Practicing my tarot skills!!

  • Mimi,

    I'd love to be apart of you paracticing your tarot skills.

    I'd love a reading done.

    Would like to know about everything and anything. Especially anything significant to me.

    Thank you. Blessings to you.

  • Oh, and my birthday if you need it is February 19th, 1994. Memphis TN 11:14 AM

  • Dear Mimi,

    Thank you for the time and effort you put in my reading. Delays and disappointments regarding love are correct. obsticles are confusing, but I try to go with the flow. The stress and unwanted movement you speak of; I am unsure what it is related to. Is it a job change or present job affecting relationships? I hope I can change, adapt and grow to succeed this time.

    Thank you for your insight and generosity.

    Be blessed:)

  • pbcup..i congratulate u for trying the tarot. they are a wonderful help! and if u do ever feel like it you can give me a reading whenever you want i would totally appriciate it 🙂

    situation-king of wands

    this card represents a man of status and wealth,an influential and independent person who is inclined to help those he cares about. he may be a boss or a mentor,a senior business partner,or an advisor. you can rely on his honesty,intelligence,loyalty,and fair-mindedness,and youre sure to get good advice from him. if this card doesnt represent an actual person in your life,he can refer to a situation,which is exactly as it appears to be with no hint of deception. this card can indicate that good fortune is coming your way,perhaps in the form of unexpected help or advice,good news,a promotion,or an inheritance.

    obstacle-the chariot reversed

    when this card is reversed,the changes and transitions are happening internally,but at a rapid pace. things are moving so fast that you feel out of control and seem to be struggling to keep your head above water. it may seem that youre being pulled in 2 directions at once and are stressed out by the pressure. its time to choose a direction carefully,to accept the process of inner transition as a positive one,but to do so with clarity about your direction in life. the more you tune into your own transition process,the more control over it you can exert.

    action recommended-page of pentacles

    this card indicates good news regarding the acquistion of money or material goods. his appearance suggests someone who is intelligent,refined,sensitive to the arts,and appreciative of the good life. ambitious and determined,he is goal-oriented. if he doesnt represent a person, this card indicates your own worldly ambitions and/or message concerning them.

    outcome-queen of swords

    this card can represent a single or independent woman with authority and power. often she is someone with keen intellectual oc communicative abilities-a writer,professor,lawyer,minister,business woman,or scholar. in some instances, this card can indicate someone who has endured emotional loss and seperation,perhaps as a result of a divorce or death. if she does describe a person, she is strong-willed and has the ability to cope with her loss and go on with her life. if she doesnt represent a person, she can indicate that youre going through a difficult experience,which will open new vistas if she uses it for positive growth.

  • spalma....

    situation-8 of wands

    now is a time for action,for initiating the next phase of your enterprise. this may involve air travel or other movement. its an exciting and hopeful period when your likely to be extremely busy. positive things are rapidly unfolding. establish the roles you want to play and let go of those that no longer suit you.

    obstacle-5 of pentacles reversed

    youre being advised to get your house in order financially. cut your losses any way you can to avoid further deterioration of your finances;if youre in debt,which you probably are,focus on getting it cleared out. be extremely careful of any future investments. dont take risks at this time.

    action recommended-page of wands

    this card is about a message of importance to your current project or situation,usually affecting work although it may be of a social nature. the information in positive! if this represents aperson in your life,it could be a younger relative or friend,an apprentice,student,or assitant. this page is an enthusiastic adventurer and may be interested in international travel,foreign cultures and people,the arts,or philosophic projects.

    outcome-the star

    at this time youre experiencing a new flow of energy and self-confidence. you feel good about yourself and your place in the universe. you have arrived at a significant place, for which you have been preparing yourself. youre receiving assistance from both the invisible and from the material world. good things are in the offing-money,possessions,love,recognition,or assistance-because youre free flowing with the pure energy of the universe. full of faith and trust in life and its many processes, youre setting nre goals for the future and opening the door to new opportunities in your career or relationships.

  • Thank you for my reading mimi71.

    I would say that you have quite accurately described my situaton and how I feel about it all at the moment. I really appreciate the time you have given me and the hope in my spread... It all helps to keep me chilled!!

    Much luck and love:)

  • poetic555...

    situation-10 of swords

    you need to make a clean break from the past and all its attendant pain and suffering. whether this means a divorce,quitting a job,changing careers,or changing a traditional belief system,make the break and make it cleanly,leaving no loose ends. its time to do away with previous illusions that have clouded your vision.

    obstacle-king of cups reversed

    your involvment with some king of love situation is ending,but the process shouldent cause much pain. youve reached a phase in your life when its time to move away from dependency or an older person-perhaps your father or a mentor or teacher-and strike out on your own. whether the circumstances are related to a person or to your own inner psychic process,the result is the same. its also possible that this king reversed represents someone who is trying to get rid of you for some reason,romantic or otherwise. you need to let go and,if necessary,mourn the passing of something that was good once but is now over.

    action recommended-the tower

    there is indeed some kind of loss-personal or financial. but careful examination of all the factors will generally show that the catastrophic event could have been foreseen if you had only been aware and willing to face the facts. what is destroyed in conjunction with this card has served its purpose and needs to let go.

    outcome-ace of pentacles

    this ace is extremely positive,predicting success for some new enterprise youre starting. youre planting the seeds for a new venture involving the acquisition of money or financial security. the ace is a strong indication of prosperity coming to you. be open to receive the benefits it promises.

  • gamby...

    situation-7 of pentacles

    youve out in the time and effort and paid your dues. now you will gain in your business or other enterprise. not only that, but you feel great satisfaction from a job well done. growth and good fortune are yours,well earned.

    obstacle-10 of pentacles reversed

    you may be so established at this point that youre stagnating. maybe youve retired comfortably and are just sitting around watching tv. you need to activate your growth in your life to avoid boredom. take up a hobby,start a new business,do charity work,or teach others your skills.

    action recommended-page of swords

    this page brings news of problems and difficulties,perhaps relating to a younger person you know. an offspring may have failed college exams or be in trouble with the law. an element of experimentation is indicated here-eithet you or someone else is taking a risk or behaving in a risky manner that might cause problems. the page is motivated by unconventional activity,which can cause strife. overconfidence or the ignorance of youth might also get this person into trouble.

    outcome-page of pentacles

    this page indicates good news regarding the aquisition of money or material goods. his appearance suggests someone who is intelligent,refined,sensitive to the arts,and appreciative of the good life. ambitious and determined,he is goal-oriented. if he doesnt represent a person,this card indicates your own worldly ambitions and/or message concerning them.

  • mimi71,

    Thanks so much for taking the time out to do a reading for me. A great deal of what you wrote is true.

    All the best,


  • Mimi71,

    If you're still doing practice readings, I would really appreciate one on my general path and near future love life. I will give feedback.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Mimi71,

    I would like to have a reading as well. DOB 08/29/57. Like everyone else, career is in question

    and I am hoping to find employment.. and love life, always dreaming up that great guy that never seems to appear 🙂 Not sure if it helps you to know anything else.. Thank you in advance.

    Have a great day.. Carmelle

  • This post is deleted!

  • mimi71

    I would love to help you hone your skills and would be honored if you would read for me. My b-day is 1/31/52 and my biggest concerns right now involve finances.



  • Hello Mimi71

    If you still up to doing readings for people, I would love to have you do one for me. I would like an overall reading for my life and I am willing to tell you if it seems to ring true for me. Thank you for your offer of a reading.


  • If you're still practicing, I'd love to have a reading! My birthday is November 2, 1978.


  • I'm learning too and would like the same disclaimer. i am knew and not perfect or always accurate but i will try to guarantee that my desire is to please not to discuss modalities or authors. i work with my spirit guide and his name is Naphtali

  • Darlene, could you give me a reading? if you don't mind that is..

  • I would love a reading from either or both of you. dob 12/8/55. General reading such as work,home life improving. Thanks

  • Thank you Mimi7.You are a great reader the reading was exactly everything that is going on.Do you see anything as a business i would like to start?If you don't have time that is ok the reading i got was great.Bless you.

  • Thank you Mimi7. You are a right about my stagnating. I am nowhere near to retirement age and have been stagnating since I broke up with my ex a year ago. The cards are saying that I need to get out there. Thank you so much.

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