Captain or blmoon can you tell me if my cousin who passed has anything to tellme

  • I used to love writing. I am not sure why I stopped. please tell me more about myself I need a better understanding of who I am, and who I can become.

  • What is your current work?

  • I am disabled, I was born with ADHD,Bipolar Manic Depressive disorder. and I've tried to work but I couldn't focus. my mind was just overwhelmed and couldn't remember things it was supposed to remember.

  • I've just had a look at your numerology and 2010 is a dynamite year for you - it is a 22 personal year. This is the number of the master builder, and a time in your life when you can, and probably should, be laying foundations for something of lasting value and on a grand scale. This project should be something that will benefit humanity as a whole, and not just your immediate circle. Think in terms of "the sky is the limit", and know that your fondest dreams can be brought into form. Numerologists refer to this as a number of attainment. Always when we see the number 22, if the motives are for the good of others, almost anything can be accomplished. This year it is likely that your thoughts and energy are also directed to career opportunities, business, work, and long-term security. Build or strengthen your foundation, and make important connections with others. Remain organized and practical, gather information before making decisions, and avoid overindulgence. Self-discipline and willingness to work will result in prosperity this year. Congratulations, you have entered a very powerful time in your life!

  • I have to go now, but will you consider doing some things for me?

    1. Improving your health levels by eating better and getting some exercise, even just a few minutes a day.

    2. Trying meditation.

    3. Going back to your writing, maybe even consider doing a creative writing course?

    4. Make a list of what you think your best strengths and talents are and what you like about yourself. Also make a list of what you don't like about your life.

    5. Make a list of the things you dream of having in your life. Be specific (like name the qualities you want to find in a partner.)

    I'll be here tomorrow if you want to talk. We WILL sort this out and find a solution for you.


  • I absolutely will do those things you listed for me to do, I am able and willing to do whatever I have to do get where I need/want to go in life. I am ready to get my life figured out,and understand myself further.

  • A good writing website that I use is called critique circle (look it up on Google). It's free to join and post your stories - you can get very useful critiques on your work from other members there.

  • Thank you captain, I wrote something today. I'll send you it through here. I have to wait until the application I sent through "Critique Circle" has been approved before I am able to post anything.

  • Year by year my dreams diminished, I built myself up set up for failure. Without realizing the potential I held in myself. I figured out what was wrong with me, I knew it long before but until now I didn't see the truth in it. All the false beliefs I led myself to believe led me into something I could not get out of.

    I hid myself from my world, from the inside out. My laughter, my life had faded away until it couldn't been seen anymore, atleast not by my own eyes.

    I fooled myself to think I could live this way, but it seemed to be working at the time. I knew myself, or so I thought.

    But, nothing makes sense anymore. It has all played out and means nothing anymore. I wiped off my fake smile, the joke is over It's my time to shine.

  • The dance floor was set a blaze as she blew the flame of the match toward to the dance floor that had once been filled with people dancing about. She chuckled as they scattered in fear of the flames rising. She's always been one to meddle in the matters of destruction from the time she had been in diapers. The smoke filled the air, flames busting the windows of the building, without remorse in her eyes she jumps on her harley, breaking the door down as she leaves...driving away with the rain falling from the sky, she doesn't look back to the fire behind her..that she created.

    She feels that no one should feel that happiness she once had if she can't feel it again, as she drives into the sun setting in the distance her mind blocks out the memories, she's been trying for years to forget. She pulls to the side of the road, staring at the burning building she has now burned to the ground, the destruction that was not called for. She wonders why she feels no remorse inside of herself, She feels nothing. Yet, she still wanders why? Why does she feel this way? Why did she have to do something that drastic?..She shrugs her shoulders, jumps back on her motorcycle, driving away from the scene. She drives & drives, still feeling nothing.

  • Oh yes girl you have so much talent. This was wonderful and very moving. Very well written. You really must push this as far as you can go (that will be a loooong way). Why don't you send something off to a magazine?

  • I have thought about it for a while but I feel it more as a passion for personal use not any more then that, it just helps me express myself in a more creative way then anything else. I do it in my spare time.

  • Then think of it as a tool to help others - I bet that excerpt you just posted would mean a lot to many people out there who are experiencing pain.

  • I've been meaning to ask you a question that has been boggling my mind since I came on this forum, I have a friend and he's with my current ex friend and we met him 5 years ago saying he's Gil Ofarim (the famous german musician) , I don't believe him is there a way to verify who he really is? we only know him from online we've never met him in person. I don't trust him. So, I was wondering if you or someone you know could verify it for me. his supposed birthday is 08/13/1982.

    Also, I think I might try to help others with my writings.

  • What do you mean he's with your current ex-friend but you've never met him in person?

  • he's phone/online dating my ex friend (she was my friend until today when she decided she wanted to be with him) He's my ex too, I dated him for 4 and a half years online, She and I neither have met him in person/real life only talked online and on the phone.

  • I cringe when people say that they're 'dating' someone they've never met. It's all just a fantasy - you can't really know someone you've never met in person. It's a dangerous game to play and online 'dates' are rarely what they seem. People can pretend to be anyone and then you've fallen for a non-existant fantasy. Too cruel in my opinion...

  • Definitely, I agree with you on that. It's much better to have the physical part too.

    Mambear7 - She's my mother she wants to know if you see or feel a more permanent place for us very soon, if so how soon? or a house.

    Currently we live with our roommates Mother, since we moved out here 4 and a half months ago.

  • I am getting the feeling that you and your mother might have to separate because one very good place will come up soon with only room for one. It would be good for you to get out on your own, TTYH.

  • Good Morning Captain -

    I typed this up earlier but for some reason when I clicked "submit" it said something along the lines of you have to type something and when I went back everything I typed disappeared so here it is again.

    I have been wanting to move for quite some time to get on my own, to live a life of my own. I'm of the age of being independent. I get $673.00 a month, and most if not all go for my bills, rent,food, electricity etc..My mother is the payee for my monthly check,they believe I am "incapable" of handling my own finances, so at the moment I am unable to get a place of my own but I am going to keep praying that I am able to. I feel I am completely cabable of handling my own finances and household duties.

    Sending many blessings your way,


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