Please Help Interpret GREATLY APPRECIATED.

  • I asked about a guy i'm in a very restricted relationship with because it's a big secret. It's been very difficult, but i'm very much in love & so I asked is I was being deceived and about the relationships path in general. I said my moment of centering that I wouldn't use reversals (I usually end up using them anyhow). But I pulled 10 of cups, the emperor(reversed), 10 of pentacles, the magician. any opinions would be greatly appreciate, I always like to ask for a second opinion.

  • this is a pretty good reading .... the certain relationship u asked about is a good one .. there are going to be problems you have to go through but all in all with good comunication and keeping your wits about you you will have a stable and prosporous future ..... i did get a feeling of problems that may want you to give the relationship up .. but if you wan it to work out it will with a very long lasting happiness and well off future ..... just keep a sense of self dicipline and awareness ...

    i am fairly new at readings so if you ge

  • if you get a second interpritation it may be more detailed

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