I need help please (Aquarius Man-Libra woman)

  • I am so tired and confused with my aquarius man. We are not really committed. We've been together for like almost a year. We normally act like lovers when we see each other but he's very inconsistent. He doesn't verybally express anything. He knows that i love him though i don't really say I love u to him. I was patiently waiting for his commitment with me but he's not yet ready. I asked him last day, if do we have chances of pursuing this relationship to the next matured level but he just answered he can't answer yet. He didn't answer anything like saying he likes or love me. He just said if im tired i can give up him for he doesnt want me to have more worries about him and us. He said he has a lot of problems, he wants to enter a relationship if he's already out of problems. By the way, he had a terrible heartache before. He was with a 6 year relationship and has a baby 2 years old. But the gilr left him and married to another man. Yet, he still do his responsibilities like giving financial support. His work is not as stable as I am. I understand his problems. But I am tired and hurt. I can feel that he loves me but I want to hear him say it. I told him that I should keep distance. He didn't answer. We didn't see each other for almost 2 weeks but I sent im messages about my concern last day.

  • By the way, my aquarian man invited me with a bonding with his officmates (the least i expected to happen). Yes I thought he has gf or whatever in his work, all of my doubts vanished away. I was so happy. Now i realized that I should be contented with what we have, I know he has feelings for me but he's just waiting for the right timing for commitment.

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