Captain or blmoon can you tell me if my cousin who passed has anything to tellme

  • No that's not why your mum wants to keep you around. She depends on your company more than you do on hers.

  • Oh, I definitely believe that.

  • But she needs to learn to stand on her own feet.

  • Absolutely, just like with everyone at some point in their lives they must fend for themselves without depending on anyone else.

  • Greetings Captain -

    I am slowly working on the list of things you had me work on and do, I have a problem with Meditation I can't focus on relaxing and calming and centering due to my bipolar. can you help me? also, I need some help how do I become more open to people and talk to them without worrying what they think? Also, I have been trying to be more of a positive thinker. Can you read anything you "feel" for me?

    Thanks in Advance.


  • The way you become more confident with others is to understand that they feel just as anxious or worried about what you think of them as you do. The thing with people who feel awkward around others is that they are focused on themselves and their own fears. Instead of thinking about yourself, try instead to wonder about the other person you are with. Get interested in them and their life and ask questions about their situation and feelings - in order words, connect with them. People love someone who is interested in them and love to talk about themselves. When you say "how are you?", mean it, and follow up with some more questions and conversation about the other person - quite soon you will have forgotten yourself and your own fears. You will become popular because of your sincere interest in other people and this will also help you forget negative thoughts and make you feel more positive.

    If you can't do meditation, try breathing. Taking ten deep breaths (from your diaphragm, down in your belly, not just the chest) will always help your mood and it calms you.

  • Captain --

    I hadn't really thought of "self confidence" in the way that you put it, It makes far more sense now it being said that way. I have been sitting for a couple minutes each day with a waterfall on my i-pod and just closing my eyes focusing on my breath and letting worries, mundane thoughts and fears exit my mind as if they are of no importance. It has helped me greatly so far, I am committed to continuing it. I worked out some tonight, I have been watching what I eat. I have also wrote a little each day to help keep myself content, it is working. Also, I have been listening to tapes of helping getting motivated. I have been taking walks daily as well, drinking more water. and letting the things that may or may not happen in my life go, I worry not of the outcome. I accept it with grace and integrity, as well as hope,faith, and beauty.

    Thank you so much.

  • Wow, that's excellent - you are really working hard. I have no doubt you will do well. We all have the power to change our own lives.

  • Greetings Captain --

    Status update on my "journey of self discovery" Things are going very well for me, after letting out my creative juices through some form of creativity, whether it be singing, writing or even just enjoying the outdoors like I used to do, I have always loved the freshness and calm,serene atmosphere of the outdoors. I have lost 3 lbs, but working out wasn't to lose pounds but more of a stress reliever/rejuvenator. I have been taking daily vitamins, as well as drinking a "brain" juice daily with pomegranates. I feel so much more alive and grateful for everything. It's as if I've found my bliss in life, and things have done a 360 turn for the better. I cannot say my life was really all that bad but It's getting to the potential of where I thought it could be. Amazingly enough a friend of mine from 17 or so years ago I used to go to church with this person and we drifted away and never talked again until just recently I found this person on Myspace which was weird but a blessing as well I feel so amazingly blessed that I came back in contact again. It feels great! I am so thankful that you turned my life around and helped me to get to where I need to be and change what should have been changed. I feel more positive, and becoming more positive day by day. Recently a very toxic,repetitive friend, who was not healthy for me in any way, I released this person,permanently and I'm going back to become the person I was before I met this person and it feels great, I feel so much better about myself,my confidence daily is rising.

    I will keep you posted.

    Great blessings of light and love come your way


  • See what happens what you feel positive about yourself and your life! Congratulations, Mary, and many blessings to you. Be grateful to yourself because you have done all the hard work - I only advised.

  • Well I still feel that this your doing to get me to go in the right direction. 🙂

  • Captain - I wanted to stop by and let you know I'm doing really good. Also, I was wondering..I have been getting this strong gut instinct that my ex will be contacting me wanting to get back with me..could you give me some insight if that's going to happen so I can be cautious.

  • He will be attracted by your stronger vibes. He needs you but you don't need him any more.

  • Captain - I know it's been a month but I was wondering if your getting any more vibes from me? things I need to know, specifically.

  • I feel like there has been some blow to your self-confidence and self-doubt is creeping in again. Maybe you should join the Positivity Challenge in the Anything Goes section?

  • The positivity challenge?

    What is that exactly? anything else you sense?


    I feel there is a good job offer around you.

  • Captain - I have a question about a friend who I feel is trying to ruin my life, I believe she doesn't want me happy. is there any feelings you can get from her? if at all possible on her motives.

  • No she's not out to get you in particular. She's just not happy with her life and so she makes it miserable for everyone.

  • what else? how can I help her so shes happy with her life?

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