Tarot Dreams

  • Hi All,

    I've been studying tarot for about a month now. And since that time I have had many dreams but two stand out.

    The first dream was me shuffling a tarot deck and turning over the top card to find that it was blank.

    The second dream was me sitting at a table with people a group of people. We were each given our own tarot decks and asked to choose a card. I chose a card but then something was happening in the dream and we had to leave the table. Upon leaving, a book with my name embossed on the front appeared next to me. As I leave the table I grab the book and realized there is a book with my mom's name on it as well. I took both books and left.

    If anyone has any insight, opinions, please feel free to comment. I thought maybe the first dream was a fluke but now I am wondering if there is a lesson I should be looking for in the dreams.



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  • When you turned the card over and it was blank, it made me think of the fool card. A blank canvus for you to paint. It's got a 'what do you want' feel to it.

    As for the book, it puts me in mind of life blue prints, the hall of records.

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  • It's an interesting concept, the hall of records and I do believe to a certian extent that we actually choose our lives and paths before we get here but that can change at any given moment with free will involved.

    And that you are seeing this book gives me, again, the 'what do you want' vibe.

    Here is your life, it's a blank canvus, how do you want it to go? And here is your book, your blueprint. What do you want written?

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