I am confused

  • Can anyone help me? I was in a relationship with my soul mate and it ended. I thought that once you met your soul mate that that was it. How can the relationship split apart when it is your soul mate? I was also told that I have two soul mate's.....is that possible? That I am now in a relationship with the second soul mate....WHAT!....I don't know what to beleive. And if that is possible....why me? I was told that the 1st soul mate is the one I made a choice for???? What are the odds of two souls mate back to back? I was also told that this was going to be my last chance as a soul on this earth...because I choose it......WHAT AGAIN!! Can anybody confirm this insight by this reading??? I just don't know. Is anybody good enough to know if this is true and give me some insight on it?

  • lighten-n-dark, hi I would check the soulmates thread on here until you get a read, its full of info., and very good people that have been through a lot of different experiances with soulmates. You'll know more then anyone I think if you had a soulmate relationship, but no they are not always meant too stay or be the one you will spend the rest of your life with, some are blessed too even meet one or several soulmates in a life time. Its like a mirror image, feeling comfortable, or very uncomfortable, depending on what aspect of them you see in yourself, either way it is an intense connection, regardless of what the relationship is. We learn from our soulmates if we explore the possible reasons why they are who they are too us,and we are drawn too them, or them too us, but then just as easily as they came into our life, they can go out again, and it can feel like a part of you missing for a while. You can have more then one, yes.

  • Thank you very much, I appreciate the time you took to respond. It helps to hear someone else say its possible

  • Sometimes, in a past life you never got to finish what you set out to with a partner, you have to close the relationship properly before you can move on.

  • This relationship ( I was told ) was not meant to close. I just don't know!

  • i would think the connection with a soulmate is divine, since it spans several lifetimes, it is above life and death, and therefore must certainly transcend the human invention of "relationships".

    It doesn't seem logical that breaking a relationship in this world, would break the bond between you and your soulmate, right?

    personally i would suspect the relationship with your soulmate, was not as much ended, but rather lifted into the next phase.

    of course i do not know you, nor your situation. neither have i heard the reading you've had. it just seems that these things are relevant to consider in the light of your situation. i hope its helpful.

  • Dear everyone thank you so much for your responses! It is helpful and I appreciate it very much!

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