Practicing my tarot skills!!

  • Mimi, if you're still doing readings, I'd love to have one. Thank you for offering your time and skills! Bright Blessings! 🙂

  • Hello

    If you are still doing readings I would love to have one.


  • still doing readings? my DOB is 5.3.83


  • Mimi

    If you are still doing readings I would like to have one.

    My dob is 2-20-70. Thank you for your time and

    insight. Many blessings!

  • Thank you Mimi for the reading and your time.It was an excellent reading and a lot of it is happening now.Bless you.

  • Hello MIMI ....i was wondering if i may have a tarot reading please? 7/24/79

  • Hi Mimi

    Thank you so much for reading, am chocker block until after weekend, but wanted you to know, haven't forgotten and I will do a reading for you next week. And give you feed back on mine. Thank you, bright blessings.

  • Dear Mimi would love a reading if you are still practicing. My dob is 2/26/61 just in case you need it. thanks again and love and light.

  • MiMi, thank you for offering this service. May you be BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE.

    I would like to be a subject for you to practice on. With the aid of the spirits and guides, I would appreciate knowing what can I expect, financilly, travelling, health wise, this earth year,

    DOB May 2, 1947

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

  • Hi Mimi,

    Hope your day is going wonderfully! If you are still available for readings my dob is June 29, 1955. I am wondering if romantic love will ever come into my life again...been alone for 4 years...also will my art ever take off.

    Blessings to you,

    Kristy Inanna

  • oooh thank you Mimi71 !!!

    The "Situation" is RIGHT ON TARGET!

    not sure about the "Obstacle" one... If a somewhat negative situation card then how does a negative obstacle work??

    I do BELIEVE that there ARE people that are antagonistic towards my ideas (in the obstacle card) so that is probably right too.

    I think the "Action" card is something that is yet to pass?

    There is no person/situation like that in my life... yet. I am so hoping that it is a future situation for me!

    "Outcome" - Oh my dear Lord I hope so!!

    It won't be a child coming into my life... would have to be an immaculate conception! ha ha!

    I really do need a new direction in life, desperately need prosperity (I wonder what that would be like?) and I need a career, or at least a job I like. lol

    Now, this reading has a time span of what? 6 months? or is that something that you don't know?

    Thank you again so very much Mimi71, you have given me a smile today! I haven't seen my dimples in ages! :0)

  • Hi Mimi,

    I would like a reading!!! My DOB is 9/22/69. Unemployed and hoping something will open up soon. Also, I want to be in love. Many "friends" around...but I want true love. Please share anything you see!

  • Hi Mimi

    I would love to have you do a reading for me, when you have time. My DOB 3-20-61. If you want to start with just a reading of my past, if you can do that, I can let you know how you're doing at this and/or you can do a reading for my future - it's up to you! Anything will do, love, career and or a family reading. I'll leave that up to you - Thank you for your offer and Good Luck in your future of readings, I'm sure you'll have plenty of practice!

    God Bless

  • i just want to take the time right now to give my thanks and blessings to all of you! you are all being a wonderful help to me. pretty soon i will be a pro! lol! and thank you all for your support as well. and also, im not sure about the time span the cards say. i just know whats happening and whats to come. but i cant tell you when. im sorry for that inconvenience. but im trying my best to help you all, as i know we all need a little help! love and many blessings to all of you!!

  • Hi Mimi,

    I love tarot and would love a reading please. My DOB is 02-02-61. Thanks!

  • Hello Mimi

    My DOB is 07/19/63. I am really interested in what the very near futures holds in terms of love and romance.

    Thank you so much for your time.

  • tauruschicky...

    situation-6 of wands

    victory is at hand. youve overcome or conquered the opposition. past self-doubt has been resolved,and youre in the process of winning some significant battles. you can expect to succeed and have your desires gratified. gifts may be received,awards and recognition won.

    obstacle-the tower reversed

    youre refusing to change old habit patterns,and youll suffer continued disruption in the form of unforessen difficluties until you finally get the message that its time to make some changes in your life. you may be confused about just who and what you are. at a deep level, youre being prepared for the changes that must eventually take place, but youre resisting what your inner self knows already. if its possible for you to alter fixed beliefs and limited ideas about your identity. once you do, there will be far reaching ramifications and a new sense of freedom in your life.

    action recommended-10 of cups

    this card is an indication of everything that most people wish for-love and harmony,happy family life,true love and compatible companionship. its a time of completion,of reaping the rewards of what youve sown. it doesnt necessarily mean wealth,but it symbolizes an abundant life in the true form.

    outcome-king of cups

    this king indicates a man who is kindly disposed-a benevolent father figure,who may represent your own father or someone who fills that role for you. he can also signify an older man with whom you either have or want a love relationship. whether as a friend,advisor,or lover,he is utterly trustworthy and dependent,and he can be relied upon to come through for you when you need him. most interpretations consider this king to be a man of culture,knowledgeable about and interested in the arts,possibly himself a creative type. if the king doesnt represent an actual person,he indicates a situation that is favorably, especially if its an artistic pursuit.

  • loanlady1....

    situation-10 of wands

    your labor may have gone for naught,or you may be carrying burdens that really dont belong to you. you feel weary,as if the whold world is on your shoulders. its uo to you to decide whether to continue carrying the heavy responsibilities youve undertaken or if other people are shirking their part and should help out. sometimes,one member of a family or organization gets all the dirty work for the simple reason that theyre willing to do it. make sure others are doing their fair share. ask for help if you need it;dont let pride stand in your way.

    obstacle-king of cups reversed

    your involvement with some kind of love situation is ending,but the process shouldnt cause much pain. youve reached a phase in your life when its time to move away from dependency on an older person-perhaps ypur father or a mentor or teacher-and strike out on your own. whether the circumstances are related to a person or to your own inner psychic process,the result is the same. its also possible that this king reversed represents someone who is trying to get rid of you for some reason,romantically or otherwise. you need to let go and,if necessary,mourn the passing of something that was good once but now is over.

    action recommended-5 of swords

    change is part of life,and the more you resist it,the more difficult you make things for yourself. whatever needs to be changed-your lifestyle,your philosophy,your inner beliefs about yourself-now is the time to get to work and bring those changes into your daily life.

    outcome-ace of cups

    this card indicates a new beginning-a new love or a one on one relationship of any kind. previously unfelt emotions come into play now,perhaps as a result of seeing a relationship in a new way. this ace can also herald a birth-of a child or an idea. this is a fertile time for emotional or creative growth,as this ace symbolizes the consummation of something hoped for.

  • Greetings, Are you still practicing? DOB 8/21/1953.

  • Hi mimi71. If you`d like, you may read me aswell.

    A general reading would be fine. No particurlar question. Only if you are still willing. For example: Where is my life heading? Or: What is it that I am doing that is wrong and that needs to be corrected? Yepp, you decide for yourself.

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