Practicing my tarot skills!!

  • Hi Mimi07,

    Hope you are doing well 🙂

    Can I ask a reading for a friend of mine please? His DOB is Nov 09,1971. (Scorpio)


  • Hi Mimi, try going to this site, they talk about whats going to happen in 2012 and it won't be bad at all, the Earth is going thru birthing pains because of the Ascension., I have to space it out so they don't delete it. You do what's comfortable for you and maybe surround yourself with Golden light before bed for peace. It's a shame because you are very good. 🙂

  • I forgot to add, click on "messages" at the top of the page and then latest messages.

  • so yea im trying to find where it says messages but i cant seem to find it....

  • darlene17...

    situation-queen of cups

    this queen can represent any kindly woman in your life.she is creative,perhaps an artist,with visionary tendencies. her psychic ability is highly developed and tends to be accurate. however, she tempers her intuitive nature with mature judgment. if she represents you,the above qualities apply to you although they may still be in the nascent stage and might need to be developed. if this queen doesnt represent you,the situation she describes may concern a creative endeavor,relationship,or circumstances with a positive emotional tone.

    obstacle-6 of wands reversed

    the hopes and wishes you have for your success are being delayed,often by factors over which you have no control. you feel frustrated and angry,ready to do battle to get things set right. youre being challenged by circumstances to take a stance about who you are and what you intend to accomplish. you may have experienced some kind of betrayal that has caused you to re-evaluate your self-image.

    action recommended-knight of pentacles

    if this knight represents a person,its someone with the spirit of adventure,but who is practical and materially minded. he is good at performing any task set for him,but not likely to be a self-starter if the card doesnt signify a person,it suggests a situation involving arrivals and/or departures. you may quit a job for a more lucrative one elsewhere,move to another locale for financial or work related reasons,or experience other changes in your life relative to money,possessions,or security.

    outcome-page of swords

    this page brings news of problems and difficulties,perhaps relating to a younger person you know. an offspring may have failed college exams or be in trouble with the law. an element of experimentation is indicated here-either you or someone else is taking a risk or behaving in a risky manner that might cause problems. the page is motivated by unconventional activity,which can cause strife. overconfidence or the ignorance of youth might also get this person into trouble.

  • cathylee...

    situation-king of swords reversed

    this king represents a man of great strength and authority. if he stands for a person,its someone who is involved with mental work,such as a researcher,a lawyer,teacher,someone in the communications field,or a military officer. as such,he is a good counselor with acute mental dexterity. he had a gift for thinking clearly and rapidly,and hes able to express his thoughts with considerable eloquence. if this king doesnt represent a person,he represents a situation in which mental and communication skills are called for. when he appears,you may be on the verge of a spiritual breakthrough and are ready to communicate it.

    obstacle-7 of wands reversed

    this position signifies a time of confusion. you dont know whether to hold on or back off,but now is the time for firmness and decision. even if youre not sure which way to go,its one of those situations where any decision is better than none at all.

    action recommended-2 of pentacles

    a message about money could be on its way to you,probably in written form. youre still in the stage of deciding which of 2 different options to choose. perhaps youre concerned about financial issues and may be holding down more than one job,or moonlighting to make extra money. its time to make a choice and stick with it even if you arent sure of the outcome.

    outcome-the empress

    youre in a position of nurturing someone else,or several others. this could be caring for children or the sick or being supportive of a spouse or friend in need. this card can also refer to a pregnancy,or the desire for a pregnancy. its appropriate for you to be nurturing now,for you have the inner strength and the ability to do do without harming or depleting yourself.

  • hello MiMI......well i had posted a few pages back but this is not my reason for posting again....well i see that you are having dreams when you give readings well you may need a proper closing ritual once you are finished with your may still be very sensitive/open to recieving messages and once you go to bed your body is totally relaxed and still recieving messages.....i am nooooooo expert but this is what comes to mind

  • magicsouldream2003...

    situation-4 of swords

    youve been in pain,but now youre in the first stage of recovery,whether emotional upheaval or physical illness. youre resting and taking the time out to think things through and plan your next moves wisely. this is the calm after the storm,and you may want to retreat from other people and the world. during this time,think,plan,and re-evaluate what you had been doing before the crisis. its time to get your inner house in order.

    obstacle-the empress reversed

    this is a time for you to be nurturing may have been spending too much time caring for others ( or you amy have recently had a child whose demands have worn you out). this is an indication that you need to take time out for yourself instead of neglecting your own personal needs. this is a call for self-love and the awareness that you deserve the same care and attention you give to your loved ones. maintain a balance between the needs of others and your own,equally valid,needs.

    action recommended-4 of pentacles

    youre hanging on to something-either your possessions or a situation-in a stubborn and inflexible manner. fear of change may be involved,or you may merely be comfortable where you are. your fixed attitude,however,may be limiting you and blocking new opportunities for success and happiness.

    outcome-2 of pentacles

    a message could be on its way to you,probably in written form. youre still in the stage of deciding which of 2 different options to choose. perhaps youre concerned about financial issues and may be holding dowm more than one job,or moonlighting to make extra money. its time to make a choice and stick with it even if you arent sure of the outcome.

  • hmmmm...thats interesting. what kind of ritual do u have in mind? maybe something like what poetic555 said to imagine myself completely covered in a golden light right before i fall asleep. or maybe i can meditate also....

  • Hi Mimi71,

    This is the thread you are looking for...Ascension and everything related to 2012.

    Hope this helps!

  • yes the white light ritual sounds about right......blessings and i hope this helps you in more ways than one.......wishing you sweet dreams

  • you tell me if the reading is correct because when i was shuffling the cards 4 of them fell out, and i want to see if they have special meaning to you. if the reading isnt even close then u let me know and i will just do another reading for you.

    situation-6 of wands

    victory is at hand. youve overcome or conquered the opposition. past self-doubt has been resolved, and youre in the process of winning some significant battles. you can expect to succeed and have your desires gratified. gifts may be received,awards and recognition won.

    obstacle-2 of swords

    this card indicates stasis. you may be maintaining the situation in a state of balance by ignoring the underlying tension that exists. this is an uncomfortable position to be in,but you arent ready to do anything about it yet. you need to speak up and communicate about the circumstances involved. change must take place for the continued tension is unbearable. choice is available. remove the blindfold and look honestly at the situation.

    action recommended-king of wands

    this king represents a man of wealth and status,an influential and independent person who is inclined to help those he cares about. he may be a boss or a mentor,a senior business partner,or an advisor. you can rely on his honesty,intelligence,loyalty,and fair-mindedness,and youre sure to get good advice from him. if the king doesnt represent a person,he can refer to a situation,which is exactly as it appears to be with no hint of deception. this card can also indicate that good fortune is coming your way,perhaps in the form of unexpected help or advice,good news,a promotion,or an inheritance.

    outcome-5 of wands

    new factors moving into the situation are demanding that you change,adapt,and grow. lifes not simple as it was. new competition has moved into the neighborhood-or the industry-and you have to put forth alot more effort to keep what you have gained in terms of money,status,and material goods. depending on how you handle the challenges facing you, you could either suffer hardship and loss or go on to greater success and prosperity.

  • MiMi may i please have a reading not sure if you are going in order but whenever you have time...thanks

  • Mimi71, I posted a request on page 11 be a subject for you to practice.

    Hopefully the guides and spirits will respond with assisting you with the interpitation.

    Blessings for offering this wonderful service.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

  • Mimi hope you feel better! Leo-Scorpion also can tell you how to protect yourself! Have a great weekend! 🙂

  • Mimi71, blessings.

    Have you heard of "DOREEN VIRTUE, Ph.D. and her book ANGEL MEDICINE"? In chapter 20, pages 229-243, she talks about SEVERING / CUTTING THE CORDS.

    You can do the cord cutting with the aid of Archangel Michael or any other Angel you are strongly connected to.

    When you have completed a reading be it cards or energy work, you call upon these Angels to assist with the CUTTING of the cords which attach you to this person.

    Also, before you being each reading place the loving white / gold shield about you.

    Food for thought.



  • Hi Mimi 71 Thanks for the reading! You asked me to let you know if the cards have a special meaning for me...I'm not sure to be honest....the first two, situation - 6 of wands relates to what I've been doing for the last year, I've been working hard to get over my past and let it go and putting a lot of time into my spirituality and its been very worthwhile, the obstacle - 2 of swords could either relate to my relationship with my husband or whats going on at work at the moment for me,

    but the last two I'm not sure of...action recommended - king of wands - I can't really put my finger on that one and the outcome - 5 of wands..I really don't know.

    Thanks for the time you're putting into these must be wrecked from them x

  • Hey mimi...

  • hey mimi,

    i am writing to you to out of concern.

    you said you are practicing your tarot cards trying to enhance your intuition. i was just wondering how educated you are in tarot cards. i have read that tampering with tarot cards without the proper training and knowledge is very dangerous. it is like tampering with a ouija board and can have some very bad consequemces if not done properly. Also i know being under the influence of alcohol or any other substance while handling the tarot cards is like opening your soul to be possessed and who knows what else. i'm just telling you this incase you were not aware. and to tell you and ask you to please be careful... and if you have no knowledge then hopefully you will discontinue doing what you started. and if you lnow what you are doing then please just excuse me and know it was all in good intentions.

  • thank you shawnacks for the heads up! no i wanst aware that tarot cards can be like portals...i must look more into that so i dont put myself into any kind of danger. but i know for sure that when i do tarot cards i just love the way they feel in my hands....i can connect wiith them. it might sound strange but i can feel the energy of the cards flowing through my arms, and its a wonderful experience for me. but i will find a way to protect myself just in case.... thank you again

    many blessings

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