Practicing my tarot skills!!

  • Hi Mimi 7. I would be delighted if you could do a reading for me if you have time. My dob is 03/05/1975 and I have no problem giving you feedback if you'd like it! Thanks a million.

  • libralady2008...

    situatuon-8 of cups

    youre wishing things might have been different,but ,knowing they arent,you realize that you have to let go. its time to cut your losses and getbout of the situation gthat had failed despire your best efforts. unfortunately, this usually refers to a relationshipthat has reached such a state of detrioration that the only solution is to walk away from it.

    obstacle-king of cups reversed

    your involvement with some kind of love situation is ending,but the process should not cause much pain. you have reached a phase in your life when its time to move away from dependency on an older person-perhaps your father or a mentor or teacher-and strike out on your own. whether the circunstances are related to a person or to your own inner psychic process,the result is the same. its also possible that this card reversed represents someone who is trying to get rid of you for some reason, romantic or otherwise. you need to let go and,if necessary,mourn the passing of something that was good once but is now over.

    action recommeneded-queen of cups

    this card can represent any kindly woman in your life. she is creative,perhaps an artist,with visionary tendencies. her psychic ability is highly highly developed and tends to be accurate.

    however, she tempers her intuitive nature with mature judgement. if ahe represents you, the above qualities apply to you although you may still be in the nacsent stage and might need to be developed. if this queen doest represent a person,the situation she describes may concern a creative endeavor,relationship,or circumstance with a positive emotional tone.

    outcome-the sun

    this card signifies a time of new beginnings,of things going well,of accomplishment,success,and contentment. you feel cheerful and self-confident,full of life and vitality,ready to undertake new projects amd make changes for the better. whatever youre planning,you feel a great deal of enthusiasm for it and arent worried about the outcome. you may be starting more than 1 project,or upgrading something in your life,such as moving to a better-paying,more satisfying job,remodeling your home,or moving to a sunnier climate.

  • gem71....

    situation-ace of wands reversed

    this card indicates that the process of creating a new identity or the start of a new endeavor has not yet manifested. its still in the planning stages. you may be experiencing delays, or you might have to rethink your plans and make adjustments. you have a sense of your potential to do something new but could be hesitating because of lack resources or confidence.

    obstacle-page of swords reversed

    this reversed card only indicates delays or glitches. what you planned for on the mental plane may not come into manifestation on the physical plane as quickly as you had hoped,and this may be causing frustration and tension.

    action recommended-7 of cups

    youre looking at a number of possibilities now-too many to make an easy choice. with so many choices,youre living out different roles in your imagination but having a hard time deciding which to manifest in reality.

    outcome-9 of swords

    this card indicates that youre troubled by bad dreams or horrible fantasies. you may not even know where these are cominh from,but deep-rooted or repressed issues are trying to surface so you can recognize and resolve them. extreme mental torture may result as youre forced to change your attitudes and beliefs by crisis circumstances. this is not at all bad,however,no matter how painfulit seems. remember that 9 is he number of completion. thus, this card indicates that the change youre being required to make forecast a better future.

  • I would love a practice reading if anyone is still up for it. My concerns are career and finances. DOB is 12-10-58 PST. Peace and Blessings 🙂 GJay

  • stargirl....

    situation-10 of cups

    this card is an indication of everything that most people wish for-love and harmony,happy family life,true love and compatible companianship. its a time of completion,of reaping the rewards of what youve sown. it doesnt necessarily mean wealth, but it symbolizes an abundant life in the true sense.

    obsyacle-page of cups reversed

    this card indicates a fishy situation,something you should look at carefully. if this card represents a person,there may be deceit involved-flattery for gain,an unwanted pregnancy,or secrecy in matters of the heart. someone may be trying to seduce you, and youre blinded to the falseness of his or her intentions. or you may be playing the role of the seducer,toying with someones emotions. if so,take care. you might get hurt yourself.

    action recommended-8 of cups

    youre wishing things might have been different,but,knowing they arent,you realize that you have to let go. its time to cut your losses and get out of the situation that has failed despite your best efforts. unfortunately, this usually refers to a relationship that has reached such a state of deterioration that the only solution is to walk away from it.

    outcome-2 of cups

    youre moving in tandem with another person now, and all is going smoothly. whether its a romantic relationship or a friendship,there is plenty of accord,mutual admiration,and good will toward each other. ordinarily, this card refers to a love match between the sexes,but it can also indicate a partnersip of another sort.

  • lifesabeautifuljourney....when ever youre willing to give me a reading i would totally appreciate and i will give u feedback if you want.

    situation-page of wands

    this card represents a message of importance to your current project or situation,usually affecting work although it may be of a social nature. the information is positive. if this card represents a person in your life,it could be a younger relative or friend, an apprentice,student,or assistant. this page is an enthusiastic adventurer and may be interested in international travel,foreign cultures and people,the arts, or philosophic projects.

    obstacle-queen of wands reversed

    this card can represent a powerful woman who demands control over your affairs in return for her advice,support,and/or financial assistance. she wants to control social situations for her own advantage. if the queen doesnt represent an actual person,the reversed card can be a warning to be careful in any business deals with women. she also advises you to avoid giving offense to the socially powerful,and to be aware of deception,greed,and jealousy.

    action recommeneded-page of pentacles

    this card indicates good news regarding the acquisition of money or material goods. his appearance suggests someone who is intelligent,refined,sensitive to the arts,and appreciative of the good life. ambitious and determined,he is goal-oriented. if he doesnt represent a person,this card indicates your own worldly ambitions and/or message concerning them.

    outcome-9 of cups

    this card means success,triumph,everything you want and hope for. when the 9 of cups appears ask yourself what is it that i really want? the cards answer is that you will get it!

  • Mimi71

    thank you for this reading!!

    outcome 2 of cups--I just met someone online about 3 weeks ago and we seem to have hit it off.

    so maybe this means him under the 2 of cups?

    under action-8 of cups --I'm wondering if that would be my mom and dad--it's a long story, but I think that's the relationship you're talking about here, we've not been speaking for almost a year now, sad but true. if not them, then who?

    Obstacle-page of cups--could this mean the person I just met online?

  • Thanks mimi71,

    I'm still mulling over my reading. I sure hope the part about money comes true very soon as I could use some right now. I'm not prepared to do a reading right now but I promise I will in the near future. Thanks .

  • Mimi71 I would love to see what you have to say for me; regarding whether or not I will reconnect with my exboyfriend. Also, I would like to know if my financial situation will improve?

    APRIL 21,1973

  • Mimi, many blessings to you! You were spot on! I wish I had read this on Friday, everything you said is true! I did get a big financial blessing on Friday as well, that was awesome! I pray you get many, many blessings! With the Ace of Pentacles card, I am thinking of going into some new Venture. I'll take that as a good ahead and try! You were right with everything.! Peace, Love & Light!

  • Thank you Mimi71! The reading you gave me was very accurate, wow! I'm moving out of the home I share now. My daughters and I will be living on our own, it's been stressful for sure. I should have moved out a long time ago, it's a very complicated situation.

    I have been having very bad dreams lately too and I have been trying to analyze them.

    Thanks again.

  • oooh waiting with baited breath! will I be next?

    (I posted on page 6 )

    So hoping that you are still wanting to practice! :0)

    thank you for sharing your skill with us!

  • lol! you are next sable31....ready?

    situation-10 of wands

    your labor may have gone naught,or you may be carrying burdens that really dont belong to you. you feel weary,as if if the whole world ison your shoulders. its up to you to decide whether to continue carrying the heavy responsibilities youve undertaken or if other people are shirking their part and should help out. sometimes,1 member of a family or organization gets all the dirty work for the simple reason that they are willing to do it. make sure others are doing their fair share. ask for help if you need it; dont let pride stand in your way.

    obstacle-king of swords reversed

    when reversed,this king shows the negative qualities of the air signs-fickleness,using words as rapeirs to wound,gossiping,superficiality,playing one person against the other,or rigidity of opinions. if he doesnt signify a person,he can represent a situation in which the people around you are antagonistic to your ideas or your spiritual quest. you may have to keep these matters to yourself and not advertise them to those who are unsympathetic.

    action recommended-king of wands

    this king represents a man of status and wealth,an influential and independent person who is inclined to help those he cares about. he may be a boss or a mentor, a senior business partner,or an advisor. you can rely on his honesty,intelligence,loyalty,and fair-mindedness,and youre sure to get good advice from him. if the king doesnt represent an actual person in your life, he can refer to a situation,which is exactly as it appears to be with no hint of deception. this card can indicate that good fortune is coming your way,perhaps in the form of unexpected help or advice,good news, a promotion,or an inheritance.

    outcome-ace of swords

    a brand new lifestyle is coming into being for you. you have acheived this opportunity by dint of will and using your mental faculties at a high level. prosperity,recognition,new development-especially spiritual growth-are sure to follow in the wake of your new direction in life. this ace signals a birth-of an idea,an enterprise,or a child. you now are in a position of power with the possibility of manifesting your philosophy in a new way.

  • thunder07...

    situation-3 of cups reversed

    the 3 of cups reversed remains a positive influence,except that the gratification youre getting may be more sensual than deeply emotional. you still have success,but your acheivements may be in small things.

    onstacle-the world reversed

    youre being presented with a multiplicity of choices and arent sure which one to make. you may be experiencing new facets of your own self or investigating different levels of reality. or you may be rejecting new ideas being offered out of fear or a limited understanding. now is the time to face the fact that the universe is a more complex place than you have been willing to admit.

    action recommended-page of cups

    this page signifies a young person,male or female-possibly a son,daughter,or a youger sibling-who is bringing you a message about love. it might mean an engagement or a wedding-some situation that holds an inherent emotional risk. the circumstances may be exciting yet scary at the same time,as with a sudden enlopement. often the page suggests naivete or vulnerability,especially in matters of the heart. if the card represents you, it says youve already decided to take an emotional risk and arent interested in being dissuaded. youre willing to give it your all and feel things will work out.

    outcome-6 of pentacles

    good things are coming to you and going out from you,in material terms. youre experiencing abundance,prosperity,and personal gratification. you may be in a position to support a good cause,perhaps by contributing financially to people who are struggling upward. this card can also represent philanthropic projects or providing work for other people.

  • ahtero...

    situation-2 of cups reversed

    fortunately,this card has such a vibration of harmony that its reversed position isnt much different from the upright one. it can suggest delays or that the relationship may have to be kept a secret for some reason.

    obstacle-10 of cups reversed

    delays and obstacles are standing in the way of acheiving the happiness you long for. circumstances beyond your control may be the cause,and at the moment theres nothing you can do but keep a positive attitude and hold tight while waiting for them to change,which they will.

    action recommended-death

    contrary to the grim illustration, the death card is actually positive,for it indicates a transformation for the better. it doesnt portend actual physical death. usually, the person is experiencing a metamorphosis of some sort,a destruction of the old,outworn circumstances that have been holding back new development. patterns you once found workable are no longer effective. the old ways must be destroyed to make room for the new that is coming into being.


    youre being asked to blend things ina harmonious way,and you have the ability to acheive this goal. youre learning to temper your ego needs with the legitimate needs of the spirit within. this is a time of inner growth and outer harmony. with patience,you can blend disparate elements-whether they are raw materials,resources,personnal,or ideas-into a harmonious whole.

  • gorgeousgal....

    situation-king of wands

    this king represents a man of status and wealth,an influential and independent person who is inclined to help those he cares about. he may be a boss or a mentor,a senior business partner, or an advisor. you can rely on his honesty,intelligence,loyalty,and fair-mindedness, and youre sure to get good advice from him. if the king doesnt represent an actual person in your life,he can refer to a situation,which is exactly as it appears to be woth no hint of deception. this card can indiacate that good fortune is coming your way,perhaps in the form of unexpected help or advice,good news,a promotion,or an inheritance.

    obstacle-9 of cups reversed

    its hard to say anything negative about this card,even in the reverse position. the worst thing that can be said here is that if you refuse to believe in your own good fortune and take a negative attitude you can mess things up for yourself.

    action recommended-judgement

    youve had a wake up call from the universe and are now ready to step into a new phase of your maturing process. your life is fairly settled now,and youre letting things grow and mature at a steady pace,not trying to hurry the process. a new ohase in your life is coming into being as the natural result of your maturity. you may get important news that will prove beneficial,or you may aquire new knowledge that will bring you joy and a sense of fullfilment. health improves,and problems are easily solved.

    outcome-knight of pentacles

    if this knight represents a person,its someone with the spirit of adventure,but who is practical and materially minded. he is good at performing any task set for him,but not likely to be a self-starter. if the card doesnt signify a person,it suggests a situation involving arrivals and/or departures. you may quit a job for a more lucrative one elsewhere,move to another locale for financial or work related reasons,or experience other changes in your life relative to money,possessions,or security.

  • ty mimi,

    I appreciate the time you took to do this for me. Thank you so much. Love and peace to you.

  • truetoyourheart....

    situation-9 of pentacles

    youve integrated the factors of your life into a secure base. now youre enjoying money,resources,and physical energy as a smooth combined flow. there is plenty all around you-material well-being,order,safety,and success.

    obstacle-10 of wands reversed

    the burden is lifted-sometimes unexpectedely-and there is a feeling of freedom from undue responsibilities. either youve taken the appropriate action or are about to do so. in any case,your load has been shifted,reproportioned,or removed entirely. youre learning to delegate and take on less. pressure and stress are reduced,and youre able to enjoy life more. you may need a recovery period.

    action recommended-2 of wands

    youre saying yes to a new enterprise with the expectation that you will acheive ownership,wealth,and good fortune. youve started something and are awaiting results. you may,however,have to deal with some unforeseen problems or encounter unexpected obstacles and opposition,such as a bank loan not coming through,a partner defecting,or a loss of support you were counting on. sometimes this card can indicate a need to alter your course.

    outcome-2 of pentacles

    a message about money could be on its way to you,probably in written form. youre still in the stage of deciding which of 2 different options to choose. perhaps youre concerned about financial issues and may be holding down more than one job,or moonlighting to make extra money. its time to make a choice and stick with it even if you arent sure of the outcome.

  • piscesgirl4life...

    situation-4 of pentacles reversed

    you may be trying to make something happen prematurely,or youre holding on too tightly to current circumstances. perhaps youre quarreling with someone over money,such as ina divorce proceeding. you need to loosen up and have more trust in the universe to provide.

    obstacle-8 of swords

    this card describes a situation that causes great unhappiness,but youre not without resources to change matters. the bad situation is temporary.

    action recommended-7 of swords

    youve got the upper hand over a tricky situation,but you still need to exercise caution in handling affairs. discretion and discrimination are required,as are diplomacy and evasive tactics. you may not like this oblique approach,but youll be more likely to acheive success this way.

    outcome-the devil

    there may be obstacles in the environment that you find frustrating,or you may feel your options are narrowing. someone else may be involved,but you have the abillity to free yourslf from the situation by using your will power.


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