Aquarius and Libra

  • I hae yet to see anyone have relationship with an Aquarius and Libra

  • Me nither, I find them quite boring apart from ashton kutcher lol, I feel they arent in it for more in a relationship they are quite cold and take sooooo long to share their feelings, yeah I know I do the exact same thing lol, but in the long run I'd like you to admit you like me and act like I'm not that important. but over and all I seem to get along with them, my best buddy is also a Aquarius. shes like that with her relationship only for a bump and ride nothing more, she uses guys she is a man in mind lol. erm with Libra men, well so far they've been the oddest, to me the best but the oddest, I think I have to much in common with the last two they were both different but I so happen to have things in common with them, they are way to shy to build a relationship to make a move, you wait so long and it ends up being a friendship rather then a romantic thing, with my last libra he was the coolest guy ever, as much as I felt I liked him I realized we lacked s-e-xual attraction a bit, cos we were so cooped up into our conversations and it never got down to anything else. but then again I wanted more cos it seemed like it would be a prefect relationship, but it ended, we arent even friends at all, now I have a thing a very very complicated confusing thing with a gemini, with him he was a good company, I feel small at times with him cos I wanted to impress him alot, I find him s-e-xualy attractive, point is he is a lost crazy one so It isnt going no where after all those months he is now being a jerk when he called it off with me.

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