Where's the love at?

  • Thunder>>By the way folks I'm on mountain standard time

    Sandran712>>I am on Eastern Time

  • bluecat>>He seems so jealous, and pouty all the time, infact I think the scorpio/cancer relationship could possibly be one those that their friends never see them anymore, they just dissapear into one another, yet they would both complain too me about the other, I hated that.

    Sandran712>>I think a Scorpio acts like a Cancer.A Scorpio stings But... a Cancer has claws that can crack a man's nuts at the same time...LOL

  • Do you find that Leo's are generally self-serving? If I think about my friendships with Leo's they appear to be genuine and you can form friendships with them but underneath it...they are very driven on their own agendas. I have come in conflict with that agenda...and as a cancer, I don't feel I can win and usually chose to back away to protect myself. At least that is what I think when I look back at my friendships with them. I am still friends with them but not at a deeper level.

  • But... a Cancer has claws that can crack a man's nuts at the same time...LOL

    hahaha....never thought of myself as a nutcracker....lol.

  • Auntbuck>>But... a Cancer has claws that can crack a man's nuts at the same time...LOL

    hahaha....never thought of myself as a nutcracker....lol

    Sandran712>>A Scorpio does nothing but sting hard.Nothing compared to the claws we have.I personally have never encountered a male Scorpio.And from what I hear I am steering clear of them.I guess they are more Bipolar than a Cancer...LOL

  • Yes scorpio men can be tad bit scary! Sandran712, thats funny, you crack me up, I think the two them together, when they fight, I just wanted too run, crazy. I'm not afraid of scorpios though, they may have a temper, and they may be smart, but your right, once the claws out, thats it! Aunt Buck, the leo can be so intimidating because they are suppose to have the big roar when they get mad, and they do like too be right! My boyfriend is leo, but he has the cancer, virgo influences that help keep that it in check. I haven't had a good year with scorpios, I understand what you mean AuntBuck about not taking some of those friendships too seriously anymore, sometimes people seem so obvlivious too anything thats not them, my dad is leo, that man always loved too hear himself roar. Thunder07, I think thats incredible, I have always been curious about Natives wisdom. I really find your interest in your spiritual journey very inspiring! I think you'll find your way soon enough, how could you not? With all the ways you reach out!

  • tip for bluecat123 if you can get a piece of rock Labradorite to be precise it helps to build your intuition.Many have used this ancient rock in shamanism to get the benefits of clarity,and wisdom.my mom has several large pieces given to her from her brother before he passed away sometime ago.

  • You've never thought of yourself as much of a nutcracker AuntBuck? Well, we'll have too fix that! I have too try not too be sometimes! Infact, I thrive on it, everytime my exhusband is near, its all I can think about! Otherwise I'm pretty fair minded, nice I think, but put a ahole in my way, and I'll crack some nuts! I can't help it, I contribute that too all the situations that made me stronger, we cancers can get pushed around if were not careful, I think we try too be fair, see both sides of everything, extend a hand too those in need, but some people just take advantage, so you do have too be a nutcracker if your ever going too get them too back off. I have told that a cancers moodiness can be intimidating too some, but I'm not that moody, I keep that in check pretty well, but when someone is being very unfair, or awful, or picking on someone I get furious, and can't hold back, my boyfriend has had too hold me back a few times. I would think of it as something I would need to work on, but I'm glad I found that part of myself that won't take it, since I was such a timid kid. I wonder if Thunder07 minds all the nutcracker comments on his thread? sorry dude!

  • my nuts are just fine thanks(LOL)

  • Thunder07, is that where you get your inspiration, from your mom? Where do you get those rocks?

  • Well your a nice guy, so I guess your safe!

  • I tend too have intitution that comes out of nowhere, then sometimes not as strong, not sure what it depends on with me. I know I have dream that are very, very intutitive, its how have known several things that happend later, or were happening in my life, or someone else's, but I never saw them coming, it just sort of happens, I feel a lot of everything from people, as long as I'm not emotionally clouded by them, or not wanting it too be a certain way, then I can get a feel for the basic good, or not so good of people and intentions, but I don't have any comtrol over at all that I'm aware of, with people I'm close too, I can feel a or see a lot more clarity with any given thing going on with them after something becomes less emotional for me, or I'm passed it a bit. I have oracle healing cards I have had for years passed down through family that I find defintly help give me more of a handle on it, I love them now after all these years, they jump out at me, and seem too give me the idea of what the right questions are, what the blocks are, but I have so much too learn!

  • Up here you can get them from just about any metaphysical store for around 7,or 8 dollars they are finely polished and when you run them under water every color of the rainbow shows.futhermore,bluecat123 the nut thing is pretty funny.you see i work in construction,and i take my lunchbreaks,coffebreaks by myself,i tire of all the super studs talking bout getting laid,and the derogatory way that they demean women in general.the only reason i befriended lil ms gemini was because a super stud from the congo wanted to have sex with after she decided she wanted to invite him over for christmas dinner.so anyways he tells me how he will have her,and get some pictures of her in the nude to show me,and other guys.Well i decided that was sicking thing to do to someone ,so when i had the chance to tell her.the thing is she told me and mr.superstud that a year,or two before her middle son commited suicide,and that she was in therapy to deal with the loss of her son. bear in mind this during christmas season so i told what was about to happpen with this sick freak.so she thank me profusely,and said that she was not going to invite to her older son's place for christmas dinner.which she didn't thank god

  • so we became almost inseperable on the jobsite,but i just wanted a platonic friendship nothing else like i said before i root for the underdog,and she's a underdog,but the lying and stealing is what hurt the most i suppose,anyways i have not talk to her since early feb,she gave me her cell number,and i gave her mine,but the number she gave belong to her youngest son.i left several messages for her via her son,and she never evr did return my calls.anyways her loss sorry to burden with this,but i had to get it off my chest.somehow i know she will try to make up for this,but i had enough of this garbage,so i have powerful nuts(LOL)


  • I don't mind reading about what happen with your gemini friend, I am always hang on too every word with people have too say anyway, vent away, besides this is your thread! So does the scum who was going too do that know you told her? I can't beileve she stole from you after you saved her from some serious problem like that, I can't believe those guys would do that, thats some seriouse bad karma there! They should watch it out for it anytime now. With people like her, as hard as it is, sounds like she is messed up, have too hold an elevated point of view for those people, as they seem too be desperate and lack what it takes too be decent, and strong on their own. I'm suprised you meet a lot of woman on the job then, I guess thats getting more common for women too be that field work, you would think that would help the men too not curb some of the things you described, I guess not. I am glad to hear your mom won her fight against cancer, I hate cancer like the enemy it is, its taking my grandmother from me now, but I'm trying too just make the most of the time I have left with her here on earth, I do feel she will never leave me in spirit though. You were a decent person too help that girl out, your mom must have raised you right!

  • Sorry I type errors a lot!

  • I know of several stores from where I am originally from, I'll be heading out there in summer, I was going too look at crystals there, so I'll look for those rocks too, everything is purchasable on the internet now too of course.

  • Thank you for your kind words.that's the way i feel too bad karma on the wayfor her and those other selfish jerks that treat women like nothing,but a sex toy.Sorry about your grandma.Yes she'll be around to look over you that i'm sure of sometimes i get these really strong feelings too about people,and it's like de ja vu(sorry not the greatstest speller either) LOL


  • No i did not tell him right away just thought enjoy your cake buddy because their's some bad things coming his way.These people if you want to classify them as such are nothing,but predators less human than nanything i suppose.yes my mom did raise to be civil,and to always help others that are weaker.i'm so proud of her she has taught me so much.

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