• i've been going out with a capricorn male for abt a month now and everyting feels perfect i enjoy his company he makes me laugh and hes very patient and understandin and i miss him a lot he's alwys in my mind and like me i dont want to rush into anything i want to take it slow but what i feel is very strong i want him by side everytime he's around me. all i need to know is dat can a bull and a goat end up together hopefully forever, he just completes me u know!!!!!!!

  • FemaleB,

    Astrologically speaking this is a match made in heaven. I am a Taurus and was with my ex husband Capricorn for 18 years before I left. If you are happy with him and enjoy being with him, go for it. There are no guarantees in life.

    Best of luck 🙂


  • can sum1 explain in detail astrologically please, why am i so into him? wenchie tks for de respond i appreciate it a lot.

  • Dear FEMALEB,

    I find it hard to condense everything small enough to post here so I will tell you about your sun sign pattern and hopefully you will find it helpful.

    You have a 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern. Not always, but surprisingly often, you'll find easy empathy, mental stimulation, emotional affinity (or romantic fulfillment) with these people. (These people being either Capricorn or Virgo)

    There will be a strong sympathy between you, and misunderstandings will usually not be severe or lasting. The chances for harmony are excellent, and a happy relationship on a permanent basis is more effortlessly achieved than with any other Sun Sign.

    If other planets (especially the Moons and Ascendents) between the two horoscopes are in square or opposed (negative) mutual aspect, there will be some personality clashes and tensions between you and these people, causing the compatibility you share to rock and waver from time to time, although the basic empathy and understanding will always remain,

    If other planets between the two horoscopes (especially the Moons and Ascendents) are in harmonious aspect (conjunct, sextile or trine), your relationship with these people will be most extraordinarily happy, smooth and sympathetic.

    I hope this has been helpful. Love and light xx

  • it sounds like a match made in heaven, you are both earthy creatures so you have that going for you . you may like to have a further look into both your charts to see how your mars venus and moon are placed also look at where your mercurys are placed to see how you both communicate with each other good luck for the future [a solid one at that] monica

  • I have been married to 2 cappy's. I am a taurus as well. The first one lasted 3 years, we had a daughter together. the second one lasted for 13 years. since splitting up from my ex, I have dealt with one cancer, and ive had 3 cappys come to me interested. I will not go with another cappy, just from experience, but do know exactly how you feel for this man and when your around him! My issues with cappy men are their jealousy and controlling ways. Both of my marriages ended b/c of those reasons. But, you may not have this problem, but just be aware that they can be that way. Insecure as well. Good Luck to you!!

  • i dont think any1 can tolerate jealousy and insecurity cos if it gets out of control then both us wont be happy. i hope mine is not like that i still want to know him better bfore i can rush into sumthing big any way we've just started dating and i luv him with al i have and a jealous man is a turn off for me cos i'm very friendly and i luv to laugh a lot lots of sense of humor and i luv being around people who can make me laugh so if he is jealous we wont get far that one i'm sure of i dont want an insecure guy....

  • hello

    i'm a bit confused now i just found out that my by boyfriend has a tatoo on his back and its engraved his ex galfriend name. i understand he had a life before me but everytime he takes off his shirt i feel uncomfortable it tears my heart into pieces i dont know what to do. i told him how i feel about it and he doesnt say anything he'll just keep quite and seem like he is taking it seriously. i feel like i was wrong to mention it to him but its eating me u know, pls tell me what does this mean, i know he must have loved this person too much and i'm sure he still does cos u cant jeorpadise ur relationships for something u dont care about, u cant keep something that reminds you of your ex especially on your body, and if it happens that we live together i'll get to see it everyday and i dont think i can take that not a chance can u pls tell me whats the next step to take, must i just wait and c where it will end or what i dont know . but truly speaking its hurts me a lot!!!!! pls respond

  • How long were they together?

    Why did they broke up?

    Are they still friends?

    Be strong, take it slow, get to know him better.

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