Captain or blmoon can you tell me if my cousin who passed has anything to tellme

  • You can't - that's up to her to realise that she is the only one making her miserable.

  • thank you, by the way is there any kind of vibes/feelings your getting from me at the moment, I've been asking around so I can progress in my self-development of who I am and what I want and what I need to do.

  • I am getting you are a bit nervous about your progress - try to relax and enjoy life more without worrying so much about how you are doing. Stress can hold us back from learning.

  • My mother wanted me to ask if by chance you feel some sort of "blockage" keeping her and the family from having wealth and a good life. I feel like we have a good life but apparently she feels that they have to have a place of their own and money to spend but she won't listen when I say it's a personal feeling, you have to accept circumstances no matter if they are good or not so good. but she still wants to know if you feel anything of a blockage or something?

  • To attract money, you have to feel valuable and valued enough and feel that you deserve abundance - deep down none of your family feels that way about themselves. Your mother has an ingrained thought pattern passed down through her family that it's wrong to rise above your station in life and that money corrupts. They would all have to change this thinking in order to have more money.

  • anything else about different parts of her or me i should tell her..

  • What do you mean?

  • I'm not sure what exactly I meant, I'm feeling alittle down lately and I'm not sure why, I keep trying to force myself to have a positive attitude and outlook on everything when I begin to feel "low".

  • Make sure your separate your own feelings from those of others because I feel you take on other people's moods and problems quite easily. Learn to recognise the difference between how you feel and how others feel.

  • Captain, thanks for your constant insight. I think for a while I was focusing more on everyone else instead of myself and what I want, and/ or need in life. I'm currently re evaluating just that. I've been so concerned lately on if i'll ever find love with someone. I've been consumed by it, and then i realized in a way that I need to hand it over to the higher powers above me to handle that, things happen in time. I must be patient. I also read your blog, which was interesting because lately I've been taking a lot of "Me" time, I spend at least 20-30 minutes a day trying not to worry about anything, and whether it's listening to music or sitting out in the fresh air but non-the-less making a habit of it, to make things more calm,collected to get my mind and soul back in alignment, it's working so far and I plan to keep it up. I have also been watching my thoughts to make sure they stay positive and if they start to stray I return my thought process to a more positive outlet. I've been meditating on the goodness of myself as well as other's, releasing any negative people or habits that are keeping me from becoming a better person, I know it's no one's fault but my own but I'm sure you understand what I meant by that. Also, I think I find beauty and happiness in just focusing on things that matter, rather then the things that don't.

  • Sounds good! 🙂

  • Dear Captain, I need some assistance of what you see I need to work on for the time being, I feel a need to look to you for guidance. thank you



  • Hi Mary, Hi Captain! Mary, I loved your story of the lady on bike that created the fire. It was very entertaining and very deep. You definitely have talent. I also like to write. I am at a time in my life where I feel that time is short and it prevents me from writing like I want to. I pray you take advantage of your talent. You seem to be pretty advanced in your writing. Good luck with this!

    Captain, you are so sweet and always take the time to help anyone in need. You are such a blessing to many.

  • Thank you. I'm glad you like my story. 🙂

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