Where's the love at?

  • Hi Thunder

    first u need to love urself as u is flaws dimples laughs ticks n what else that is u in a nutshell. Then stop looking bc the one useally shows when ya aint looking. i looked n looked nnone came. then i went ohh f it and bam the guys flocked to me. dunno how i did it fully BIUT there is something to be said when ya aint looking they show if as by magic.

    best wishes of luck to ya

  • Thunder>.Been difficult to meet someone had a gemini friend,but she is just too weirdand lied alot....I hate people who are that shallow

    Sandran712>>I hate shallow people too.On and Off of these boards.

  • Charmed>>BIUT there is something to be said when ya aint looking they show if as by magic.

    Sandran712>>I do believe in this.I met my son's dad as a neighbor.We lived in the neighborhood.I gave it 23 years and that was all I could take..LOL

  • Yep sandran thats useally how it works. ive got pals who says the same. when u stop looking boom hello how do u do u know

  • charmed>>Yep sandran thats useally how it works. ive got pals who says the same. when u stop looking boom hello how do u do u know

    Sandran712>>I do have better luck finding guys at the grocery store.LOL..But, I will stick around the neighborhood...LOL

  • Thunder>>Hi there!Thanks for the posts,and the wonderful words you guys rock.thank you very much LOVE&PEACE TO YOU ALL

    Sandran712>>You're welcome.You just don't go looking.You get in trouble when you look.You know what happened to Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.Her Ordeal lasted her in a twister and had to go through alot of drama.Or think Of Gilligan's Island..His 3 hour tour lasted 15 years...LMAO

  • I have heard it said over and over that if you look you won't receive. I think this time around I'm not actively looking but I am definitely opening myself up to have love come in. Do you think there is a difference?

  • Are you happy with who you are? Do you f I recently had a counselor tell me to make a list of 10 things that I consider my good qualities (quickly...off the top of your head...no deliberating). Once you have done this, repeat these qualities to yourself in a mirror daily. By doing this, you are opening yourself up to attract someone looking for those qualities.

  • I think for me I am putting myself out there more. I have read that you should do things that you don't normally do....take yourself out of your comfort zone so to speak and see what happens. Turn acquaintances into friends. I've decided to start doing activities with people that have asked me to do things with them....which is someting I've never been good at. I stick to a small group of friends and generally don't go outside the circle. Now is the time to explore. Stay here on this forum. I've chatted with some really amazing people who have helped me so much since I've been here. It's a really great place to be.

  • Don't forget to forgive. Forgiveness is for you....not them. As Captain has previously said...we learn to forgive others but we forget to forgive ourselves. You need to do that also. Don't let your disappointment in the relationship carry to the next. Imagine the exact relationship you want and keep that in your sights. It will come to you. BTW, prior to creating the list about all the things I like about myself, I made a list of all the things I wanted in a relationship. I did get everything I asked for. I also got what I didn't ask for so be very careful and thorough.

    I had issues back in October but my world got turned upside down...in every possible way. Loss of a wonderful relationship, kids with problems in school, continuing with what will soon be the loss of a job. Going back to school at 45 is scary in itself....but it's all happening for a reason and I have decided to embrace the change instead of kicking and screaming all the way. Soooo counterproductive and I am WAY happier chosing this path.

  • Thunder07, I'm sorry too hear about your problem with gemini, their not all bad though, I bet you'll meet more in this life and you'll think wow, must just be that person. I have that going on with pisces, I'm a crab, their suppose too be my fishy friend, but not so much, but theres one I know that I sometimes coudln't along without! My son is a cap, like you, he has all the capricorn qualitys I've read about, I'm trying too help him develope the best of them!

  • No you don't need that, I would show them the door too! With the looking or not looking, I have heard that it goes along with wanting, or wanting badly enough, which goes along with the energy we put out there, sort of like the universe,God, or what have you,saying back to us "give me a chance too get that for you", keeping you in the wanting rather then the getting because of the wanting energy. Also affirmations, such I accept this with gratitude now", and asking that people that come our way are the ones that will help us too serve our highest good,and vise versa, also asking for forgivness for the ones who offend us or asking God too keep a hand on their shoulder helps release both you and them from the negativity that started the wanting process all over again for you.

  • Thank You because I never forgive myself.

  • Thunder>>Sandran I take it you are a Cancer then?

    Sandran712>>Yes I am a Cancer with a Triple Water sign..And I would have been happy as a clam on that three hour tour...A Three Hour Tour...LOL

  • Thunder>>WOW!a triple that is so cool!I have moon in pisces,and venus in scorpio.I thank it is not the best combo?but take it as it comes?A 3 hour tour eh?

    Sandran712...I am a Cancer Sun~Pisces Moon and Cancer Rising.My Venus is Leo.

  • A triple water wow, are you very emotional sandran712? I am a cancer too, but I see how my other sgins influence me in other areas.

  • and your a capricorn Thunder07?, like my little one, who is so emotional, quick temper, intelligent too a fault! Are those typical cap qualities? I can't figure him out

  • batchess, self forgivness is tough isn't it? we are our own worst critics.

  • He does have a special place, they all do! He was first child, he is a cap, my dob is July, 17th,77

  • You should set out too find one then! caps have good qualities too, they really do, they are smart, and driven, they are very loving

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