Where's the love at?

  • Bluecat has some serious 7's in her life. :0) I know it means something. Just not sure. Cancer's do have GREAT qualities..... My daughter is a Gemini and she absolutely terrific. She does have some qualities that I would like to see her curb since I believe they will hold her back in the future....but overall. She's really an incredible kid. My son is a Libra. He's my hard to understand but can't help but love because he has some very giving qualities and when he choses to show those....it's pretty awesome. I noticed you requested some readings. Good for you! Ironically enough, my best matches...per birthdate...my ex husband was a week off for one of my better matches and my recent ex boyfriend was off by a week or too for my best matches. I'm getting closer!!

    Could you see it? Posting an ad on a dating site requesting people with certain birthdays contact you??? A whole new twist on dating. :0)

  • Thunder>>Pisces moon?I read about Pisces moon give us folk some psychic bearing

    Sandran712>>I posted moon in all elements somewhere on these boards.I think the Pisces Moon has psychic abilities only if it is a water sun sign.I have real good psychic abilities.I just can't see dead people.Tell you the lottery..And for-tell future..LOL I get alot of eerie feelings in certain situations.Even on the boards.I can sometimes feel a person's situation.

  • bluecat>>The few Cancer ladies that I met would often mother me when I needed it most that is such a lovely quality.what man would not want that?

    Sandran712>>I got a friend that likes to mother me.She is a Saggitarius.She acts like a mother to me than a girlfriend.That's ok.This is a Sag trait.A guy sees the mothering clingy/needy.Not all men I know are wanting the clingy needy.Especially a Cappy male.He just wants to act like a Male Ho.LOL..The Taurus may act like a Cancer.I see alot of similiar qualities in Taurus male.But, they have tempers and scares us Cancers into hiding..They require constant attention which I don't.

  • Sandran....yep...I married a Taurus. Lost my voice in that relationship for years because of the temper. Very intimidating to a Cancer. My sister is a Taurus and she intimidated me for years too since she was my older sister. She wasn't a temper person with me but the authority she had was scary. Age has mellowed both. I've taken back my authority from my ex so I guess he's not as scary anymore but I recognize what will trigger the temper....my sister is awesome and the authority has turned into very insightful guidance as I've grown older. And sorry Thunder...this has nothing to do with your original thread...

  • Astro dating, that would be interesting for sure! My ex husband was pisces with aries tendencies, I think a cusp really. Very quick too lash out then retreat, a pattern they had. I haven't had many serious relationships since I had married when I was twenty, but I had a taurus boyfriend that was a great guy, but could be a real ass too, now they seem too have grown up into overgrown boy, and yeah the temper is there. One of my kids is taurus, they are a finicky group. Libras are great, when they can make up their minds, thats is what I've noticed anyway. Caps have a place in my heart, I've never met one I didn't like so far, but seems when they decide they have had enough, look out! The one I ended with for the better and longhaul is a leo with a moon in cancer and virgo in rising I think, I always get those mixed up) but that seems too be a good fit too my cancer sun, leo, gemini traits.

  • bluecat>>Libras are great

    Sandran712>>>Libra is ok.I can't handle their drama.Everything to them is a crisis.I think Libra is more dramatic than a Cancer...LOL

  • Can't stand Gemini's or can't stand 1 Gemini in particular??? I think you said you thought your Dad was truly great and he was a Gemini???

  • Auntbuck>>Can't stand Gemini's or can't stand 1 Gemini in particular??? I think you said you thought your Dad was truly great and he was a Gemini???

    Sandran712>>My dad was Gemini.I have an uncle that's a Gemini.They both act different.No two of the same sign is the same.I could not trust my dad.He was two faced.Is that what they mean by twins of Gemini.They play both sides of the coin...LOL.I can't trust Geminis because they are talkers.They talk and Talk and won't shut up!LOL

  • Thunder>>just don't like the lies, the nervous component

    Sandran712>>I do not have much experience with a Gemini.But the nervous component I have a problem with is a Saggitarius.I just get restless feelings with the deceptive behavior of a Sag.They don't necessarily lie but, they don't tell you things either.But, since I feel a person's behavior with my Pisces Moon.They do not like that I know what they are thinking.It drives them crazy...LOL

  • Sandran - can't trust Geminis because they are talkers.They talk and Talk and won't shut up!LOL

    My daughter is a Gemini and OMG....that child can talk and talk and talk and talk. She's also 13 going on 14 which just intensifies this quality right now.

  • I have too agree with Sandran about the Libra, I'm glad she said it first), but yeah when a cancer can tell someone they are way too drama with the emotions, you might be dealing with a libra! They pull on my heartstrings though when they are sad, because they can be so pitiful when they are upset. They seem too never be able too decide things, it takes forever, like they need you to make up their mind, and they can cry and ocean too someone else's river. I don't know that much about gemini, but if they were being twofaced that would be a huge issue, hopefully we have some influence over our own kids though, no matter what they are! Teens are so funny like AuntBuck said, they can talk! My cap is the hardest for me too figure out, he can very giving, and in the most productive, kindest ways, expecting nothing in return, so thoughtful, then wham! It may not happen again for a long while, mabe thats just a kid though. Thunder07 what have you read that are your best matches? Not a gem I guess?

  • Thunder07, it just occured too me, if we were all sitting around a table discussing all this fun stuff right now, you would be the one surrounded by all these cancer women! How cool is that?! Three cancers and cap, I guess it would probably be a quiet table)!

  • AuntBuck is too, her bday is the day before mine! And your a cap, awsome!

  • I think that may be the case with some signs, I never could get along with other cancer men, they drive me nuts. I think cancer women, caps, virgos, taurus women, we should all get along great.

  • Its not suprising, I tend too get along with aries females , but thats a weird thing as we aren't suppose too even look at each other much less be friends, I hardly ever get along with picses that are on a aries cusp, and no cancer men, they ae just too weird. Sags drive me nuts, but I tolerate it because they are just so entertaining, my favorite aunt is a capricorn too, she is a very sweet woman, I have so much in common with her, right down too her nasty temper if someone messes with her loved ones! I was wondering, I thought mabe you were somewhere outside the US, I have read about Alberta, very, very nice! My son loves the documentarys they do up there on Bigfoot in the wilderness!

  • I like this where is the love at ive begining to wonder what is love and how do i get it most of the girls im around all seem to have a catch 22 with them i dunno i think i just need to get out more

  • We all need to get out more, even those of us that are in stable relationships! I met my future husband online by accident, my friend was using my computer while hers was down, she was a part of a dating site, I always thought that was risky though, too many unsafe factors, but she made friends on there too, and one of them that was strictly platonic with her messaged her while she was away on my computer, she had left her window open, I told him she wasn't around but I would let her know about the message, she thought he and I should meet. I didn't right away, and I never did join their dating site, but we did eventually meet, and its been six years, he didn't turn out too be an ax murderer after all. That may not always work for everyone, it was just a freak thing that turned out right, but I would probably not rule out the dating sites if I were single, busy, or didn't want the bar scene, thats for younger people too make lots of mistakes too grow on, not those of us that are older, and tired of that stuff.

  • Bluecat123 >> lol im 21 so i love being in the club but i cant realy do it anymore im trying to get serious about skool and work but i havent felt lonely in years cause i was always out doing sumthing but now all i do is skool and work im just like fuck what happend to all fun i use to have

  • Oh, my bad! That was funny!

  • Your 21 Siruisupine, it is basically your job too have fun, thats what the mistakes too grown on are for, then to years from now when your old like me, you'll be glad you did. I still like too go out of my house with other adults, I am just old enough now that its appeal has worn off a bit. You can balance school, work, and have fun, its just all about the balance.

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