Practicing my tarot skills!!

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  • Thank you mimi71

    For the reading and it is a great help.Sometimes I feel like i am never going to recover from my

    My situation though.I am having trouble deciding if i should move to Arizona with my friend or stay here where my family are they don't want me to go.Could you help out with this if you can please?

  • Greetings Mimi! Can you do a reading for me please? My birthday is 3/27/1977.

  • Hi MIMI

    Here you go hun, the reading I promised for you (back on page 10ish!).

    I see that in your recent past there has been a major change and a decision were you have had to make a choice between two. Quite possible between two people, (but not necessarily), which has caused some heartache. What looked like a promising situation at the beginning has not turned out so, I'm also feeling that there may have been some shock around this for you. However with this change or upheavel a sense of release and although sometimes you may look back with a bit of saddness, you can also look forward with an almost childish, (in a lovely sense), anticipation and excitment for the future.

    You are in a position now where things can flow more easily and you have choices to make , these may still be in thought form and not yet in action but they are all positive. You may look back at what was, but , now it is time to look forward, there are no wrong choices and you have great opportunity coming your way. You do have to put in a bit more action to get what you want however. There is something in the mail around money matters that is going to need your attention, read the small print carefully. There is a new job or increase in business coming your way so be ready. Also, an increase in your spirtual path, I see you maybe joining some kind of psychic group or development class.

    A man is going to come into your life, this may not be a romantic partnership, it could be business, (or both), but he is going to have a positive effect around your material / financial world. An older man possibly a gemini. You have a lot of potiential around a career, this may be a new career or something you have wanted to pursue in the media or arts. Go for it, you are going to get the help you need from influencial people.

    With the right effort, success will come your way.

    Bright blessings to you MIMI.

  • Good Morning! I had a fabulous weekend. Ready for a reading when and if you are. I hope you are doing better! 🙂

  • dear lifesabeautifuljourney everything that you have said is sooo true! the part about my past about having to make choice between 2 people is correct. and since i chose to not be with either of them it has caused some major heartache...but only in the beginning. i got over it faster then i realized!

    the part about that i can look forward in life, i believe thats true as well. ever since i moved out of where i was and back with my family again everything has changed but for the better. im getting my hours at work and im meeting wonderful positive people and with that my self-esteem has been like it has never been before. i do feel confident about my future! but of course i know i have to work hard if i want anything more fulfilling. and yes i do want to embark on a great spiritual path.

    and about the man. i have met an older man which i believe is going to have a great impact in my life but he is a cancer. i guess that gemini hasnt showed up yet. its weird cuz ive only been meeting cancers and tauruses. but im just letting the flow of the universe take its course. i really enjoyed the reading and it has put a smile on my face 🙂 thank you so much for time to do it for me. and i hope you have a wonderful day and may love and peace always be with you!!

  • gjay....

    situation-8 of swords reversed

    this card reversed is a warning that what is already wrong can get worse,or that a difficult siuation is approaching. make sure all your affairs are in the best possible order. if youve been putting off paying your taxes,or getting insurance,or settling some legal matter,take care of it promptly. your well-being depends on using your head and preparing for emergencies and unexpected calamities.

    obstacle-the hierorphant reversed

    you may wish to overthrow an old tradition-religious,ideological,intellectual,or cultural-that you feel is suffocating you or simply no longer serves your needs. you want to live by whatever philosophy or belief structure resonates with your true nature. you want to direct your actions your own way,even if this puts you into conflict with some established tradition. perhaps your faith is being challenged in some way and you must re-evaluate tenets heretofore taken for granted. you want to be accountable to yourself alone.

    action recommended-5 of cups

    your unhappiness is a result of your attitude,which you can change. this is a card of choice. you can continue to brood over what went wrong,or you can turn around and contemplate what can go right in the future. you dont have to be miserable unless you enjoy misery.

    outcome-6 of swords

    this is a time of integration-or reintegration. harmony and ease prevail. new people you can trust come into your life. after some intense suffering,you now feel optimistic and balanced. this card can also indicate a move or journey over water. the destination may be unknown,or the effects of the move may be uncertain,but luck is on your side,and any change you make will go smoothly.

  • pilot007....

    situation-10 of wands

    your labor may have gone naught,or you may be carrying burdens that really dont belong to you. you feel weary,as if the whole world is on your shoulders. its up to you to decide whether to continue carrying the heavy responsibilities youve undertaken or if other people are shirking their part and should help out. sometimes,one member of a family or organization gets all the dirty work for the simple reason that theyre willing to do it. make sure others are doing their fair share. ask for help if you need it;dont let pride stand in your way.

    obstacle-page of pentacles reversed

    this page in the reversed position reflects someone who is lazy,unmotivated,or uninterested in furthering himself through education or work. if this card doesnt represent a person,it may indicate bad news concerning money matters. it can also refer to some sort of disappointment such as failing an exam,not getting into the college of your choice,or not being hired for a job. more effort and focus are needed.

    action recommended-6 of cups

    youre experiencing some feelings that youre connected to your past that will shed some light on your future. youre feeling calm and collected about past events,putting them into perspective,and beginning to understand how they can engender fruition on the present-a future renewal.

    outcome-the tower

    the tower represents the overthrow of false ideas and old habit patterns that need to be gotten rid of. in this sense, its not a negative card but a positive one. sometimes,there is indeed some kind of loss-personal or financial. but careful examination of all the factors will generally show that the catastrophic event could have been foreseen if you had only been aware and willing to face the facts. what is destroyed in conjunction with this card has served its purpose and needs to go.

  • Thank You Mimi71 for the reading. I will sit back and relect on what you stated.

  • darkness angel....

    situation-queen of wands

    this queen represents a woman who is in a position of authority and shines in her endeavors. shes warm,generous,and loving. shes honorable,creative,intelligent,friendly,and mature. her advice is well worth taking,and she will be a loyal confidante or provide valuable assistance. a natural leader,she may be the head of a business,social,or philanthropic organization,or a political figure. if this queen doesnt represent a person,she indiactes that now is a good time for you to move forward in any business or crative venture youre planning.

    obstacle-the star reversed

    youre seeking your own path in a private way,without regard for the outside world and its benefits. you may be feeling alone,withdrawn,even resentful of outer obligations at this time,because your inner need is great. you may recently have experienced some disppointment,and this might have brought on a mood of pessimism that has caused you to turn inward for comfort. this is a neccessary step. you need "repair time",including silence and solitude to attune yourself with your inner needs. when you do,you will begin to re-energize yourself in concert with who you truly are.

    action recommended-king of cups

    a benevolent father figure,who may represent your own father or someone who fills that role for you. he can also signify an older man with whom you either has or wants a love relationship. whether as a friend,advisor,or lover,he is utterly trustworthy and dependent,and he can be relied upon to come through for you when you need him. if the king doesbt represent a person,he indicates a situation that is favorable,especially if it is an artistic pursuit.

    outcome-9 of wands

    this card indicates that the job is done. youve had the discipline and the ability to plan well and wisely. your relationships are developing positively,and youre moving forward with a sense of purpose and direction. if there is still opposition,your skills,strength,and courage will prevail over all opponents.

  • casances....

    situation-ace of cups

    this ace indicates a new beginning-a new love or a one-on-one relationship of any kind. previously unfelt emotions come into play now,perhaps as a result of seeing a relationship in a new way. this ace can also herald a birth-of a child or an idea. this is a fertile time for emotional or creative growth.

    obstacle-the magician reversed

    now is not the time for change. it may be that youre not ready internally,ot that youre not fully prepared in an external way. new directions are in the making,but patience is required for them to work out properly. you may be experiencing self-doubt about a new venture,or your spirits and vitality may be too low to accomplish the action required. creativity abides in the latent stage. wait until the time is ripe.

    action recommended-6 of wands

    victory is at hand. youve overcome or conqured the opposition. past self-doubt had been resolved, and youre in the process of winning some significant battles. you can expect to succeed and have your desires gratified. gifts may be received,awards and recognition won.

    outcome-queen of wands

    this card indicates that now is a good time for you to move forward in any business or creative venture youre planning. if this queen represents a person she represents a woman who is in a position of authority and shines in her endeavors. shes warm,generous,loving,honorable,creative,intelligent,friendly,and mature. her advice is well worth taking,and she will be a loyal confidante or provide valuable assistance. a natural leader,she may be the head of a business,social,or philanthropic organization,or a political figure. if this queen represents you, she is an indication that you have the qualities within yourself that you need to succeed.

  • Dear Mimi71,

    Could you do a reading for me? Female-Date of birth April 11th, 1980...Let me know if you need anything else please. Thank you. 🙂

    Thank you in advance,


  • MIMI

    You're welcome and thank you for the feedback.

    Bright blessings.

  • Hi, Mimi,

    Wow, thank you for the reading! You are very "right on" about everything. You described me to a "T", and also my artistic endeavors...I am trying to build a business, but again, you were right on the money with the Star card reversed. I have been through alot the last couple of years, and six months ago one of the worst things I've ever experienced happened...and it did cause me to withdraw...and I am trying to heal/repair myself. The King of Cups doesn't ring any bells with any person, but it is right on with my artistic pursuits. Nice to know it's favorable...that encourages me to create, lol! Thank you so very much for my reading, I deeply appreciate it! Much Love and Light to you...may 2010 be filled with blessings for you!

  • I posted first on March 19, 2010 for a tarot reading. I am just waiting for that reading. Thank you. Waiting patiently. Birthday 10/11/50 initials tb

  • I could really use any insight you could give me .

    My life is such a mess right now.

    DOB is Jan. 1, 1957 and I am female.

    Thank you for your time and knowledge.

    Have a lovely April.

  • Mimi

    Thank you very much for the reading.

    I do feel the reading is accurate!!

    Thank you for your time and gift!!



  • Good Morning Mimi,

    You could not have been more spot on for my situation! Your reading has given me some great insight wich has and will help me quite a lot, I can already see some better ways with several issues. Mimi I really appreciate your time and talent very much! Blessings, Peace, and Love to you. Thank you! GJay

  • holytal....

    situation-9 of swords

    you may be troubled by bad dreams or horrible fantasies. you may not even know where these are coming from,but deep-rooted or repressed issues are trying to surface so you can recognize and resolve them. extreme mental torture may result as youre forced to change your attitudes and beliefs by crisis circumstances. this isnt all bad,however,no matter how painful it seems. this card indicates that the changes youre being required to make forecast a better future.

    obstacle-temperance reversed

    things seem to be stalled. theres not much you can do at the present except to let things work themselves out,which they will in time. patience is the key,for trying to force inharmonious elements together will only cause bad feelings and poor results. this is a time to concentrate on blending the different parts of yourself together into a new form-of combining your psychological,emotional,and spiritual elements into a new you. temper whatever inner conditions you have that make you feel out of balance.

    action recommended-death

    this card indicates a transformation for the better. it doesbt portend actual physical death. usually,youre experiencing a metamorphosis of some sort,a destruction of the old,outworn circumstances that have been holding back new development. patterns you once found workable are no longer effective. the old ways must be destroyed to make room for the new that is coming into being.

    outcome-10 of swords

    this card suggests that you need to make a clean break from the past and all its attendant pain and suffering. whether this means a divorce,quitting a job,changing careers,moving across the country,or changing a traditional belief system,make the break and make it cleanly,leaving no loose ends. its time to do away with previous illusions that have clouded your vision.

  • sanra...

    situation-7 of wands

    profit and gain come only after youve firmly held off your competition or enemies. you may be outnumbered,but your determination will win the day. youre discovering inner resources you hardly suspected you had and using them to overcome obstacles. thus, you have the advantage and will eventually acheive success by sheer force of will and personality.

    obstacle-3 of wands reversed

    youre doing most of the work on an internal level,clarifying your needs and formulating your sense of direction. youve resolved most of the problems connected to the situation or enterprise and negotiated the tricky bits. now you can expect things to go smoothly when you do go public with your ideas.

    action recommended-the high priestess

    youre experiencing a high degree of awareness of the invisible world,where inner change takes place before it manifests in the outer,material world. your attunement to these inner,invisible sources is acute now,and youre in a position to take advantage of this fact. you may want to remove yourself literally,from your day-to-day life to go deeper into your inner core. tune into your inner voice and spiritual awareness.

    outcome-6 of wands

    victory is at hand. youve overcome or conquered the opposition. past self-doubt bas been resolved,and youre in the process of winning some significant battles. you can expect to succeed and have your desires gratified. gifts may be received,awards and recognition won.

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