Practicing my tarot skills!!

  • suramya...

    situation-3 of wands

    you have consolidated your situation,business,or enterprise and now can expect financial and/or personal gain. by clearly defining the role you want to play,you are presenting a positive picture to the world.this positive attitude can draw helpful people toward you or attract beneficial circumstances. youve established a solid foundation for your business or occupation and can expect cooperation from this point, youre clear about you are and what you intend to achieve. others will respond positively to you.

    obstacle-8 of swords reversed

    this card is a warning that what is already wrong can get worse, or that a difficult situation is approaching. make sure all your affairs are in the bestpossible order. if youve been putting off paying your taxes,or getting insurance,or settling some legal matter,take care of it promptly. your well-being depends on your head and preparing for emergencies and unexpected calamities.

    action recommended-the sun

    you feel cheerful and self-confident,full of life and vitality,ready to take on new projects and make changes for the better. whatever youre planning you feel a great deal of enthusiasm for it and arent worried about the outcome. you may be starting on more than 1 project,or upgrading something in your life,such as moving to a better paying more satisfying job, remodeling your home, or moving to a sunnier climate.

    outcome-9 of cups

    success,triumph,everything you want and hope for. when this card appears ask yourself what is it that i really want? the cards answer is that you will get it

  • Hi Mimi.

    Would like a reading on love life,will ex ever come back or will someone new come into life soon? Also, on job situation, and my children if possible. Thank you so much. Dob is 10 22 1969, if you need his it is 11 02 71. Thank you so much in advance.

  • Mimi

    I know feedback is important so here goes.... and this could be alittle scary ( on the good side !!!)

    This conference meeting is important to me for various reasons, one because although it is a statewide conference, usually the most involved, high-powered professionals tend to go, the minions stay at home and work, if you know what I mean. Through my mentor, I more or less was invited tentatively to the in crowd and have worked myself to the bone on projects and proposals bc I love what I do, and two, so my mentor would not have any regrets about having introduced me. So my reappointment to my council is up now in April, and I am hoping to have done a good enough job that I will be asked to participate again. , hence 3 of pentacles ?

    However, it was 2 days before this meeting that I met someone who I thought was my soulmate. He, along with my mentor nominated me for the council position. At that conference I also found out that he was involved with someone else, so I shied away, although I pined away for him. As part of my New year's resolution I had decided to put things behind and move on. But you know it's a hard process. Hanged man , maybe ??

    He will be at the meeting, which makes me wonder about the queen of cups.

    Don't know how the empress may fit in. Ever since I met him I have been longing for a child of my own. At the same time I know he is a going through a very tough time emotionally and professionally,. In the past I have always gotten the lovers card with him, but I made the decision to try to forget him. Yet I feel that I will probably be called to be his friend and help him sort out his issues both personal and professional.

    Does any of this make sense to you ??

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  • Hello Mimi71, I would like a general reading. I will give you feedback. Thank you in advance.

  • Hi Mimi71

    I'd love for you to practice on me as well if you're still doing these. A general reading would be good. Thank you in advance. DOB feb 3 1957.

  • Dear mimi 71

    Thank you for bringing a smile to my face.since the reading is about the near future I can only give feedback a little later.But it has really cheered me up!

    Love and Blessings

  • emergence for your friend...

    situation-king of pentacles reversed

    this card represents danger or an unwise business move. let this be a warning to be aware of the small print in any contracts being negotiated. this king can also indicate unfair competition or shady business practices.

    obstacle-knight of wands reversed

    this is an indication of a delay in a message or paperwork you have been expecting. a trip may be cancled because of bad weather or an engagement or wedding postponed,or even broken off. this reversed knight can represent seperation from people,places,or situations.

    action recommeneded-queen of wands

    this queen represents a woman who is in a position of authority and shines in her endeavors. she is a lioness-warm,generous,and loving. she is honorable,creative,intelligent,friendly,and mature. her advice is well worth taking,and she will be a loyal confidante or provide valuable assistance. a natural leader, she may be the head of a business,social,or philanthropic organization,or a politcal figure. if this queen doesnt represent an actual person,she indicates that now is a good time for you to move forward in any business or creative venture youre planning.

    outcome-the devil

    the devil is a mythical creature with no real substance, but symbolically it represents the bondage that we create and maintain for ourselves. there may be obstacles in the environment that you find frustrating,or you may feel your options narrowing. someone else may be involved,but the ability to free yourself from the situation by using your willpower.

  • Thank you so much, Mimi71!

    I will convey this reading to him.

    It's been crappy for him at work, too much projects going on which he is not totally agreeing with.

    I will definitely tell him to be careful and keep a look out for any danger or trouble, just in case...

    You are great! You passed with flying colors!

    Keep up the good work and have a great day! 😄

  • magicsouldream2008...lots of pentacles in this reading lol!

    situation-8 of pentacles

    youre integrating old skills into a new form,or youre adding new skills. youve tried various means of making your living,and youre now finalizing how you want to use your persona; resources to fulfill your needs and expand. your sureness of purpose guarantees success. your craftmanship will be rewarded by increased income,opportunity,and respect.

    obstacle-7 of pentacles reversed

    youre experiencing disappointment or failure in some enterprise. financial difficulties, usually the result of an unwise investment or a loan unpaid, may be causing you concern. its a time to adjust your own attitudes toward how use your money and look into how you yourself are responsible.

    action recommenede-the tower

    this card represents catastrophe,but whatever disruption or adversity it heralds is for the best. it also represents the overthrow of false ideas and old habit patterns that need to be gotten rid of. sometimes, there is indeed some kind of loss-personal or financial. but careful examination of all the factors will generally show that the catastrophic event could have been foreseen if you had only been aware and willing to face facts. the tower is related to uranus, the planet of unexpected,lightning-fast events. what is destroyed in conjunction with this card had served its purpose and needs to let go.

    outcome-knight of pentacles

    if this knight represents a person,its someone with the spirit of adventure,but who is practical and materially minded. hes good at performing any task set for him,but not likely to be a self-starter. if this card doesnt signify a person,it suggests a situation involving arrivals and/or departures. you may quit a job for a more lucrative one elsewhere,move to another location for financial or work related reasons,or experience other changes in your life relative to money,possessions,or security.

  • Hi mimi71,

    You're welcome to give me a reading, and I'm also learning so happy to give you one in return if you would like that?

    Bright blessings.

  • hungeygheko....

    situation-8 of wands

    you have shot your arrows into the air,and theyre speeding toward the target. now is a time for action,for initiating the next phase of your enterprise. this may involve air travel or other movement. its an exciting and hopeful period when youre likely to be extremely busy. positive things are rapidly unfolding. establish the roles you want to play and let go of those that no longer suit you.

    obstacle-the devil reversed

    you feel trapped ina situation over which you feel you have no control, but close examination will reveal that your own attitudes and beliefs to learn how they are restricting you. be careful of any quick fix to your problems,which are structural and not superficial. if youre willing to do the hard work,both onthe inner and outer planes,you can solve the issues and achieve success on your own.

    action recommeneded-wheel of fortune

    youve done something-quit a job,made travel reservations,begun or ended a relationship,or opted out of a friendship or other situation. destiny has been set in motion,and all will turn out as it is intended. theres very little more you have to do except to go woth the flow. there may be unexpected turns of events-such as meeting people while youre ona journey or receiving an offer of some sort-but they too are part of the grand plan for your life. this card is the precurser of good fortune!

    outcome-6 of swords

    this is a time of integration-or reintegration. harmony and ease prevail. new people you can trust come into your life. after some intense suffering, you now feel optimistic and balanced. this card can also indicate a move or journey over water. the destination may be unknown,or the effects of the move may be uncertain,but luck is on your side, and any change you make will go smoothly.

  • please consider me as a practice!

    DOB: August 31 1963

  • happydoc...

    situation-knight of wands reversed

    there may be a delay in a message or paperwork youve been expecting. a trip may be canceled because of bad weather. a trip may be canceled because of bad weather or an engagement or wedding postponed or broken off. this card can represent seperation from people,places,or situations.

    obstacle-judgement reversed

    interior biological and psychological factors are at work, and you have little or no control over them. you may be thinking about making some changes,which are being signaled by these inner timing mechanisms. this process may be throwing you into a state of confusion as you arent sure just how to handle whats happening. nonetheless, youre facing a new phase in your life and must make your peace with it. emotionally, you may be called upon to grow up. judgement reversed can also indicate frustrating delays or postponements, a materlistic view of life,refusal to take charge,possible loss or seperation,and the need to cope with life changes.

    action recommeneded-9 of pentacles

    you have integrated the factors of your life into a secure base. now youre enjoying money,resources,and physical energy as a smooth combined flow. there is plenty all around you-material well being,order,safety,and success.

    outcome-8 of swords

    this card describes a situation that causes great unhappiness,but youre not without resources to change matters. the bad situation is temporary and the this problem can be avoided since im letting you know now!!

  • stclaire....

    situation-page of wands reversed

    this card indicates a delay,which could cause trouble. something you were expecting might not arrive on time or a mix up may occur. or the page may bring a message of unwelcome news that causes some disruption in your life or requires you to travel to put things right. if this page represents a person, he is someone not to be trusted,or who conveys false or misleading information. be on guard!!

    obstacle-death reversed

    youre puttinf off making necessary changes,usually out of fear. you feel that others are standing in your way,but its really yourself whos blocking you. youre stuck in old habit patterns that you kmow need to be changed,but you dont want to put forth the effort to alter them even though youre unhappy with the current situation. whether you recognize it or not,youre going through some internal changes that will eventually lead to external reforms. but at the moment you would rather not participate. you may be depressed or in a state of apathy,the result of refusing to accept the necessary process of psychological death,which leads to rebirth. the way out is to face up to your stagnation,frustration,and unhappiness. jettison any relationships that arent working. begin to make the decisions that will throw out the old and ring in the new.

    action recommended-the high priestess

    youre experiencing a high degree of awareness of the invisible world,where inner changes takes place before it manifests in the outer,material world. your attunement to these inner,invisible sources is acute now, and youre in a position to take advantage of this fact. you may want to remove yourself,literally,from your day-to-day life to go deeper into your inner core. tune in to your inner voice and spiritual awareness.

    outcome-10 of swords

    this card suggests that you need to make a clean break from the past and all its attendant pain and suffering. whether this means a divorce,quitting a job,changing careers,moving across the country,or changing a traditional belief system,make the break and make it cleanly,leaving no loose ends. its time to do away with previous illiusions that have clouded your vision!

  • Greetings,

    I would be so grateful for your reading. There's so much going on I don't have enough clarity of my own to trust my readings... my date of birthday is january 6, 1961 and the cards will speak to the questions I can't even bring to the surface to articulate. Thank you.


  • Thank you MiMi!

    The putting off paperwork was with the IRS. I did take care of that yesterday very stressfull. I am so glad to here of my love relationship yeah, it does seem to be meant to be so to speak. At this time I dont know what I need to let go of? I was thinking maybe my relationship but I dont think it is that.

    You did good, you have a natural gift. I was born with my gifts. Lucky me I get to see spirits and hear them talk and so on and so forth. I am psychic and I used to do Tarot alot in my younger years. Keep doing your readings. Again I thank you.


  • Hi Mimi, I think you're going to get a lot of practice with your thread! I

  • ... oops I hit the wrong button, sorry. If you are still practising I would love a reading.

  • Mimi, I would like a tarot reading if your still practicing your skills. Much appreciated.

    Sending positive vibes your way, and many beautiful blessings.


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