The Captain.

  • Could you please tell me if you know anything about soul mates 🙂

    because i am interested to know more about them.

    thanks again.

  • Here is my thread about soulmates -

    Plus there are some other very good threads on this site about the subject and you can find more if you search the net.

  • Hi Captain,

    Hope you enjoyed your time away!

    I was reading the above link about soulmates and would like to ask you a question.

    I was given a reading by an intuitive in June 09. At that time she told me about a man whom I have known for 7 years, (June 2 1962) piscies rising ,who she said was not my twin but a soulmate. He is currently overseas in Qatar on buisness and has been away for a year. The intuitive felt that this relationship if it was going to happen would be after 2 years. She then explained that I would meet another person in the meantime, and I have and he is exactly how she described. I am floored at how acurate this has been as I certainly was not looking for him.

    This new guy is (June 16 1970) cancer rising and I am November 6 1963 Virgo rising.

    I really have been asking for guidance by praying about this and want some clarity.

    What are your intuitive thoughts?

    I look forward to your reply.

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