BLMoon - Can you tell me who my guides are?

  • I saw your other thread on this and wanted to request information for myself also. Don't want to hijack RCDreamers thread. My family immigrated from Germany in the 60's. I've only lived with my parents and siblings my whole life. All of my extended relatives lived in Germany and I could never speak the language nor did I ever spend time with any of them other than one 3 month stretch when I was 7. Is it possible to have a spirit guide that speaks a different language or is all language universal on the other side? Anyway, I'd love to connect with them and know them by name. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

  • BUMP

  • Just checking to see if they have anything to say to me today. Thanks!

  • BMoon - Are you giving readings yet? I saw on a post where you were not doing readings at this time. I just saw you posted on a thread and thought I would ask. Thanks!

  • Blmoon - I'm really trying to open myself up to you so that you can see something for me. Any messages for me right now? Blessings....Aunt B.

  • Hi AuntBuck I'm not hijacking your thread but I did have sort of the same question as you in regards to communicating with spirits that might speak a different language so I thought I'd just post here. Thanks.


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