Where's the love at?

  • by the way,these women in the trades are very hard workers they can put alot of men to shame i like working with them they are so determined to do the job right ,and they can outwork a lot of the qualified tradesmen to shame

  • Must be hard too be around people that are so mean at work, is there a law against that there? here its called sexual harrasment, or something of that nature and people are fired for that right away, other wise the company can be sued for a hostile work environment. I suppose it would be hard being in construction, or a male dominated field where your suppose too just take it. I wouldn't be able too keep my mouth shut! I had a boss once, that always hired mostly women, and he and one of his best friends that he hired as well use too compete too see how many of those girls they could get too go home with them whenever his girlfriend went out of town, it wasn't hard for them since their was always plenty of alcahol, as the company made fine wines, once they tried it on me, I was like no way! I was a bit offended though, as I was one of the last they tried it on! I left without having done anything like that, and I was one of the few that wasn't fired, after a female had fell for their nonsense it didn't seem long before he would find something they did too fire them over. He never tried too fire me though, or one of my friends that didn't go for it either. I like too think mabe deep down, some part of him was still a person, and had respect for me and my friend. You did the right thing, and hopefully she will try too fix it, but if not, then it sounds like she lost a decent friend.

  • her loss my gain i have good karma on my side.yes there is a policy set forth by the provincial government to deal with those things.Before we parted company i was laidoff in january she told me a guy was sexually harassing her,and she complained to their headoffice here in town,and they canned the guy,but i guess she all messed like you observed ,i can't thank you enough for hearing me out this feels so good to get this out of me it has caused me some irregular sleep at nights if i mind to dwell on it too much so thanks again

  • what bothers you about the most?

  • Allowing myself to be weak around predators let my guarddown thought she was somewhat decent,but did not allow myself to see things for what they really are?

  • mindsight now20/20 i suppose?

  • Learned not to be so giving of myself to every sob storey out there with respect future,lovers,or friends in way have trust my instincts

  • , no, no, no you cannot be mad at you, for being yourself, being nice is not wrong, its the lack of it that causes all the kaos. If she was capable of stealing from you, then she must have felt either deperate, which is no excuse, or she feels so bad about herself, so low that she didn't even register what it was, what it meant that she was doing this awful thing. She is one too be pitied not hated, thats for sure. You are in a better place then the she, which you makes you have too be the wise one, I know it sucks, I want too just hit some people they are such trouble, but when we know who we are, and we've accepted that higher calling , we aren't immune to all of the negative feelings, but we have a responsibility too ourselves and others too try too stand on higher ground. I too use too be mad at myself for taking on everyones problems, but as I look back I can see that they were most likley in my life causing me grief for a reason, and I would learn something positive from the experiance. I use too be so weighed down, everyone would call me too do everything, and I couldn't get anything done, but I felt it was more important too help them first, like God would want me too, or why else would they need me? Well, one of those people I considered a dear friend took advantage of me so much I knew she had no respect for me, and I suspected she talked about me behind my back. The one time I couldn't come too the rescue, she got really mad, so I told her we were done. It broke my heart, I wondered how will she do it without me? Well, just fine of course! Sounds like that girl had a really sad story, but it didn't make her a great person. Your instincts will tell, if you feel like saying no, then theres a reason for that, if you feel ok about saying yes too someone then theres a reason for that. It doesn't make you mean or uncaring at all, I had too learn that, one of sayings is "oh, I'm sorry if I were too take all that on, I would just be a huge liability too you right now"! It works. We don't get too choose everything, everyone, but when we have a choice, its nice too feel free to make the one we know is work better for us in the long run.

  • thank you for your insight! perhaps one day very soon i can take some these lessons and use my judgement more wisely.However i have very strong incilnations that the final chapter is done just yet for some reason i know i will run into somewhere down the line i have to be able to deal with it there is a lesson here that has to be taught me,and i have to find a awy to deal with this.i pray it will come soon so i can get back to being myself again,but it hits you with amighty good wallop don't it? i guess closure is what i'm trying to say i have choose carefully i don't to befriending messed up people like this forever that's for sure

  • Do you believe in god? me all i can think about god is that it is a concept put together by for the benefit of control.i use to attend church on sundays,and take bible study lessons on wednesdays,and listen to christian radio programs such as ttb,hope for today etc... just a lot of propaganda as i see it nowadays?remember that for centuries the bible was hidden from the people by the church ,so who knows how it got all manipulated by those in authority?

  • WOW...you guys have been busy tonight. :0) I've read all but once again we're looking at 1am and I'm am TIRED. Actually got out of my shell and went to a birthday party tonight for a friend of my best friend's brother...I think that sounds right. Good night.

    I have a way of busting nuts I guess. A lot of people have told me that they thought I was going to be difficult to deal with but then after getting to know me, don't know why they thought that. I learned a long time ago that I can say no to people. I found that if I am doing something for someone and complaining the whole time that I'm doing it, I don't need to be doing it. I used to do a lot of stuff out of a sense of obligation and after being used over and over...no longer. I still like to help people and will do my best to help anyone that needs it but at the same token...I no longer guilt trip myself if I say no.

    Thunder....you have come a long way since you started this thread. I get a sense that you are starting to feel better?

  • yaomingchina

    You've been reported..None of us want to wear your walmart sweatshop specials.I only wear shoes Made In U.S>A>

  • I hate when they do that!

  • Good reply sandran, you always make me laugh w ith your directness!

  • stclair>>Good reply sandran, you always make me laugh w ith your directness!

    Sandran712>>I hope you read my replies of Gemini Rising..LOL...But,..Yeah,,my mom hates my Tactfulness...LOL...But, if she has a problem with someone she will come to me to fight the battle.And I will tell her..Why can't you do it yourself? And she says you are better at it than I am...LOL

  • where are the gem rising? and why did you hope i read your replys? yes i just love your spunk!! you really make me laugh , mostly because you say what i say in my head all the time when i encounter the slugs in my life!

  • That was a great response Sandran12! Oh, but what about shoes from France? they do make some perty shoes! I hate it when they confuse this site for ebay, I realized I hadn't seen any of those in a while, good thing people have been proactive reporting them!

  • AuntBuck, I too had too learn about being a yes person, making plans is a whole lot easier now! I still love too be helpful too, I guess its just a matter of feeling like your helping those that you feel right about at the right times, not feeling like we are being expected too do it all the time,and then resent it. I have too say that I had too change my responses too people, there could be ten people in a room, and one who was needing help, everyone knowing it, and I would be the one too vlounteer, I just couldn't stand too see anyone have too suffer, but one time would turn into many, many times over, and no respect, appreciation, nothing, atleast not what I would consider someone too be appreactive. I have been asked for all kinds of crazy favors, and volunteered for some too!

  • cheap shoes,go door to door instead,don't bother my thread with your cheap shoes,and cheap thrills nuff said!!!!!!

  • Thunder>>>cheap thrills nuff said!!!!!!

    Sandran712>>LMAO...cheap Thrills....LOL

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