Practicing my tarot skills!!

  • Happy to have you practicing with me hehehe. Female DOB Jan 21, 1983.

  • Thank you again Mimi77, I want you to know that I appreciate your doing a reading for me.

    No need to apologize for not knowing the time frame, I was only curious. :0)

    I hope that my feedback was helpful to you.

    Thank you very much for offering your gift to us. :0)

  • Hi Mimi and thank you much for my reading. I can totally relate to everything you have written. I think you are truly gifted and you should consider yourself a pro. Many thanks to you

  • HI Mimi, I would love it if you could do a reading for me when you have a free moment. You will be the first ever to do one for me! my dob is 6-16-64. lols, I usually get comments from the 3 6's in my bdate.Thank you for offering up your time and talents .

  • wow a tarot reading That would be great especially someone from july2, 1968. I will be waiting for you to clue me in and see if everything matches up to what is currently happening in my life.

  • Hi mimi71, what a great way to learn and help others!!! I would love it if you had the time, (lots of requests here) to do my tarot reading. I'm a female, DOB January 30th 1953. I'm just feeling a little lost right now, some direction would be helpful.

  • Hello mimi71, I would love a tarot reading. My birthday is Oct. 11, 1950. Thanks very much.

  • Hi Mimi, Whenever you get a chance my Aunt is asking for a reading her initials are j.j. dob 02/28/54. Thanks again!

  • dmick59...

    situation-8 of cups reversed

    youre walking away without facing the facts behind the problem you want to escape,taking the cowards way out. things havent worked out as you planned and hoped, and you want to cut and run without giving the situation a second chance. if you dont,you may regret it later.

    obstacle-ace of wands reversed

    this card indicates that the process of creating a new identity or the start of a endeavor has not yet manifested. its still in the planning stages. you may be experiencing delays, or you might have to rethink your plans and make adjustments. you have a sense of your potential to do something new but could be hesitating because of lack of resources or confidence.

    action recommended-ace of swords

    a brand new lifestyle is coming into being for you. youve acheived this opportunity by dint of will and using your mental faculties at a high level. prosperity,recognition,new development-especially spiritual growth-are sure to follow in the wake of your new direction in life. this ace signals a birth-of an idea,an enterprise,or a child. you now are in a position of power with the possibility of manifesting your philosophy in a new way.

    outcome-9 of wands

    youve had the discipline and the ability to plan well and wisely. your relationships are developing positively,and youre miving forward with a sense of purpose and direction. if there is still opposition,your skills,strength,and courage will prevail over all opponents.

  • terry131...

    situation-wheel of fortune

    youve done something-quit a job,made travel reservations,begun or ended a relationship,or opted out a friendship or other situation. destiny has been set in motion,and all will turn out as it is intended. theres very little more you have to do except to go with the flow. there may be unexpected turns of events-such as meeting people while youre on a journey or receiving an inheritance an offer of some sort-but they too are part of the grand plan for your life. this card is a precurser of good fortune.

    obstacle-7 of cups

    youre looking at a number of possibilities now-too many to make an easy choice. with so many choices,youre living out differrent rolesin your imagination but having a hard time deciding which to manifest in reality.

    action reccomended-knight of wands

    good news concerning work or social activities. his glad tidings may relate to almost any anticipated happy event-a journey or vacation,a change of residence or job,an engagement or marriage. if this card represents a person, it will refer to a young man who is a relative or friend. it also indicates that the person bearing the message can be trusted and faithful.

    outcome-page of cups

    this card can signify a young person,male or female-possibly a son,daughter,or a younger sibling-who is bringing you a message about love. it might mean an engagement or a wedding-some situation that holds an inherent emotional risk. the circumstances may be exciting yet scary at the same time,as with a sudden elopement. often the page suggests naivete or vulnerability,especially in matters of the heart. if this card represents you, it says that youve already decided to take an emotional risk and arent interested in being dissuaded. youre willing to give it your all and feel things will work out.

  • evaeros60....

    situation-2 of pentacles

    a message about money could be on its way to you,probably in written form. youre still in the stage of deciding which of 2 different options to choose. perhaps youre concerned about financial issues and may be holding down more than one job,or moonligting to make extra money. its time to make a choice and stick with it even if you arent sure about the outcome.

    obstacle-10 of cups reversed

    delays and obstacles are standing in your way of acheiving the happiness you long for. circumstances beyond your control may be the cause,and at the moment theres nothing you can do but keep a positive attitude and hold tight while waiting for them to change,which they will.

    action recommended-7 of cups

    youre looking at a number of possibilities now-too many choices to make an easy choice. woth so many choices,youre living out different roles in your imagination but having a hard time deciding which to manifest in reality.

    outcome-queen of pentacles

    this queen represents a generous woman who is also an excellent manager in practical and financial areas. she may be a sensual woman who is at home in her body and enjoys her creature comforts. as an advisor,she favors you or will at least be fair. shes pragmatic and realistic and wants to see that the money she distributes produces tangible results. if this card soesnt represent a person,it shows a harvest after much labor,security,the acquisition of wisdom through experience,and prudent use of wealth.

  • Mimi71,

    Thank you so much for the lovely reading!

    My life has not been peaceful for the last three years. I've gone through a divorce, my ex is abusive to the children, and continues to try to control me. However, in the last two weeks, the last tie (excluding the children) was finally severed when our house sold. I've spent the last two weeks packing and moving. He can no longer effect my finances - regardless of whether he pays his child support and alimony. I'm no longer stuck with that mortgage!

    We're supposed to go back to court and he's poorly prepared. My attorneys are very positive. The children love the new apartment and the extra time that I've got to spend with them (huge difference keeping a house ready to show at all times) and keeping up a small apartment. My stress levels have all but dissolved and I'm realizing how much of an effect all of that stress had on me.

    Work has changed so much in the last twenty-four hours too. In the last week my life has changed significantly and quickly. I've got a little whiplash, but in a good crazy way.

    As for obstacles - I hope the obstacle I need to get rid of is my need to analyze every thing twenty ways until Sunday, in order to find the answer, the validation, to start trusting my instincts and intuition, and to let it go to the universe, instead of trying to keep my hands on it. Because that's what I'm working on.

    And for the King of Cups - I'm friends with two lovely, older men. Both are co-workers. One is a father-like figure, who force feeds me Vitamin C at a hint of sniffle. The other is an attractive, wonderful man. We've been a lot to one another through some really rough times. He loves my children, but the timing has always been a little off. We flirt, a lot, are attracted to one another and have good chemistry. The other co-worker has noticed, and has matchmaking in mind, I'm sure of it. But I've also started writing again. I hope to have my novel finished and query letters out by the end of May.

    So your reading hit home on many, many levels. You did a wonderful job. If you have any insight on how to determine my obstacle and my king of cups. I'd appreciate it! Or perhaps, I should let it go and stop seeking answers and enjoy the present. 😉 AKA work on what I know for sure is an obstacle.

    Regardless, your generosity has filled me with more love and light!



  • This post is deleted!

  • Mimi71- I just noticed your offer to do readings for those interested and I really need mine done, please. I do accept that you are learning and I am appreciative that you would try this for me. I have an ongoing problem for over 10 years now that just won't correct itself no matter what avenue I take, and it is a relationship problem that I am unable to leave or divorce myself from. I also feel that NOW is the time for an answer or a different path...I just can't figure what it would be. your help is very appreciated. My birthday is August 05, 1947; female. The other parties birthdate is 4/29/55; male. Thank you. 🙂

  • Mi Mi here is another Aunt, the word has spread about how good you were, actually I find the answer to a riddle in the reading you gave me, God Bless. This Aunt Name is Phyllis dob 05/26/1947. Don't stress yourself whenever you have time. Many Blessings to you! 🙂

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  • HI MiMI

  • Mimi 71,

    Amazing to have taken this on!

    I would also love a reading if you are still continuing...

    Peace, Love, Light

  • first of all before i get started let me apologize on my part for not coming on very often...maybe someone can explain to me what is going on. when ever i do tarot readings i have strange dreams. dreams of destruction and deaths!! i know that 2012 is coming and i DO feel like something is going to happen. but i only have these dreams when i do tarot cards that day, if i dont do them then i dont have these crazy dreams. maybe someone can clear this up for me....

  • taima....

    situation-9 of swords reversed

    this card shows intense mental anguish. its time to examine belief systems that no longer apply to your life and that are standing in the way of your progress. youre suffering because you refuse to face the cause of your problems. honesty is called for to gain the insight you need to resolve the situation.

    obstacle-the magician reversed

    now is not the time for change. it may be that youre not ready internally,or that youre not fully prepared in an external way. new directions are in the making,but patience is required for them to work out properly. you may be experiencing self-doubt about a new venture,or your spirits and vitality may be too low to accomplish the action required. wait until the time is ripe.

    action recommended-queen of wands

    this queen represents a woman who is in a position of authority and shines in her endeavors. she is warm,generous,and loving. she is also honorable,creative,intelligent,friendly.and mature. her advice is well worth taking,and she will be a loyal confidante or provide valuable assistance. a natural leader,she may be the head of a business,social,or philanthropic organization,or a political figure. if this queen doesnt represent an actual person,she indicates that now is a good time for you to move forward on any business or creative venture youre planning. if this queen represents you, she is an indication that you have the qualities within yourself that you need to succeed.

    outcome-the hanged man

    youre suspended between the past and the future; a new direction for your life is in the making. its time for a new perspective. look at things from a different angle to make neccessary readjustments. you need to make a clean break with the past and concentrate on becoming spiritually attuned. readjustment is needed,but the good news is theres no hurry. take your time and make the right decisions about where you truly want to take your life at this time and for the long term. pay attention to your inner development and be prepared to dance to a different drummer in the future.

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