Why can't I trust him ??? Is it me or is he just not trustable ?

  • Okay, ive been with this guy for 4 years now he was born on June21st 1989 he falls on a cusp as I do to (January 20th 1988). I cant understand why I wanna spend so much time around him...... and when I get with him I don't wanna leave. I have had a major break down from being so stressed out because I can't trust him. I question him all the time and when I do he gets mad and doesn't want me around. He is so caring, generous, and kind he also loves being there for anybody. This is so complicated because I have really been there for him even through the hard times. And I feel like I have questioned him about many things and the things that I needed to know he has told me but its some things that just don't seen right to me like, he takes some of his phone calls in other rooms and when he invites me over to his house... he expects me to not wanna go everywhere with him while im at his house. I always keep things real with him and I expect him to be the same way with me. So what can you tell me, from everything that I wrote.

    Confused with this Gemini/ Cancer

  • People say that this is the most compatible sign. The best advice I can give you is space. He really needs his space. I tell everybody thta's invovled w/ a Gemini to give them there space. And we as Aqua also require space. I seems like that is the problem. It will be ok when he does come back around. Just step away. They have dual personality and they can get emotionally tired. Another thing they do not like to fill trapped and it seems like that is happening between the two . So just step away and make him wonder and think what;s going on with you. It wil be OK....

  • Gemini's does not like to fill smoothered or trapped. They run from this.

  • what do you have to say about a virgo girl(05-sept-1990) and an aries guy(21-march-1990)..

    i am not able to trust..why??

  • Have to consid Aq. also tho >

    Pisces live for love.

    But they don't just want any old relationship,

    they want to lose themselves by fully merging

    with a soulmate...

    The words "love bug" and "cuddle bunny" come

    to mind when thinking of a Pisces in love.

    Both women and men of this sign crave

    relationships, and are happiest with someone to

    connect with deeply.

    Ironically, those of this natural 12th sign

    (the sign and house of isolation and retreat)

    don't do so well alone... though they can be

    very shy and sensitive, causing them to hibernate.

    I call them the "best-kept secret in town..."

    Unless afflicted, they're generous, soulful,

    romantic people who make supportive, giving


    They so long for union and deep connection

    that they have to be careful of "settling" and

    not holding out for that soulmate...

    Their attachments can be fickle and fleeting,

    causing them to "love the one they're with."

    You see, this is a water sign and a mutable

    one to boot - meaning, they tend to change with

    the scenery, and so can their emotions.

    One moment they're weeping at a TV commercial

    about kittens, the next they're laughing at

    something funny in an email, and the next they're

    sharing deep wisdom about a spiritual truth...

    So you never can be sure who's going to answer

    the door when visiting these "fragile flowers."

    Pisces is symbolized by two fishes swimming in

    opposite directions - there are many

    interpretations of what this means.

    But the symbol of water almost always means

    the emotions, and swimming in two directions is

    indicative of the sometimes confused, indecisive

    way they move through life.

    So many things can seem interesting, and draw

    their focus.

    This is considered the most thin-skinned,

    impressionable sign of the zodiac, so it's

    critical that they surround themselves with those

    who honor their tender feelings and are healthy.

    They have to be very careful who they give

    their heart to, because over time they'll morph

    into a version of that person - taking on their

    beliefs, mannerisms, style, and values.

    You know those people who grow to look like

    their pets? They're probably Pisces... 🙂

    In love, they follow their heart over their

    head, and have to be extremely careful of picking

    lovers who aren't good for them.

    For an entire chapter on how to know if a man

    is emotionally mature enough for a relationship

    to save yourself all kinds of drama and help you

    decide if you should stay or go, check out Chapter

    Five of my eBook, "Love Is in the Stars" by

    clicking the link below.

    This is the sign most likely to say the

    dreaded words "but I LOVE him," when treated


    OVER-GIVING, over-accommodating, putting the

    needs of the other person FIRST, and avoiding

    confrontations at all costs are the greatest

    challenge of these watery beings in all of their


    They have yet to learn that the word "no" is a

    complete sentence - and an actual word!

    This is the natural sign of volunteering and

    self-sacrifice, so they make the best counselors,

    teachers, and consultants...

    But they should avoid picking partners who

    need HELP, and do all that counseling, teaching,

    and consulting ON THE CLOCK and FOR PAY - not in

    their private lives...

    One of their other romantic strengths and

    challenges is that Pisces is ruled by Jupiter -

    the most wise and optimistic planet in the solar


    So, their Jupiterian nature LOVES to uplift

    and inspire others, and always believes in the

    best of people, only seeing their good qualities,

    and giving them too much benefit of the doubt.

    Let's just say they could use a few more

    "street smarts" and a little less empathy.

    Jesus's advice to "turn the other cheek" and

    forgive endlessly is a VERY Piscean ideal...

    beautiful but potentially dangerous in one-on-one


    Speaking of Jesus, Pisces LOVE having a

    spiritual life, able to easily meditate and take

    to other spiritual practices such as yoga and


    They're often found in places of spiritual

    retreat such as yoga classes, ashrams, and


    (This is the sign of mystics...)

    And they LOVE the arts - especially the

    emotional arts like music, drama, and poetry...

    They're creative, alluring dreamers and need a

    partner who appreciates what they have to


    Because of their deep, soulful emotional

    sensitivity, they have great spiritual gifts and

    incredible intuition.

    Pay attention to their "take" on things, and

    their advice - their gut instincts are always

    right on, even though they aren't skilled at

    following them themselves...

    Their intensity of feelings can lead them to

    self-medicate and do things to NUMB OUT - such as

    over-eating, over-spending, or drinking and


    Let's just say boundaries, structure, and doing

    "grown up" things like paying the bills on time

    and keeping their affairs organized aren't their


    "Going with the flow" and soaring to high

    creative, mystical heights are...

    They long to please, and don't mind letting a

    lover lead - especially in the bedroom.

    If in love with a Pisces, be sure to be a

    patient listener - they NEED to share their

    innermost thoughts and feelings and thrive on

    lots of attention...

    They feel soothed by animals and nature, and

    especially enjoy being around water.

    When stressed, they need to withdraw from the


    The best way to comfort a Pisces is through

    something soft and loving - they long to be

    touched, massaged, bathed, and petted...

    They DO NOT respond well to "tough love" or

    constructive feedback, and take any criticism way

    too hard.

    Though they're MORE than willing to admit

    their faults - and take the blame for things that

    are not their responsibility...

    When upset, they'll withdraw and pout, being a

    "silent screamer" over any other kind.

    A Pisces will almost never speak in anger or

    be cruel unless something else is going on in

    their stars...

    In fact, it takes A LOT to make them angry -

    they'll give and give and give and give and give

    and give, all the while saying, "I'm fine..."

    But they do have a limit, and when they hit

    it - WATCH OUT.

    Silent screaming begins... And it's deafening!

  • consider how he uses these traits !

    Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

    With that twinkle in his eye and that wiggle of his cute butt, the Gemini man is a real delight. You'll be dazzled by his quick repartee and sexy comebacks -- nobody can speak the language of seduction better than the Twins (Remember sexy Gemini Johnny Depp in that delirious romance Don Juan de Marco?). There's often an androgynous quality about this guy -- his Twin aspect shows he's got a strong feminine as well as masculine side. And that means he understands the way both sexes think, which melts your defenses.

    Though he can be fickle or two-faced, this guy will stick around for a partner who stimulates his mind. Ruled by mental Mercury, he's turned on by lively debates about media and culture. Travel stirs his blood, as well. Plan a spontaneous trip and keep him guessing about the destination to really fire him up. If you've got one of those rare Geminis who's more agile with his hands than his tongue, rendezvous with him after he's just tuned up his car or painted his porch, and his juices are really flowing!

  • Hilarious, the last gemini male I dealt with (and I can't seem to get rid of him now) his bday is on June 21st lol he ran hot n cold... i'm an aries, naturally I love attention and affection but they do run from smothering. you just have to catch his personality at the right time.

  • put this together with Pisces..and see what you get !!

    When it comes to love, Aquarius is a funny creature. They are an idealist who believes in true love, always searching for a best friend and soulmate in one. On the other hand, his sign rules casual connections, and he guards your independence fiercely. While he has friends by the thousands and he's totally laid-back around them, he can be neurotic and unpredictable with his romantic partners.

    Just figuring out what they want — and sticking to it — is enough of a challenge for ever-shifting Aquarius. The sign is ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprises and sudden moves. Many Aquarians marry young and out of the blue, only to divorce just as suddenly.

    The real issue? They may look like the girl next door, but most Aquarians are eccentric beings. What's in that package may be quite different than the often clean-cut wrapper suggests. Although they may come across as light and superficial, he's a true visionary with a lot of complex layers, and may secretly believe that nobody can truly understand him. This leads them to settle for less-qualified candidates, just to avoid being alone.

  • My experience with Gems : Most Gems are muti-taskers thus the Need for their own space. They have many' things' and 'desires' they need to look into and investigate before conquering.. or starting is more like it. Known for being a 'jack of all trades' because of many interests. One of those being romance.. so very attentive,understanding,dedicated and Loving WHEN THEY want to be. That is not necessarily Your time table !

    If well aspected they are very intelligent.. tho having to work at controlling their impulse to jump from thing to thing. Thus your Questioning in not toloarable to a Gem most of the time. They have more interesting things to delve into . Also feel it imperative to 'keep their distance' to insure the freedom to do as they please. This makes for secrecy in their relationship.They are not always faithful..tho 'want monogamy from a mate' and ideally want to be faithful themselves. Most are just too distracted to do the work to achieve that type of relationship in their life.

    Aquarius better equipped to deal with Gems than Pisces.

  • OPPS ! i read your B day as FEb. 20th. Pisces does not apply..unless you have moon or rising there. Sorry ! Have to think some Pisces out there needed to read that one. :0)

  • just read above as she instead of he .

    It tells how you are influenced to be. U decide what to be !

    Hes only 22 !! ? Wait till,hes 29 or 30. Then.you might have a clue as to what he IS ! Lol

  • the more you act like you dont care what he is doing the better..... you need to get busy with your life and your world... when he suddenly realises you are not futtzing about him any more he will stop and think " hmmm where is she.. why is she not around...has she lost interest? " they love the game and the chase let them have it.

    you also need to look at your trust issues... why are you so mistrusting ?? is it from your past or is his actions triggering it in you??? something for you to think about and soul search 🙂

  • wow, this is exactly what i was looking for, he is like this I just can't get rid of him.. but he can't get rid of me either, we love each other to death and the love between us has been relevant through - out the years...... but the fact that i cant trust him where we have the problem.......

    Can you trust him ? does he give you any reason not to trust him ?

  • no but my venus is in pisces,

    lol... im on the cusp of Capricorn and aquarius

    my rising sign is cancer

    and i have mostly Fire in my chart

    So im complex even without my sun sign.

  • @virgogirl64< yeah I think this is the right thing to do, Its almost like you know me personally....... I will do this its just so hard to do when we both don't trust each other. I haven't given him any reason to find me untrustable, but he gives me every reason. like he still talks to his ex's, they still stop by and see him. That hurts like hell, because i have alienated all my friends of the opposite sex because he is insecure. He won't do that for me so im left with slowly not caring about him....... he doesn't even realize what hes doing to me, its that or he doesn't care.

    im at the end its either the right way or no way at all, im ready to motion my life and I need him to stand tall or sit down.... you know I love him and i am truly in love with him but I cant agree with his way of doing things

    I think he is triggering it in me.............Why ?? well because when im thinking of him doing things the thoughts get bizzare and outrageous..... there is no boundaries when im thinking about him cheating on me. I could be in his house in his room and i still don't want him to close the door because im thinking things like he has another women in the next room, or hes on the phone privately...... idk tell me what you think

  • Hi Aquacorngeminicancer, how you doing? it's great to love right? but when you dont trust the person you are with, love can turn to pure pain for both of you

    I think you can try to give him some space and try to get back to you, to your confidence

    trust can be trigger by someone doing but it's also a sign of self confidence

    so tell me, what would do if you find out tomorrow yeah he has a girl? or you find out that actually he doesnt have anyone he his crazy about you?

    i use to date that Gemini guy that keep confusing me i thought he doesn't like me but actually he does but they hide their feeling so well you never know what's going on

    my friendly advice is never mind what you need to be prepare in life and you need to be confident about your uniqueness

    trust yourself more, when you go like this wondering about him, worry about his calls and that, dont you see you can basically make anyone runaway because you see possessive about things

    just relax and learn to feel confident

    whatever happen you be able to handle it, dont worry about things that as not happen yet

  • Hi Aquacorngeminicancer,

    Check out the Captain artice on "Is it love or lust" it might offer some insight to what you are dealing with.

    Blessings to you

  • from a quick look, without houses position,

    attraction can happen due to many reasons, one of them is the position of the Sun and Moon. Your Sun sits very close to the cusp but still in Cap. You are attracted to him, because he exudes some similar qualities as your essence (your Sun sign) has.

    His sun sits a bit over the cusp, which means he is already a Cancer. But Cap is dominant in his chart. The Cap quality, is what attracts you to him. because it is less dominant in your chart, when you find these qualities in him, you feel completeness.

    His Saturn sits in Cap. Saturn is at home here. He feels more secure when he feels in control of the things and people close to him. This is why he doesn't tell you everything, and even the things he tells you, are somewhat vague. It's his way of saying ,"I'm in control, you only have to know what I allow you to know". they don't mean bad in most cases, but it can drive people crazy.

    Watch for Pluto in Scorp. You both have this position. Pluto likes investigating things, but doesn't like being investigated. Everybody has boundaries, make sure both of you are clear about yours, so that nobody will cross the boundaries just because you want to delve in each other's secrets. Remember that some things are better left unsaid and everybody has secrets. Pluto intensity can make you feel suspicious rather than curious. It is perfect boost to heighten sensitivity and sharpen intuition, but if not directed the right way, it will cause unhealthy suspicion rather than simple curiosity.

    His Mercury is in Gemini and your moon conjunct your mercury. This is ideal configuration for communication. So whenever Pluto brings up questions in your mind, communicate them instead of letting Pluto drives you crazy. It's easier for you to just pour your heart out. It's not that easy for him, because his moon is in Cap. He definitely communicates, but the restricting and formal Cap influence may make him uncomfortable to pour his heart out.

    I hope this helps.

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