Captain or blmoon can you tell me if my cousin who passed has anything to tellme

  • my cousin cameron trask morton died on September 5th 2005, he and i were cousins but we felt more like brother and sister we were extremely close and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if he has a message or anything for me? thank you

  • Why are you asking now when he died over four years ago? Has something in your life prompted you to ask for his guidance?

  • I'm sorry I just felt compelled to ask, It just randomly popped in my mind to ask I don't know why

  • There must be a deeper reason. What sort of qualities did your cousin have or what did he represent to you? Maybe you need those qualities in your life now.

  • He had this way of just making me feel comfortable with people, I felt safe with him. He brought out this alive silly goofy my normal self. and maybe I do miss those qualities but I don't know how to find those qualities again if thats what is needed

  • I trusted him more then anyone in my family,I could tell him anything without judgement and he loved me no matter.

  • Seems like you're wanting someone else to trust and make you feel safe.

  • I guess I was looking for closure to let me know he's okay.

  • and maybe some sort of message but thank you anyway for your insight

  • Are you feeling isolated from your family in some way?

  • yes I am and I feel lost in life in general I don't know what I'm doing,where I'm going or anything

  • What do you really want to do?

  • I'm not really even sure about that, I feel like I don't know what my purpose in life is, I know I want love in my life and I was curious about when love will come in my life. In a way I feel like our family is cursed in love, also, I know I have gifts, like I can heal people by my hand, I have been able to do that since I was little. I just don't know which path is right for me, I have tried meditating and soul-searching but nothing comes to me so I don't know whats going on.

  • I feel you will be going back to 'school' soon, geeting some type of training or education.

    Your family isn't cursed but you all might be passing on destructive or misinformed behaviours or attitudes you have learned from one another.

  • I agree with the passing destructive or misinformed behaviours, how do we become more positive? do you see anything else? I value your insight and vibes, I am learning so much from this forum. also I don't know if by chance you can read a current relationship with this person I have in mind,we aren't together but I feel like he might be the ONE. I know that I have many gifts and I want to help people around me all the time. I just feel that in the process of trying to help them I have lost myself. and I would love to find my way back again. I don't like feeling this helpless and lost.

  • What patterns can you see in your family and in your own attitudes to love? Is there a lot of love amongst you?

    Tell me about this man you like.

  • well our family has always kind of been kind would one put it..different in showing affection, it's like I know that we all have a weird way of showing love but it could be so much more then just the angry ways, and i wish love would be shown more instead of assuming it's there.

    The guy I like is 20 almost 21 (june 14th is his birthday) his name is James Hescox, and I am 25 almost 26 (September 28th I'll be 26) we have never dated but whenever I am around him I feel a connection and even though he doesn't say it I feel like he feels it too. He started dating this gal in December of '09 but recently his status is single and we haven't really talked for like almost 2 months but I saw him the other day and my feelings for him only get stronger day by day and I don't know what to do to make a move for him, without fear of rejection. I wish he'd come to me and make the move so I don't have to. He's so sweet and kind, caring,compassionate. and I can't help these feelings in my gut.

  • I feel there is more lust than love in your feelings for this guy and I really only feel a physical attraction from him for you. You are wanting a warm body to stop you feeling lonely more than you want this young guy as a boyfriend.

    Answer me these questions about your life:

    What are the most important steps you can take to create freedom in your life? And are you willing to take them?

    Does anyone other than yourself really hold you back?

    How do you use your creative energy?

    What are your strengths and talents?

    Where could you apply more focus and discipline in your life?

  • well, for the most important steps I can take to create freedom is to just let go and trust that everything will be okay in life, to accept myself and trust myself to make the right choices. Yes, I am willing to make them

    Nobody else holds me back except for me.

    I don't use my creative energy, and I know I should but I feel like I don't know what I'm doing.

    My strengths and talents? for what?

    I could apply more focus and discipline in my life with everything, I've gotten lazy with everything in life, thinking it won't matter what I do I'll never get anywhere (wrong way of thinking I know, but I am working on that)

  • I feel you have a gift for story-telling, for writing.

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