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    After some a very complicated love life I stopped dating all together for about a year now. Even the idea of dating was repulsive to me and I know that I really needed the time alone.

    This year I feel I should take a decision regarding my love life, because just ignoring the problem is not going to solve it. I need an audience voting to help me make a decision.

    Here are the 3 players as well as the advantages and disadvantages of dating them:

    1. My husband


    • I enjoy his company (most of the time);

    • around him I am a “domestic diva” and a good mom;

    • adores our son;

    • have nice memories together- great travel companion;


    • Sexually incompatible.. (most of the time) We had good times together but

    only when he works hard at it – and that happens almost never;

    • around him I cannot perform well: financially or professionally, because I need to be a perfect mom and encourages in me overspending.

    • his family is against us;

    • his financial wealth is poor, and until he changes that we cannot even exist as a family.

    1. Mr Libra Man


    • Strong sexual attraction;

    • around him I look my best and give a lot of my time to stay fit and healthy;

    • he is financially balanced and a moderate spender and that will correct my overspending tendencies;

    • a good start: together we can afford a 2-br apartment by selling his condo and my covering the apartment price difference funds;

    • we both love warm weather.


    • I will need to overcome the sorrow he caused me in the past and he will need to feel sorry that he caused it;

    • he will need to cut out on his sports activities time up to 50% (otherwise we will be seeing each other only on rainy days);

    • he will need to give up on his constant search of new relationships and overcome his lack of decision: the one step forward, 2 steps back attitude;

    • he expects me to reinvent myself vs. accept me unconditionally.

    1. Mr Mistery Man/ “Dragonfly”


    • He took a long time and put in a lot of effort to really get to know me in a way that none else ever done it;

    • He is very well spoken and very well read;

    • His feelings seem to be very intense and matching my personality;


    • He knows who I am but I do not actually know him;

    • I am not fond of his profession.

    • He has a daughter who might not like me;

    • Despite the strong mental attraction, I am not sure if there will be any physical attraction between us.

    Can someone help with their opinion as well as a psychic connection?


  • Good bye 1 and 2. Don't ever expect someone to change, especially for you. As for number 3, looks like a great new adventure waiting to be explored. How bad can his profession be? His daughter is not part of the equation at this point. Do you have common goals and interests? That should be the foundation. If you are truly compatible, there will be no questioning or forcing the situation.

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