had to sit up when I read all of your posts above. Thank you all! I'm running late this morning for a meeting. i usually don't have anywhere to go but today unfortunately I have to. As soon as I have a chance, I will respond and let you know what I'm thinking. Ya'll are good...I ave met so many wonderful and intelligent people on here in just a short amount of time. Thank you for your help and time. I can't wait to get back on and tell you all how you just helped me. It's amazing... Again, thank you. Talk to you soon. I can't wait, I'm so excited!!

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  • Thank you Rooster5. That was so kind of you to look this up for me. I need to purchase a dream book since I dream all the time. Yes, there have been many events that I have not anticipated or wanted to experience in the last two years. I wonder if this applies to the situations if you dream of a snake after the fact. I was also told that it could represent an emotionally cold person and that is something I am battling with right now. I try to step back from the situation but it still keeps hounding me now matter how hard I try to avoid it. Just like the snake did in the dream. I tried leaning sideways when I went by so it wouldn't mess with me but it got on my arm anyway. I tried to brush it off but it was slimy and I had to keep wiping. All of you have been such a huge help. thank you so much for allowing me to work this out. It has been heavy on my mind for a while now. I feel better even if I'm still not exactly sure which reason I dreamed it but at least I don't feel worried now. Thank you!

  • Thank you Poetic. You are so kind and very helpful. I'm sorry it took me so long to get back online. It's been hectic lately. My heart and prayers are with you on the loss of your loved ones. I am so sorry and I pray that I can give you the comfort that you have provided for me. If you ever need someone to talk to, pray with, or vent to, I am here for you. Thank you for your prayers and guidance. It was food for the bones!!! and soul : ) ...And what does bump mean???

  • Thank you puffmuffin for the many reasons. I have got to get a dream book! When I first posted my dream I never fully expected anyone to go out of their way to help me. Wow, there really are caring people still out there. : ) All of you have been so kind and helpful. I have had several dreams about the floor covered in snakes and it happened in a time of my life when I was a manager over 7 locations. I had to deal with jealous managers competing for my job and I would find out that they were making things up about me and running to corporate daily trying to get me fired, especially the ones that I worked for before I was promoted. I had pretty strong feelings that the dreams were about them. This latest dream bothered me more than usual and everyone has definitely given me things to think about. I don't feel that dreaded doom now. Thank you so much for your help and time. It was greatly aprreciated and needed.

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