Where's the love at?

  • Thunder>>however she uses a walker when she goes shopping.Inaddtion she has a cane as well for home usage,or when my brother &his wife picks her up she uses her cane,or if her grandson has her out with him and his girl they take their time with her and treat her with the utmost in respect

    Sandran712>>Well that is good.She has people other than you to get a little break.Sounds like alot of hard work.As which I've been down that road before..But, I am still walking down this road

  • Thunder>.just have too change my sleep schedule around, I don't sleep that much,

    Sandran712>>Been there.And remember that lack of sleep makes the nerves all jumpy.I can't sleep in the day for some reason.I have before.I would take naps while my son was gone.I cannot take any medication besides the seizure meds that make you drowsy.I can't function when I need to stay awake.I too am trying to be more busy when it gets warmer.I've been bike riding all week.

  • Thunder>>I though that was a cheap shot you took with your posting to kacey44...LMAO!

    Sandran712>>I wasn't mean.It's not easy to pick up from scratch after you spent time with someone for over 20 years.I particulary like the enticed by a Pisces for 1 minute...LOL

  • Thunder>>mind if i join in the walk?

    Sandran712>>You can ride my son's adult size tricycle...LOL..It has Mutant Ninja Turtle spoke decorations on it..LOL

  • Thunder>>Now that's Friggan Mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sandran712>>I wasn't meaning that to be mean.Ok I'll ride the Tricycle and you ride my Trek mountain bike.You feel better now..lol

  • Thunder>>don't need a Trek Mountain bike...LMAO....

    Sandran712>>So much for Riding today.It's raining now.I wishedI had a standard bike with no speed brake handles

  • Thunder>>Well hide in your shell when you are outside geeeze woman ....

    Sandran712>>When it's dreary out.I spend time inside cleaning>For which I am behind on desperatly.I spend all the good days outside.Spend the depressing ones inside.

  • Thunder>>in W.Virginia SOON?

    Sandran712>>Yeah..It's long overdue.Hoping gas prices come down a little bit when we do.Trying to kill 4-5 birds with one stone...I get so busy and only so much time in a day.Haven't picked up the needlework for sometime.I sit up in bed and work on it and fall asleep before much gets done on it.It makes you drift off.

  • Thunder>>>so you do have your own car then

    Sandran712>>no..My mom drives down there.Gas is 2.86.But it jumps around.

  • Thunder>>major frost bite had my ears frozen,and frost bitten at least 14 times over the years

    Sandran712>>Wow,,I've never had frostbite before.You can keep that part with you..lol

  • Sags are fun people, yes they are! one of my best friends is sag, the only thing is, too keep our realtionship allright, I can't expect her too keep schedule, sometimes it takes her a couple of day, weeks too arive if we have plans! She'll be like, oh yeah, was that today? I started out there, and ended up here, and then this happend, and I ended up there, ect". I've just come too accept it as part of who she is, I honestly think it would mind boggle her if I were too get upset about that, its just part of who she is, she likes too be free too come, go, I think we get along bc we both have our own concept of time, we both are always in a rush, and resent schedules.

  • Yes, they are truthful, like too be honest.

  • yeah, my sag friend and I crack each up when together!

  • Hello!!!


    Where have you been? LOL. Hope you are well 🙂


    Thanks for your post in the other thread (with about my brother). So, what have you got to share with us here about the Sags you dated 15 years ago? Oooh, don't need to spare us from all the juicy details. Just blurt it all out!

  • LMAO!!

    Firstly!!! Don't work on your Flemish on me please because I am not Flems! I live in Europe for 10 years because I work here. I am not from here...

    I am so glad that I am able to communicate in English again, like in this forum. I am going crazy with all the European languages here but what to do hey, I live here LOL.

    Hahaha, Bra Removal Service! I like that! Why "good things must end"? Was it just a fling? Both got restless and called it quits? Let me tell you one thing about Sags, we love our freedom and many people think that we cannot stick with one partner because of our need to be free but they are dead wrong. True we love our freedom and we get bored very quickly but if we found the partner that we truly love and love us, who can accept us for who we are.....oh boy, we can be the most domestical partner you'll ever have! We will be faithful to the core! LOL

  • Holly Molly!

    You better make that shower an icy one! LOL

  • LOL, I am keeping at a safe place for now! You better go and HURRY! ROFL!

  • I have loads of washing to do as well LOL. Or I might have to place some orders from the Chinese importer LOL!

    Sleep well and ttyl GOAT!

  • WOOT WOOT - Don't push your luck to far LOL..

    I am a Sags after all!!! LMAO

  • Holly molly!

    This is not you! I cannot believe you are acting like a spoil brat! Come on, cut the C R A P! You are better than this LOL!!!!!

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