Where's the love at?

  • lol its cool but i hate being in relationships i guess cause i was still immaturly thinking now i realize that its good for the cituation im in and i dont even knoe how to have one anymor its funny cause ima cancer and thats what most the people are talking bout how confusing a cancer guy is lol

  • You are part Indian and Eskimo? Ah, Canada, I should have thought! I will tell him about that, he would love it, it wouldn't suprise me if he knows of as many sitings all over the place as the locals, he loves the whole hunting, fishing, bigfoot thing, lochness monster, he knows them all!

  • Cancers are strange, especially the guys Siriuslupine, its not a bad thing, just hard for a lot of people too figure out where they are, what they are doing, who they are doing it with, because they disapear a lot. I do that too, I can entertain myself for hours, we are just like that. I dated a couple guys that were cancer when I was 20 or so, one was honestly the only boy I ever punched, I'll remember it for the rest of my life., as will he.

  • yea but i gotta problem that im having trouble with i cant tell weather i love these girls or im just lusting for them i think i felt love once it sucked it was with a leo and becuase of her kinda i said screw love lets just have fun

  • wow, THunder07, you don't mind bring work home then? (just kidding) sorry it was too easy, I had too say it) It is amazing when they get it right huh? I have wondered how they do it too, or do we follow it somehow without realizing?

  • I too have had reading where it was just dead on, and it was right, no matter how it would seem impossible, if I were you I would stick with that reader!

  • A leo girl? well, they do need a lot of attention. I doubt you love all of the girls, but being a cancer , its possible, young cancers are known too be able too carry on multiple relationships at the same time, not just dating, real relationships, because they want too make sure they don't settle, and miss the possibilty, and yes with cancer males, lust is a huge factor, as loyal as cancer can be. I had a close friend who's spouse was a cancer, and that was a huge complaint, not cheating or anything, just chasing her around constantly, as I had wanted too know, I, being a cancer female am more reserved in what I say too my friends, but she was really freaked about that, as funny as it sounds to me.

  • True, I had a reader that was so accurate once they knew I was in my flowergarden, or had been growing flowers, it was one of those whoa! moments. Mabe you are more comfortable dating at work, lots of people are, as long it doesn't end badly and no one can transfer too a different part of the work environment. If you spend a lot of time at work you are going too meet people who can relate. Did you meet someone with your media experinace?

  • thunder07>>> i gotta talk to TheCaptain really does do some good readings and this growing up thing sucks i either want to run around like a kid and not think about anything or be Adult and take care of evrything but i keep making these damn childish mistakes so frustrating

    Bluecat123>>> you telling me alot of attention she needed her own kingdom where i would be knight/fool runing around getting and doing evrything she wanted that sucked expecially when i wanted return treatment lol and i think ive perfected that i carry relationship right infront of evryone and they seemed ok with it as long as they all got there one on one time and some i kept it just platonic even thoe that didnt last long but i tryed bottom line is that all there hearts are well guarded but i still let down my guard anymore been there done that

  • Yes Captain does shed light all over the place! I had mine read too, something about being too giving at times, and those I give too take advantage, it was too true. It use too happen a lot, but not so much anymore, you know, when you weed them all out of your life theres not that many left, but it is a lot more peaceful. Not all of us cancers are real homey though, for instance, I am very protective of my family and am domestic in some ways, but I am a free spirit, I always loved too be on the go when I was younger, traveling, my boyfriend is very content too never leave home! We are suppose too be comfortable in the kitchen too, and I hate cooking, I'm am also a more brave explorer type. The part about Caps prefering indepencence probably relates too that they are suppose to be very ambitious, that the thier work, interests will come first, so the other would need to have their own so as to not feel neglected by the capricorn's busy life. Also, that caps supposdly bore of people easily, but like you told our young cancer man, as we mature, those are traits we may leave behind. Staying true to what yourself keeps you most content, avoiding what you don't like in people will fare best, its such a journey! With the gemini who turned out too be a bad egg out of the way now your a step closer!

  • You sound just like me when I was 19, I say that because at 21 I had no choice too grow up because I had my child and married their father, tried too keep up with school too, oh that was fun, good times! Before all of that though, I was Peter Pan, I wanted too be a kid forever, you sound like you had a few pep talks from the authority figures already! As did I, my father was very firm in me being responsible. You are in that limbo, at the age where you do have a lot of responsibilty, and everyone tells you take care while you are still young and have the energy, but its much more fun too pull an all nighter with friends, or a cute girl, then drag ass the next day, well do it now, because it probably won't seem as fun later on, and being a cancer you will call on your memories, the past will be important too you, you will reference it as a learning experiance time and time again as you go! Yep, sounds like a leo you had there, my boyfriend is a leo, but his moon is in cancer, he has both traits, and as much as I hate too say it, I am the one that gets my way a lot! Taking anything off a more outgoing sign that roars or throws weight around just never was something I was good at, I like my way too much! Sounds too me you still have feelings for this little leo, even if she was a big pain in the arse, if you feel affection, a connection with certain a certain girl then explore that possibilty if you feel like focusing your attention on one person that you feel you click with, if you want too sow the wild oats then so be it, jsut be careful too be honest and not the hurt the girls feelings. Going too school, well, I personally could not wait for it too be over, but I see the benefits it brings, like higher paying jobs! You just have too keep your eye on the prize, and do your best too balance out your free time, so you don't get burnt out.

  • Thunder07, a diamond in the rough? thats one way too say it, that you've been there, done that, and your on the path too more meaningful times ahead! You mentioned your I Native/Eskimo heritage, which leads me too ask, we have talked of signs so much, do you have any of the beliefs that tend to go with the history of your heritage at all? My dad use too share a lot of the Native American beliefs with me from our history, and I still respect a lot of that, especially about burial grounds! No way would I mess with with one!

  • Wow...this thread has grown while I played on Facebook. Just to comment a just a tiny portion of some of this stuff...last night when I was on here I was thinking about how I wanted to find someone that wouldn't think my ideas were too out there, wouldn't judge me for going to readers or playing with cards and believing all that I do...and like believing in ghosts and BIGFOOT. OMG...I about fell over when I saw the messages about Bigfoot. I grew up believing, I still believe and I swear if I ever ran into one I'd probably die on the spot from fear I am amazed that I was thinking about this specifically last night and here it is on this thread.

    Another item...being cancer...I get along great with fellow cancer women. Never spent much time around any cancer males so I cannot comment on that. I married a Taurus...yeah...that would be my EX husband. However, my two closest friends in my life including my current friend that is the closest is an Aries woman. My best friend from my younger days is also an Aries. I never knew Cancers weren't supposed to get along with Aries cause I always have. I tend to have problems with Leo women. Don't know why but I had a boss that was a Leo and what a pain. There is so much more that I'd like to comment on but its almost 1:30 in the morning where I'm at and I need to seriously think about getting some sleep. :0)

  • bluecat>>I never could get along with other cancer men,

    Sandran712>>I can't get along with Cancer men either.They are just so secretive and won't budge an inch.My church pastor is Cancer.I can get along with him just fine.His wife is Libra.I can't imagine him with a Libra woman.Sorryy..Libra women are drama queens.

  • Libra women are drama queens....interesting since I think Libra men can be closed off and non-drama type of people. My Libra man had a really hard time sharing feelings. Outgoing but when it came to the heart stuff....very hard to open up.

    Actually...thinking about it...I just became friends with a Cancer man at work and so far he seems ok but its more of an aquaintance thing. I don't see us ever hangning out together. I had a roommate that was a cancer man too thinking about it. July 25th...can't remember if that is cancer or leo but he and I got along well enough but he was definitely secretive.

  • AuntBuck, my best friend growing up was also aries, and I still get along with them too, and yeah we were all over all the place discussing this and that, bigfoot! My kid loves bigfoot. I am a liltte frightend of the actual thought of a real live bigfoot though! Sandran712, libra's girls lives just seem too have so much going all the time, your right about that, it seems with other cancer guys, I had a close friend years ago that was a cancer man, but we never could have dated, but I remember he was a kind, loyal one, a nice person that cared about others, then their were some I met, like a friend I had who's boyfriend was a cancer, I honestly don't know how she stands him sometimes. He seems so jealous, and pouty all the time, infact I think the scorpio/cancer relationship could possibly be one those that their friends never see them anymore, they just dissapear into one another, yet they would both complain too me about the other, I hated that.

  • Thuhnder07, I think that is fascinating, the cleansing, and the advice from the elders that you got, I love it!

  • I'm in the Pacific Northwest....Bigfoot is pretty common place around here. I've been on the Bigfoot websites and they have incident reportings and recordings and all sorts of stuff for the US and there are still sightings around here. People laugh at me because I love camping but I get freaked out in the woods. hahaha. Always on my guard...lol. Was really happy to quit camping in the woods and start camping at the beach. Until I saw there were reportings there too....lol.

    I just checked July 25th and that is actually Leo. Hmmm...now that I relate it in terms of that...I currenlty have a Leo woman for a supervisor. We got along great and were really close but like the other Leo lady I worked for, they have hidden agendas. After seeing her true agenda come thru...she has now been placed back in the aquaintance catagory.

  • I work with a natural skeptic and every time I mention anything on it, he mentions that if they were real...someone would have been able to bag and tag one by now. It does make sense but at the same time....I think they are just very adept at concealing and or limiting their ability to be tracked. Along the same lines as the chupracabra...

  • Aunt Buck>July 25th...can't remember if that is cancer or leo

    Sandran712>>>That's a Leo like you said.I only had one Leo friend.We got along well..He was secretive too.So we were almost on the same page.

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