• I recently did a double celtic cross reading on myself and wouldlove a fresh perspective.. I feel maybe my personal feelings are interfering with my being able to read them clearly...

    Here It goes.

    Card 1 and its Cover: 4 of Wands / Knave of Pentacles

    Card 2 and its Cover: 10 of Chalices / 9 of Swords Reversed

    Card 3 and its Cover: 2 of Pentacles / The Sun

    Card 4 and its Cover: 8 of Swords / 2 of Swords

    Card 5 and its Cover: Knave of Chalices / 6 of Swords Reversed

    Card 6 and its Cover: Judgement Reversed / The Moon

    Card 7 and its Cover: Ace of Wands / Ace of Pentacles Reversed

    Card 8 and its Cover: 10 of Chalices Reversed / The Empress

    Card 9 and its Cover: Queen of Chalices Reversed / Temperance

    Card 10 and its Cover: 8 of Chalices / 6 of Pantacles

    I know card six and card 10 represent timing....


  • The question by the way was

    ":""""will i ever become a mother... if so, when???""""""""

  • anyone please!!!!! i would love some feedback

  • does no one know what these cards are trying to tell me

  • NO ONE AT ALL EH!!!!


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